Do You Know When You Should Call An Emergency Electrician? | Wilmington, NC

Do You Know When You Should Call An Emergency Electrician? | Wilmington, NC

One of the most pressing questions that a homeowner can face is whether they should call an emergency electrician when their home’s electrical system starts showing signs of trouble. While it is true that certain things can wait for regular business hours, others simply can’t, and if left unattended can cause serious damage to their property and well-being. Let’s face it, electricity is dangerous, and allowing electrical problems to continue in your home can put your property and family at risk. Because of this, this article will cover everything you should be aware of in order to make the correct decision when it comes to calling an emergency electrician for help. Continue reading to find out the signs you need to know, as well as some benefits of calling an emergency electrician for help with your home’s electrical problems.

One or More of Your Home’s Circuit Breakers Trip Continuously

The first line of defense against undesired power surges in your home is your circuit breakers. When an external surge comes through, a circuit breaker will trip and protect your appliances from damage. This is completely normal and should be expected to happen once in a while. But if this happens too often, in a constant manner, it could mean a potentially dangerous problem is brewing in your home’s electrical system. When this happens, you should call an emergency electrician for help right away. Putting it off for later could lead to severe damage to your belongings, and even an electrical fire in your home.

One or More Outlets Feel Warm to the Touch

One of your electrical system’s warning signs that is easy to miss is a warm outlet or fixture. This is mostly because once an appliance is connected to the outlet, it remains that way until it is disconnected again. This can make it very easy to miss an outlet that feels hot. A hot outlet or socket are usually a sign of your electrical system suffering from an overload. It could be due to faulty wiring, a malfunction of the outlet itself, or even too many appliances connected to a single circuit. This is a very hazardous situation that can lead to an electrical fire within your walls without any further warning. When you find a warm or hot outlet, you should always call an emergency electrician to make the necessary repairs or replacements. This issue is definitely not something that should wait for regular business hours.

Your Home’s Lights Have Started Flickering or Dimming Without an Apparent Reason

While flickering or dimming lights are not an issue that can be missed, they are often overlooked by homeowners. If it happens that whenever you connect or turn on an appliance, such as a microwave oven or even your TV, your lights start flickering or dimming, you could be facing a seriously dangerous system overload. In this case, you should disconnect as many appliances as you can, and get help from a reputable emergency electrician immediately to prevent any costly damages to your home and belongings.

Your Outlets Spark When You Connect Something

It is very normal to see blue sparks coming from one of your home’s outlets as you connect an appliance. But, if orange, white, or yellow sparks, you could be facing a system overload or a faulty installation. This can quickly turn into a severe problem that could result in an electrical fire, so make sure you call an emergency electrician as soon as possible.

You Smell Something Burning

If you smell something burning and the problem isn’t because somebody left the stove on, you could be facing very serious electrical problems. Smelling smoke or burning odors, especially when they come from an electrical outlet are a sign that a fire is imminent. In this case, turn off your system’s main breaker, call 911 for the fire department to verify a fire hasn’t started behind the walls, and then call an emergency electrician to inspect your home’s wiring to determine where the smell is coming from and make any necessary repairs.

Your Home Has Sustained Water Damage for Any Reason

If your home has recently been flooded or suffered a major leak, it is possible the water has entered into your electrical system, and we all know that water and electricity are a very dangerous combination. Before you turn on any lights in your home after the flood has receded, call an emergency electrical professional for a full inspection of your wiring. This will help you detect any potential water damage and the resulting dangers.

Something is Buzzing, and It’s Not Bees

The only circumstance under which a buzzing sound coming from your walls is even remotely acceptable is when you have a beehive somewhere in your home. Other than that, a buzzing sound can be an indication of something terribly wrong with your electrical system. There are several issues that could result in buzzing sounds, from the very simple, to the more complicated ones that might compromise your entire electrical system. In any case, buzzing is not one of those issues that can wait for a few days, so turn off your home’s main switch and call for emergency electrical services right away.

All of Your Home’s Lights are Out

When your home loses power, and you are left standing in the dark, the first thing you should do is call your neighbors to see if they are having trouble too. If they are, the problem could be with the power company, but if not, get the help of an emergency electrical professional right away, especially if the weather outside is extremely hot or cold and you have small children or elderly relatives living with you.

At Mister Sparky of Wilmington, we understand how quickly an electrical issue in your home can turn into a dire situation. Because of this, we offer our emergency electrician services 24/7 all year round. So, if you are looking for a highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced professional, don’t hesitate to give Mister Sparky of Wilmington a call. We will be happy to get to you as quickly as we can!

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