7 Issues That Require An Immediate Call To A Licensed Emergency Electrician | Wilmington, NC

7 Issues That Require An Immediate Call To A Licensed Emergency Electrician | Wilmington, NC

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You rely greatly on your Wilmington, NC, home’s electrical system daily. Most household tasks cannot be performed without electricity. You cannot use your lights, appliances and charge your devices.

Your home’s electrical system is very complex. Trying to make electrical repairs or attempting an electrical upgrade is very dangerous if you don’t have the proper training, you could be electrocuted or spark an electrical fire.

Some electrical work can wait until you can schedule an appointment during an electrician’s regular business hours. However, some issues cannot wait, and you will need the help of an electrician right away.

If you are experiencing any of the following electrical issues, you should call an emergency electrician immediately.

#1 The Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

The circuit breaker in your home is your electrical system’s brain. It is also your home’s first line of defense if there are major electrical problems with an electrical circuit. If a circuit becomes overloaded, the circuit will trip to prevent the circuit from overheating, which can cause damage to the appliances on the circuit and from sparking an electrical fire.

If your circuit breaker is often tripping, unplugging some appliances might help. If it doesn’t, you will need to call an emergency electrician. Frequently tripping circuits could signify an issue with the breaker box or your electrical system. Ignoring the issue can put your home and family at great risk.

#2 Warm Or Hot Power Outlets

The light switches and power outlets in your Wilmington, HI home should never be warm to the touch. If you find one that is warm to the touch, you should avoid using the lights or the outlet and then call an emergency electrician.

The heat can be due to an overloaded circuit or another electrical problem that can cause an electrical fire if you don’t call a licensed professional right away. This may seem like an easy fix you can handle yourself, but this is the last thing you should do. You need an electrician with the proper training to inspect your electrical system to determine what is causing the switch plate or outlet to be warm.

#3 Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are a sign of an electrical issue. This issue is easy to spot; however, it is also easy to ignore. As long as the lights don’t go out, many people don’t worry about this issue too much, which is a mistake.

If your lights flicker when using a certain appliance, the circuit could be overloaded, which is a serious issue. There could also be an issue with the wiring, which can quickly spark an electrical fire.

For the sake of your home and family, you should call an emergency electrician as quickly as possible.

#4 Sparks When Plugging and Unplugging Appliances

It is not uncommon to see a light blue spark when plugging in an appliance. When a circuit’s conductors are almost touching, it will cause a light blue spark from the outlet. The same is true if you unplug an outlet when the appliance is on. However, some sparks signify an issue and are a major cause for concern. For example, if you see a large spark that lasts longer than a second, you have a problem. The same is true if you see a yellow or white spark.

These sparks are often due to an overloaded circuity, an electrical issue, or poor installation. It is best to avoid using the outlet and call an emergency electrician immediately. The longer you wait, the greater the risk that the issue will result in an electrical fire.

#5 Burning Smells

If you smell something burning in your Wilmington, NC home and you cannot find the source, there is a good chance it is coming from your electrical system. If you smell something burning, you should turn off the main electrical switch to cut the power in your entire home and call the fire department. When the fire department is done checking for electrical fires behind the walls, the first thing you should do is call an emergency electrician. You will need a licensed professional to inspect your entire electrical system to find melted wires or any other underlying issues so that the repair can be made. You shouldn’t turn the power back on in your home until you can get an electrician to your home.

#6 A Recent Flood In Your Home

If your home recently flooded or experienced a major leak, you should turn off the main power switch while the water is cleaned up. Everyone knows that water and electricity don’t mix, and until you know the extent of the electrical damage due to the flood, you shouldn’t turn the power back on.

When the water has been cleaned up, and your home is dry, you will need an emergency electrician to perform a complete assessment. Cables sitting in standing water or have been in a damp environment can short circuit, which can put your home and family at great risk. It is best to wait for an emergency electrician to inspect your electrical system before restoring the power in your home.

#7 Buzzing Sounds

If you hear a buzzing sound in your Wilmington, NC home, it is highly unlikely that there is a bee’s nest behind the wall. The buzzing sound signifies a serious electrical issue that should be checked by an emergency electrician immediately.

The issue could be due to a loose screw near the termination point or a serious electrical issue. Waiting to have the issue repaired by a licensed electrician can result in an electrical fire that can put your home and family at great risk.

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