6 Signs You Need The Help Of An Emergency Electrician | Wilmington, NC

6 Signs You Need The Help Of An Emergency Electrician | Wilmington, NC

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You rely greatly on the electrical system in your Wilmington, NC home daily. During a power outage, life in your home will come to a screeching halt. Without electricity, you can’t watch TV, cook a meal for your family, charge your devices, use your appliances and light your home at night. Electricity is essential to your day-to-day life; therefore, it is essential that you can recognize the signs that there is an issue with your electrical system so you can call an emergency electrician to make the repair.

In addition, electrical issues can put your home at significant risk for an electrical fire that can quickly destroy your entire home.

With all the DIY videos on YouTube and other sites on the internet, many homeowners make home repair DIY projects in hopes of saving some money. While DIY projects are great for some projects, electrical repairs should only be handled by a professional. Working with electricity is very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Not only can you be electrocuted, but you can cause an electrical fire in your home.

If you are dealing with any of the following electrical issues in your home, you should call an emergency electrician immediately.

#1 Flickering and Dimming Lights

If your lights flicker or dim when you turn on a major appliance or even the vacuum cleaner, your should call an electrician.

Over time, the wiring in your home can begin to degrade. In addition, if pests are living in your walls, they can chew on the wiring, causing significant damage, which could be the reason your lights flicker or dim when you turn on an appliance.

An old electrical could also be the reason your lights are dimming and flickering. If you live in an old house, your electrical system may not be able to handle modern appliances. If this is the case, an emergency electrician can update your electrical system. If you cannot afford this type of electrical repair, the electrician can install an additional line to power appliances that use a lot of electricity.

If you don’t call an electrician immediately, the damaged wires or overloaded circuits can cause a disastrous electrical fire.

#2 Your Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

The circuit breaker in your Wilmington, NC home is an important part of your electrical system. It is designed to monitor the circuits and shut them off if it senses an overload. It is essential in preventing power surges and an electrical overload that can be damaging to your electrical system.

It is not uncommon for a circuit breaker to trip when running too many appliances on one circuit. As a safety feature, the circuit breaker is designed to trip when there is an electrical overload.

If the breakers are tripping and you aren’t using too many appliances at once, you should call an emergency electrician.

If your electrical system is dated and cannot handle modern appliances, the breakers will trip frequently. The same is true if there is an underlying issue with your electrical system.

It is best to call an electrician as soon as the breakers start tripping frequently. Making the call early can prevent further electrical issues and an electrical fire.

#3 Outlet Issues

If there are brown marks on the outlets or light switches in your home, you should call an emergency electrician. The same is true if you smell something burning coming from the outlets or light switches. Before you make the call, unplug anything plugged into the outlet and avoid using the light switch until the issue is checked by a professional.

The damage and the burning smell are likely due to a shortage in the wiring connected to the outlet or light switch. If it isn’t checked by an electrician immediately, the short can cause an electrical fire.

#4 Sparks Coming From An Outlet

If you unplug an appliance without turning it off first, it is not uncommon for the outlet to spark. It is also possible to see a small spark when you plug in an appliance. However, some sparks aren’t normal and would require a call to an electrician.

If the spark is leaping out of the plug, it is a cause for concern. The same is true if the spark lasts for more than a second. The color of the spark is also an issue. A blue spark is normal and safe. However, if the spark is yellow or white, it is very dangerous.

If your outlets are sparking, you should be worried and call an electrical electrician right away. The longer you wait to make the call, the greater the risk of an electrical fire.

#5 Buzzing Or Humming Sounds Coming From the Circuit Box

If there is a humming or buzzing sound coming from the circuit box in your home, you should call an emergency electrician immediately.

The breaker box is your electrical system’s brain, and it protects your home from power surges and electrical fires.

The buzzing or humming sound often indicates an issue with the breaker box, which can put your home at risk. You will need an electrician to examine the box and make the necessary repair.

#6 A Light Bulb Burns Out Frequently

Is there one light bulb in your Wilmington, NC home that burns out more frequently than the rest, and you don’t use the light more often than the other lights in your home? If so, you should call an emergency electrician.

There light’s wiring could be loose, which can cause the light bulb to burn out. There could also be something nearby that is causing the bulb to overheat and shut off.

These are emergency issues that can spark an electrical fire. An emergency electrician can inspect the wiring and make the necessary repair, keeping your home and family safe.

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