Common Diesel Generator Maintenance Mistakes Explained By A Seasoned Electrician | Wilmington, NC

Common Diesel Generator Maintenance Mistakes Explained By A Seasoned Electrician | Wilmington, NC

Diesel generators are becoming a common power backup option for many households in the United States. In fact, the diesel generator market is estimated to be growing at a compound annual growth rate of 4.1, and in 2030 it’s expected to reach $3,132.4 million. Diesel generators are becoming popular because they are easy to maintain and considered cheaper to run than other systems that use propane, petrol, and gasoline.

It is essential to keep these machines well-maintained to ensure they stay in tip-top shape throughout the year. A professional electrician should do diesel generator maintenance to avoid complications. In this blog post, you’ll learn about maintenance mistakes to avoid with your diesel generator.

Avoiding Repairs

It’s so common for individuals to put off repairs for any engine; they hear something that doesn’t sound okay and think it will just disappear on its own. One of the mistakes generator owners in Wilmington, NC, can make is putting off repairs.

When you see any damage to your diesel generator, it’s wise to immediately take it to a professional electrician who will know how to fix the underlying problem. Fortunately, most generator repairs are more affordable than any other engine type.

Do not try to save on costs by fixing the repair yourself; it will cost you more money in the long run when you have to replace the generator. Always have an electrician do the job.

Not Letting It Warm Up Before Use

For any diesel engine, you must let it warm up for some time before using it. This also applies to the diesel generator. The warm-up period assists your generator in effectively utilizing the fuel it is pushing through and reduces condensation.

Warming the generator is a short process and doesn’t take much time, but it can make a huge difference in how your generator functions, especially on cold nights.

Using Improper or Old Fuel

The type of fuel your generator runs on will affect its performance. As the name suggests, you should only use diesel fuel when running any diesel engine. For instance, gasoline can ultimately damage your diesel machine.

The quality of the fuel you use on your machine is essential too. Choosing the right fuel stabilizer ensures that your generators function as expected, without glitches. This is mainly seen with the standby generators since they aren’t often used.

Supplying your generator with high-quality fuel prevents the buildup of condensation in the fuel system when not in use. This, in turn, assists keep the system in optimal shape when it’s time to fire it up.

Apart from quality, homeowners in Wilmington, NC, should also ensure fresh diesel in their generators. Using old fuel can cause significant issues. Diesel tends to get stale and gummy after it sits for about six months. Keeping the fuel fresh and moving is crucial to a well-performing generator.

Skipping Routine Maintenance and Service

Like any other device, it is essential to have your generator regularly looked over by an electrician and inspected for any potential issues that could need repairs.

You can also handle the inspection by yourself. However, it would be best to take your generator to an electrician. One significant benefit is that the expert may show you new ways to get the most out of it.

Routine checkups are a reliable way to tell if your generator is safe to operate. Implementing simple maintenance procedures is easy when the exterior looks in good shape. Still, diesel generators can leak harmful materials if not examined once in a while.

When you skip these inspections, you might miss little problems that could become significant issues if they aren’t dealt with early and adequately. Also, routine maintenance is critical in extending your generator’s lifespan.

Leaving the Generator Idle for a Long Time

Even if you are not using your generator, you should warm it regularly. Leaving it sitting for long periods can cause significant problems. When the engine fuel sits for too long, it gets stale and gummy; thus, it will be unable to flow through the system quickly, preventing the generator from starting.

Homeowners in Wilmington, NC, should regularly exercise their system’s engine to keep its parts lubricated and prevent operational problems. It would help if they considered turning the generator on every few months and running it for about 30 minutes to keep its engine in its prime.

Forgetting to Clean Filters

One of the main things homeowners forget when it comes to generators is the air and fuel filters. These filters allow the machine to operate effectively.

As the filter keeps only the cleanest fuel moving through your machine, it may get clogged. Fortunately, a filter change is a simple task anyone can handle. You need to locate the filter, get a suitable size replacement, and switch it out.

Depending on your generator use, filter change should be performed regularly, a few times a year.

Forgetting About the Secondary Tank

Having your secondary tank fueled and ready to go during an extended power outage is essential to meet inventory requirements.

When your tank is not complete, it can create problems too. An empty space in your tank fosters condensation, promoting microbial growth, which is harmful to your engine. This is another primary reason routine fuel maintenance plays a vital role when maintaining a functioning generator.

Trying to Handle Repairs on Your Own

Even though diesel generators are simpler than other diesel engines, they are still complicated machines. This implies that for any significant repairs, it’s wise you seek help from a professional electrician. A trained electrician will make all the necessary repairs while guaranteeing their work.

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