Dangers Of Loose Electrical Wires In Homes: Your Electrician Can Help | Wilmington, NC

Dangers Of Loose Electrical Wires In Homes: Your Electrician Can Help | Wilmington, NC

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Electricity makes it possible for residents to access entertainment and use various appliances and electric devices. It also powers electric equipment such as HVAC systems and washing machines, making life easier and comfortable. However, as much as electricity is essential in our daily lives, it can also lead to electrical hazards. You should not take any electric problem lightly because of the danger it can cause to your life and property.

Immediately you notice an electrical issue in your home, do not waste time wondering what to do next but act promptly by reaching out to a professional electrician to diagnose and rectify the issue before it worsens. Loose wire connections are one of the electrical issues that can cause electricity to travel in air gaps, leading to other catastrophic problems.

The loose electric wires also make an electric current pass through small or few strands of wiring, interfering with electricity supply to appliances. There are numerous dangers of loose electrical wires in homes, and some have been discussed in this blog post.

Electrical Shocks

One of the dangers of loose electrical wires in most homes in Wilmington, NC, is electric shocks. It happens when an electric current goes through your body, causing organ and skin burns, electrocution, or even cardiac arrest. The severity of the problem depends on the duration the body conducts electricity.

Loose electric wires in outlets, switches, and panel boxes can lead to unstable electricity resulting in electric shocks. Other causes of electric shocks include damaged or frayed electrical wires, downed power lines, faulty appliances, and lightning strikes. It is a problem that you should not ignore and requires the immediate services of an electrician.

The professional will inspect the electrical connections and wires, make the necessary repairs, and tighten all loose wires. It is worth noting that you should never handle any electrical issues by yourself unless you are an electric expert, to avert catastrophic electrical hazards.

Additionally, the electrician might recommend installing a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) to detect electric current flowing in a human body and flip off to stop the flow of electricity.

Power Surges

Electric wires are responsible for distributing electricity to your home appliances, HVAC, and electric devices in your home. Faulty wiring, which might include loose cables and the exposed casing, is likely to lead to a power surge. The loose connections offer minimal electrical resistance, leading to the conductive materials surge the current flowing in the wires to dangerous levels. Getting an electrical service providing emergency services to handle the problem as soon as possible is appropriate to prevent the issue from happening again.

The power surges can lead to catastrophic electric damages including, destroying the appliances, outlets, and switches. It is a problem that regular maintenance services can prevent. The electrician can tighten all the loose wire connections and replace all the faulty wires with new advanced ones.

Signs that indicate a power surge in Wilmington, NC, households include burning smells from outlets, vibration and buzzing sounds from plugs and sockets, and tripping circuit breakers. These signs should compel you to find an electrical service urgently to fix the issue.

Arc Faults

Another danger in homes is electrical arc faults. It is an electrical discharge that occurs within a circuit. The arc faults could result from loose, corroded, or damaged electric wires. The loose wire connections in the outlets or wall plugs cause an electrical arc fault when you pull the sockets or push them back to the wall. When the wires make contact with other wire connections, then the arc occurs. The arc fault will discharge low-voltage currents that are not easily detectable by circuit breakers. The low current released ends up accumulating over time, leading to more heat that makes the outlets and the wiring very hot, igniting any flammable material around it.

The arcs of electricity are dangerous electrical problems that can lead to a fire if not identified in time by an expert electrician. It is an issue that extends from the hot loose wires to the ground through the air gaps, causing abnormal sparks that lead to fires.

Therefore, to prevent electrical fires and other hazards in your home you should reach out to an electrical service to fix the loose wires. The technician can also detect the arc circuit using an Arc Fault Detection Device that monitors any electrical arc, tripping when it senses the dangerous arc fault circuit that causes most fires.

The electrician can also install an arc-fault circuit interrupter in your home, if you have none, to prevent the hazards that might be due to electric loose wire connections.

Electric Fires

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), electrical fires lead to at least 51,000 fires annually, almost 500 deaths, 1400 burn injuries, and billions of property damage. Some of the electrical issues that lead to electric fires are arc faults, exposed wires, loose electric wire connections, faulty electrical receptacles, and damaged electrical distribution systems.

Arc faults caused by loose wire connections lead to fire sparks that break down the insulation covers and ignite flammable surfaces, accounting for over 28 000 residential fires. It is wise to have your wiring inspected at least twice annually by a professional electrician to prevent electrical fires in your household.

Once you notice any minor electrical problems in your home, please do not waste time contacting your trusted electrician.

Damages to Appliances

Loose wires and cables connected to refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, woofers, laptops, heaters, computers, and other appliances can lead to extensive damages. The loose wire can lead to power surges, electric fires, arc faults, and electric shocks that can also destroy the functionality of your appliances by burning some essential components therein.

Electrical arc faults can burn your electrical equipment and start an electric fire if your home has no arc fault circuit interrupter.

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