Choosing The Right Light Bulbs For Your Home With The Right Electrical Services | Wilmington, NC

Choosing The Right Light Bulbs For Your Home With The Right Electrical Services | Wilmington, NC

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When it comes to electrical services you might not think about the little things that go on in your home every day, but it’s actually important that your electrical services team is able to help you out with everything. That’s why you want to know about how you can improve the usability and function of your home in any way possible. But have you ever really thought about the lighting in your home? Sure, you probably already know that LED lights are great for reducing costs and increasing brightness, but there’s more to it than that.

Kitchen Lighting

In your kitchen you need to be able to see everything that you’re doing, which means that your lights need to be bright. In general, lights in the kitchen are upwards of 5,000 lumens to make sure that you can see exactly what’s happening. It makes the entire room look quite bright and crisp. You may want under-cabinet lighting, overhead lighting, recessed lighting or any combination of them. Your electrical services professional can even help you with installing any or all of these lights to make your job easier.

Bathroom Lighting

You may not need anything quite so bright in your bathroom as you do in your kitchen, but you still want lights that are going to be bright enough to see. And if you’re very into doing your makeup, your hair or a skincare routine you may want bright lights over the vanity or sink to be able to see closely. You can also choose things like high CRL for this space if you prefer, but don’t use a CFL that can burn out quickly from frequent use. You could end up needing even more electrical services that way.

Gathering Room Lighting

Rooms where you tend to gather, like the living room and dining room, don’t need a lot of bright light. You want your family to feel cozy and comfortable in these rooms, so you might turn down the lighting and get something that’s upwards of 2,000 lumens. You can add in a few smaller lamps or other lights if you need to in order to get a bit of task lighting but the overall lights for the space are generally kept quite muted to keep everyone comfortable and relaxed.

Bedroom Lighting

As with your gathering rooms, bedroom lighting is usually best if it’s softer. You want your bedroom to be relaxing and better conducive to things like sleeping or reading. If you have small children you may want to have some additional task lighting so they have something a little brighter to play but softer lighting when it’s time to start toning down for the night. You could also talk with your electrical services provider in Wilmington, NC about installing dimmer switches in these rooms so you can see clearly when you need to and tone it down to relax as well.

Office Lighting

For those who have a home office it’s a good idea to have brighter lighting, but you don’t necessarily need it as bright and crisp as your kitchen. Instead, approximately 4,000 lumens is usually enough in this space so that you can easily see everything you’re working on without having to worry about things being too bright, stark and uncomfortable. Getting specialty lighting for your office is another thing you can call your electrical services company to help you with, so you can make sure that your office is set up to help you get the things you need done.

The Right Bulbs

In general, LED light bulbs are the way to go because they give you more energy efficiency and they’re bright enough for anything. They come in different strengths and you can install them in any room in your house. But not everyone likes the brightness from LED lights. CFL or incandescent lights are the other options that you’ve likely seen and they each have their purpose, but it’s important to be careful about how you’re using them so you can cut down on the amount of energy you’re using (and paying for).

Incandescent bulbs are older and they definitely use a lot more energy, plus they tend to get hot to the touch. Instead of using these, you’ll want to upgrade to at least energy efficient CFL bulbs, which will provide better light and reduced energy use. Still, LED lights are going to be your best bet and will help you get the lighting that you need without having to sacrifice on anything else. They do cost a little more to buy when you’re starting out, but you’re definitely going to have a better experience once you’re using them.

These lights last up to 30 times longer than incandescent bulbs and 6 times longer than CFL bulbs. Plus they are highly directional, which means that they give you the light you need where you need it rather than spreading it all around. This can help you get more light with a lower amount of lumens than you would need with either of the other options. That’s also going to be better for your eyes. So, if you’re looking for the right bulbs, your electrical services team will generally recommend LED lights in most of the rooms of your house (or even all of them).

Call Mister Sparky of Wilmington to find out more about what we can offer you and how you can get your house in the right shape. We can help you find the right lights for each of the rooms in your home, so that you and your family can enjoy the space and still see everything you need. But we can also help with any other electrical services that you may need. Whether you’re looking to upgrade some of your appliances, you need basic repairs or you’re looking for something major, we are ready and able to help you whenever you need it. All you have to do is give us a call for your electrical services needs in Wilmington, NC.