An Electrician Makes Modern Life Possible | Wilmington, NC

An Electrician Makes Modern Life Possible | Wilmington, NC

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Modern life is impossible without electrical power. The modern conveniences and technology we rely on for everyday needs can’t function without a well-maintained electrical infrastructure in our homes and communities. Electricians are absolutely vital to modern life because the electrical grid can’t function without educated professionals to maintain it.

Why Is Reliable Electricity Essential?

People depend on high-tech devices and appliances for day-to-day living. Sometimes life depends on these devices for people that use oxygen concentrators and other medical equipment. How comfortable would homes in Wilmington, NC, be without air conditioning in June, July, and August and heating during cold winter months? Modern electrical infrastructure is constantly upgraded and requires continuous observation and maintenance to keep running all the things our modern lives require.

Electricians become more and more essential as time goes on. We now have cars and trains that run on electricity. Power sources for these modes of transportation require maintenance. Although working with electricity is much safer now than it has been in the past, a professional is still needed to perform maintenance.

An untrained person should not be manipulating wires and handling high voltage currents carelessly. It is still quite possible to die from mishandling electrical infrastructure, not to mention fire hazards and the possibility that things simply won’t work if the wires and other parts of the electrical system in our homes aren’t maintained correctly.

Can we keep our food fresh and safe without refrigeration? Can we even communicate with each other without electricity powering our phones, computers, and everything we use to view and consume media? How lost would many of us feel if we couldn’t access the news for a week?

We can make coffee without electricity, but the automatic timers and pushing a button to brew a pot are certainly convenient. We actually use electricity constantly. Our cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices can’t work with dead batteries.

Think of how much of a problem we would have with day-to-day activities if the electrical outlets in our homes suddenly disappeared. How much is daily life disrupted when the power goes out for just one day? Our outlets and wires aren’t likely to disappear, but the effect of foregoing regular maintenance and letting electrical infrastructure deteriorate is the same. Those outlets are useless if they don’t work. Electricians are some of the most important professionals operating in the modern world.

There’s No Substitute For Electricians

Becoming an electrician isn’t a simple or fast process. They complete classes and coursework, and the complex mathematics involved is not easy or simple. A great deal of their education also requires practical experience. Electricians with specialized skills spend even more time learning their trade. Most of us really don’t have the knowledge or experience to fix our own fuse boxes or rewire our homes.

An amateur can do these things, but the consequences of making mistakes can be serious and harmful. Simply hooking up the various gadgets on a new entertainment center can be a frustrating, time-consuming experience, and the entire process is nothing compared to what electricians do on a daily basis.

Electrical infrastructures for homes and businesses in the United States are supposed to comply with federal, state, and sometimes local codes and standards. Regulations cover everything from the proper size of cables and wires to permitted locations of power receptacles.

These regulations can be intimidating to amateurs, and they may seem ‘over the top’ or ‘unnecessary,’ at times. The truth is, these regulations exist for safety and reliability. Standardized formats and rules are necessary to keep the staggering number of individual electrical systems within homes and businesses across a state connected and ensure correct function. Each state also has to fit within the wider infrastructure across the country.

Think of all the appliances, devices, equipment present in homes and businesses. Then consider the complex system of wires, connections, transformers, and specialized equipment that keep the power on. All of these things must be compatible and work together. As we’ve seen when natural disasters hit urban areas or affect a large geographical area, the loss of electricity has far-reaching repercussions.

Consequences of Neglecting Electrical Systems

Power outages frequently interfere with heating and cooling. Heat loss during cold winters can lead to frozen pipes. Fresh, clean water becomes a commodity, and supply may not be enough to meet demand. Water-borne illnesses aren’t a common problem in Wilmington, NC, and the United States in general because we have the dependable infrastructure and strict water treatment standards.

Most of us have no experience with the health issues and other problems that arise when infrastructure breaks down. Broken pipes damage homes or businesses when a thaw occurs, and even public infrastructure, such as water mains and other pipes, can be damaged. Replacing damaged components is expensive and time-consuming and leaves residents without vital resources.

Poorly maintained public infrastructure that results in extended power outages may quite literally cost lives. People with life-saving medical equipment may have backup power sources or move into hospitals and public shelters, but backup methods aren’t meant for long-term use.

On an individual basis, electrical design issues can result in short circuits and malfunctions. Expensive appliances and equipment may be damaged by power surges. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies to electricity as much as health. It is vastly preferable to prevent an electrical problem than deal with subsequent damage after the fact.

We need electricians for public welfare and for our own individual well-being. If you notice a problem with your home’s electrical system, call a professional. It’s good to know your local electricians so you can contact them as needed. You can consult the professional electricians at Mister Sparky of Wilmington for specific problems or general maintenance.