Benefits Of Calling An Emergency Electrician | Wilmington, NC

Benefits Of Calling An Emergency Electrician | Wilmington, NC

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Electric power is a must-have, not just in many industries but also in all Wilmington, NC, homes. Although electrical faults are not always severe, there is the danger that they can spiral out of control and cause accidents. Negligence is typically the leading cause of many electrical issues, so if you’ve got an electrical problem, it’s usually better to call an emergency electrician sooner rather than later.

Issues such as flickering lights and buzzing sounds can be more than a minor annoyance; they can cause fires and short circuits. Often, minor problems are a warning that something is not correct with the electrical circuit. If continually overlooked, an emergency electrician can sometimes be your only choice to rectify the issue.

In a world with multiple big box home improvement stores and easy access to Youtube tutorials, and Google, a determined DIY-er can learn to fix many home issues. However, even those who consider themselves accomplished do-it-yourselfers will often be reluctant to complete electrical work, and there are many reasons why. A mistake made in this area can prove costly, damaging, and even deadly. This is especially true if you’re tempted to try and fix an urgent repair because you don’t want to wait for an emergency electrician to arrive.

The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), headquartered in Virginia, tracks electrical-related deaths and injuries annually. Its most recent data published in 2018 indicate that there were 160 fatalities recorded that year, and of that number, 35% happened in a private residence. This, if nothing else, should give pause when deciding whether it’s safe to attempt an electrical fix by yourself. With many electrical companies offering 24/7 emergency services, there’s no reason to worry about waiting to get an issue fixed during business hours, but this isn’t the only advantage of opting for emergency electrical services. Some of the most pertinent advantages of calling an emergency electrician include:

  • You are saving time and money. While initially seeming counter-intuitive, calling an electrician will save you both time and money. Even considering that you may have to wait longer for a professional to attend to your issue out-of-hours, calling a professional is often the quickest option. Consider this: you have to spend time researching the fix, finding and purchasing the parts, attempting a fix, possibly redoing the fix if it doesn’t go right, and all told, you’ll probably invest more in time, money, and learning expertise than the time required by and cost for an emergency electrical service.


  • Emergency electricians offer 24/7 availability. Whether it’s midday, midnight, or anywhere in between, electrical emergencies can happen at any time. As such, many electrical companies have elected to have electricians on-call to serve their communities better. Mister Sparky of Wilmington offers 24/7 electrical services to help you deal with issues as they arise. You won’t have to wait for traditional business hours or leave your electrical emergency to degenerate for hours on end.


  • You’ll receive an instant response and electricians with a sense of urgency. Most severe electrical issues call for an urgent response, and quickly responding will often save an appliance from becoming broken beyond repair. Failure to alert the correct professionals can result in the need to purchase new devices, which can take a toll on your finances and leave you without a working appliance, causing inconvenience. Luckily, emergency electricians are on-hand to help you prevent further damage, and they regularly work under pressure, so the stress of an emergency is less damaging. Plus, the pressure of limited time is easier to deal with for an electrician that regularly deals with emergency services. Many on-call electricians will have the equipment needed on-hand to patch repairs and can provide timely advice on how to prevent an electrical issue from becoming worse before it can be attended to.


  • Emergency electricians often have the latest electrical equipment. Providers that specialize in serving Wilmington, NC, with emergency electrical services will make sure that their electricians are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to deliver accurate diagnostic results and electrical fixes in the quickest time possible. With an emergency electrician, you’re less likely to need to wait for them to dig out the right tool or part from a workshop and return in 3-5 days; you’ll have someone with the right equipment attending as soon as possible.

Key Attributes of an Emergency Electrician

Besides knowing the benefits of an electrician, there are several critical attributes of electricians worth keeping an eye out for. When you call an emergency electrical provider, you should expect:

Quick responses and excellent customer service

After all, emergency electricians are here to serve you at all times, day or night. A knowledgeable professional who listens to your concerns, reassures you about the solution, provides accurate answers, and schedules your electrical engineer to visit ASAP are all things you should expect when speaking to an emergency provider.

Honest, accurate pricing estimates

A professional, experienced electrician should be able to provide an educated guess regarding the cost of the job at hand, with the caveat that there may be additional charges based on what the electrical engineer finds on-site. After all, you may not have described the extent of the issue correctly, or they might discover damages you hadn’t considered when you requested a fix. If you’re ever speaking to someone reluctant to provide an estimate, then consider another provider.

Licensed, insured, and experienced electricians

The best electricians will be licensed to undertake all types of electrical work, insured for both your peace of mind and theirs, and have plenty of experience handling a wide range of emergency electrical issues.

Since 2010, electricians at Mister Sparky of Wilmington have been serving Wilmington and the surrounding areas. As a company with more than a decade of experience, Mister Sparky prides itself not only on having the necessary expertise but also on providing a timely, budget-conscious emergency electrical service. In fact, service calls are free if electricians do not turn up during their scheduled time frame. If you have an issue you believe requires an electrician’s attention, call the team at Mister Sparky day or night to discuss.