Electrical Contractor Tips: Benefits Of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters In Homes | Wilmington, NC

Electrical Contractor Tips: Benefits Of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters In Homes | Wilmington, NC

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Electric problems can cause unimaginable and catastrophic issues to homeowners in Wilmington, NC. One of the problems is arc fault, an unintended arc flowing via a wrong path creating high-intensity heating in the circuit. The high temperatures from the arc fault might burn particles around the point of the arc fault, igniting surrounding flammable materials such as insulation and wood.

Arcing faults account for over 33 percent of all residential electrical fires in the United States annually. There are two types of arc, including series and parallel arc faults. They are likely to occur due to loose wire connections, worn-out conductors from a cable, the current flowing through the unintended path between conductors of opposite polarity, leading to overheating that might cause a fire.

It is wise to get Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs), including branch breaker AFCI, combination breaker, and breaker AFCI in your house to avert electric fires and other catastrophic issues. Homeowners should have an electrical contractor install AFCIs because of the following benefits.

Detecting Dangerous Arcs

Parallel and series arcing can cause an array of electrical issues in your Wilmington, NC, home, forcing you to call an electrical contractor or a fire extinguishing department, depending on the magnitude of the problem.

Most homeowners have smoke alarms, escape ladders, and fire extinguishers that come in handy when there is fire. Having an electrician professionally and skillfully install the AFCI in your home will help in the early detection of a wide range of arcing electrical faults.

The branch, combination, and breaker AFCIs are advanced electrical devices that monitor the circuit to identify normal and dangerous arc faults. The normal arcs result from vacuum cleaners, furnace motors, and other appliances that naturally create arcs.

The hazardous arcing issues happen due to overheated, damaged, and stressed electric wiring and cables. So, it is appropriate to hire a reliable electrical contractor to carry out thorough electric inspections and tune-ups during the maintenance process to protect your family from electric hazards.

Prevents Electric Fires

Another benefit of having a qualified electrical contractor install AFCIs in your home is to protect your family and valuable properties from electric fires. The US Fire Administration estimates that 6.8 percent of residential fires are electrical.

The fire is always catastrophic, and an electrician cannot extinguish it. Once you realize you have an electric fire in your home, don’t even try to pour water on it; Instead, run or use the escape ladder to get out of your house as you call for help.

The National Electric Code (NEC) requires homeowners in all parts of the country to install arc fault circuit interrupters to prevent fires and reduce accidents that might result in loss of property or life. If the hired electrician accurately installs the AFCI in panels and receptacles in the wall, they will function optimally in detecting dangerous arcing faults.

The circuit interrupters will trip if they sense any abnormal arcing from defective electrical cords. Therefore, you should get a licensed and skilled electrician to carry out routine maintenance and check-ups on your AFCI and other electrical components, such as cables and wiring, to ensure they are at their peak performance to prevent hazardous fires.

Better Than the Standard Circuit Breakers

The traditional circuit breakers are designed to detect short circuits and might not identify an arc fault, leading to dangerous electrical hazards. The AFCIs are better in detecting hazardous circuits flowing in unintended paths. They can sense circuit overloads, overheating, and arc faults, reacting promptly to avert dangerous conditions.

The AFCIs analyses unique features of an event and trip if the current is potentially hazardous. The best step to take is to have a licensed electrical contractor install the newly advanced arc-fault circuit interrupters in your new construction or during an upgrading project which will reduce the chances of an electrical fire from broken, damaged, and frayed wiring.

Protects Against Any Branch Circuit

Homeowners in Wilmington, NC, should have the AFCI in their rooms to protect any branch circuit. The circuit conductor protects the outlets at the point of the wiring system or circuit.

The AFCIs come in a form fit for 15A or 20-ampere branch circuits for different rooms in a house. It is wise to call an electrical contractor to get you the best arc-fault circuit breaker to protect your home from electric fires.

Prevents Short Circuits

It is best to have an arc-fault circuit interrupter in your house to protect against short circuits. The short circuit issue occurs from damaged, loose, or frayed electrical circuit wires that cause arc faults. If an electrical contractor accurately installs the AFCI in your receptacles and outlets, it will work smoothly by sensing the possibility of a short circuit and tripping.

It puts off the power before sparks of electricity can occur, igniting a fire. Short circuit and arc faults are preventable as long as the electrical wiring and wire insulations are intact. So, if you notice any damaged or loose electrical wires, please don’t hesitate to contact a reliable electrician from a reputable company to make the necessary repairs.

Complying with National Electrical Codes

Professional and experienced electrical contractors comply with the NEC standards for dwelling units to have an AFCI. Rooms with 15-and 20 A branch circuits, such as the dining rooms, living rooms, parlors, dens, libraries, recreation rooms, bedrooms, and libraries, must have any type of AFCI to protect the branch circuit from fires.

The NEC 210.12 also recommends that the arc-fault circuit interrupter should be in an easily accessible location in your home. The AFCI can also be in the same room as the Ground-Fault-Circuit Interrupters.

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Getting an Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter in your home is one way of preventing electrical hazards such as fires and destruction of property and lives. It is an advanced device that detects any dangerous parallel or series arc faults that might put your family at risk.

If you want expert assistance with AFCI installation in your home, consider calling Mister Sparky of Wilmington to get a professional electrical contractor. Our electrical company was founded in 2010 and is staffed with trained and experienced electricians offering solutions to all your electrical needs, including installation, maintenance, repairs, and replacements.