Common Electrical Problems That Require An Emergency Electrician To Fix | Wilmington, NC

Common Electrical Problems That Require An Emergency Electrician To Fix | Wilmington, NC

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Most people can change a light bulb or plug in their devices without problems. However, some issues require the help of a trained electrician to fix. If you keep ignoring these problems, the chances are that you might have to deal with bigger issues such as fires, electrocution, or damaged appliances in your home. Here are some of these problems that require the attention of an emergency electrician.

Regular Electrical Surges

If you experience regular electrical surges at your home, there is the risk that you may damage your appliances and electronics. Besides, recurrent power losses lower your electronic devices’ life expectancy while also causing inconveniences. Electrical surges can be caused by different factors, including damage to power lines, faulty wiring, and lightning strikes.

It is good to start checking with your home for the causes of electrical surges. An electrician starts by looking at the power boards and zeros to the problematic devices or power outlets. He or she can also help get the problem sorted by your power supplier if the cause of the electrical surge is out of your home.

Malfunctioning Switches

Switches are put in place to open up and shut the power supply to various devices in your home. Others are used to dim lights and control heating. They are also vital for disconnecting power in case your devices have problems. Therefore, it is crucial that you have correctly working switches. If your switches malfunction, the cause could be a problem with the switch hardware, a fault in your outlet, or a wiring issue. Other problems are caused by inferior quality products. Do not hesitate to call an electrician to find and fix such problems.

Repeated Tripping of the Circuit Breakers

You may have high wattage appliances such as dishwashers, microwaves, and hair dryers. If you have several such appliances at home, you may experience repeated incidences of tripping of the circuit breakers. Sometimes, turning to lower power consumption (in devices with the setting) may offer some temporary relief. However, it is important that you get dedicated switches and outlets for high-wattage appliances. An emergency electrician will help you install the dedicated switches at locations in the house where you are using high wattage appliances.

Power Dips and Circuit Overloading

There are devices that, when connected to your circuit, cause power sags and dips. The reason is that these appliances draw more power than expected of the circuit and could damage other devices connected to the circuit. Such electronics and circuits require inspection. On the other hand, you may add so many appliances to a circuit that none of the appliances work conveniently. It is good to have an emergency electrician check electrical outlets before bringing in high wattage appliances like washers, dishwashers, and devices with heating elements.

Dimming and Flickering Lights

Most dimming and flickering lights are caused by arcing, which can result from a poor connection or loose or corroded contacts. With time, flickering lights may burn out, and you end up changing bulbs now and then. In the worst-case scenario, such lights may cause fire or the overheating of circuits. Contact an emergency electrician to your Wilmington, NC to handle the issue fast.

Dead and Warm Outlets

Outlets should never get warm even if the appliance you are using is drawing high power. Therefore, if the switch is warm to touch, consider it an emergency and shut it down. Seek the help of a certified electrician to check it. On the other hand, some sockets may not be working. This may be caused by melting wires, tripping due to excess heat build-up, or losing hot wire connections. You can have such issues checked by a certified emergency electrician.

Lights That Are Too Dim or Too Bright

If you use bulbs of different wattage on a single outlet, you may find those with a lower consumption burning too bright. On the other hand, if the bulb holders have a problem or the bulbs require very high wattage, they can cause the bulbs to light dimly. An emergency electrician looks at the consumption and outlet to determine the cause of these problems.

Electrical Shocks

You are not supposed to experience electric shocks when using appliances at home. However, you may experience a shock when the device is turned on or off as long as it is connected to a defective outlet. Do not take risks with electric shocks. Treat them as an emergency and contact a certified emergency electrician to fix the problem.

Unexplained Bills

If your monthly bills suddenly go up without a significant addition in your consumption trends or devices, there may be a cause for alarm. While mostly it may not be a problem with the wiring, you need to determine the cause of the increase. Some cases are caused by malfunctioning air conditioning units, failure to turn off devices that you are not using, or replacing bulbs with high-consumption brands. There are instances when poor wiring may cause excessive heat and push the bill up due to the resulting resistance. An emergency electrician can help reign on high electric bills by determining your average consumption and advising on ways to bring it down.

Electrical Inspections

When occupying a new home, it is good to have the electrical circuits inspected and required repairs carried out fast. In addition, ensure that the wiring was done properly and that the former occupants (if it is not a new house) did not mess with the circuits before they moved. Such an inspection covers the following areas:

  • Electrical testing
  • Wiring and safety inspection
  • Safety compliance.

Suppose you have experienced a fire, a major electrical issue, or flooding. In that case, it is important to have your electrical circuits inspected by a certified emergency electrician before you resume the use of power in your home. The reason is that fire or water may damage circuits. It is also advisable to have circuits inspected after about two years, even when you are not experiencing problems.

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