Electrical Hazards During A Storm And How An Emergency Electrician Can Prevent Them | Wilmington, NC

Electrical Hazards During A Storm And How An Emergency Electrician Can Prevent Them | Wilmington, NC

Stormy days are a time to stay warm and safe from any electrical accidents that might come from low barometric pressure, strong winds, tornadoes, thunder or lightning, and precipitation. Storms in the depth of winter or summer can lead to numerous electric hazards that might require the expertise of an emergency electrician.

Lightning strikes, hurricanes, floods, strong winds, and tornadoes have the worst effects on electricity supply, including bringing down power lines. They increase the possibility of electrocutions, electrical shocks, short circuits, and electrical fires in Wilmington, NC, homes. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent the adverse effects of the storm by a qualified emergency electrician.

This blog focuses on electrical hazards resulting from local thunderstorms, floods, and lightning. It also discusses preventable measures to put in place to protect your family from electrical accidents.

Electrical Hazards During the Storm

Lightning, floods, and strong winds can lead to numerous electrical issues in homes. Lightning strikes are severe and can split trees and bring down power lines creating other electrical accidents such as:

Power Surges: A power surge is an electrical issue resulting from massive current spikes in an electrical system. It can last as long as a blink of an eye, leading to severe adverse effects that may be beyond the skills and expertise of an electrician.

When lightning strikes your electrical system, it unleashes excessive current, about 300 million volts, and 30,000 Amps, creating power surges that can scorch your appliances or cause an electrical fire if your home does not have surge protectors.

Electrocutions: Another electrical hazard that is common during floods is electrocution. Electrical accidents occur due to rain, snow, and lightning strains on power lines. Lightning from storms can make its way to your home through direct strikes, the ground, and electrical wiring systems and pipes.

When the strikes get in contact with people in wet areas of their houses, it electrocutes them on contact, leading to instant death of the victims. Floods streaming into your house can create ground faults, which might compel you to call an emergency electrician to repair your electric system before it takes another life.

Electric Shocks

It might seem surreal, but lightning from storms can travel through plumbing pipes, phones, radio and television waves, and metal wires on concrete floors and walls, causing short circuits and electrical shocks on contact.

An emergency electrician from a reputable company can recommend staying away from stagnated water, the pool filters, and any appliance with water to prevent shock hazards and possible fires.

Electrical Fires

Storms feature severe lightning strikes that lead to electric fires beyond the services of an electrician from the best electrical companies in Wilmington, NC. The extremely high voltage currents from lightning can create a fire in a home without protection devices.

Electrical fires are severe and can bring down buildings and claim numerous lives. It leaves many survivors nursing physical and emotional wounds that might take their lifetime to heal. It is advisable to avoid pouring water on an electrical fire because it worsens the hazards other than providing a solution.

If you call an emergency electrician immediately after the fire breaks out, the expert can advise you to save your life and that of your inhabitants by running out. It is also wise to reach out to a fire extinguishing company on your way out. If you are on the first floor and the fire is everywhere, jump down for safety rather than burn alive.

How to Prevent Electrical Hazards During Storm

Install Surge Protectors

One of the most effective ways of preventing power surges resulting from lightning and strong winds is installing whole-house surge protectors. The device protects all the appliances and the entire electrical system from electrical damages that might arise from power surges, regardless of the reason behind the massive electric current.

So, if you do not have whole-home surge protection in the face of an imminent storm, you should call a nearby electrical company for an electrician to install the device. You can get different surge protection devices online on numerous sales websites, including Amazon.

Stay Indoors and Away from Water

Another way to protect your family from electrical hazards is to stay in an enclosed house during the storm. You can put it up in the basement or the ground floor of your home when lightning starts to strike.

An emergency electrician can advise you to pack away in a safe place all the electrical devices and appliances not in use and switch the ones that are in use off until the storm passes.

Being Aware of the Storm

It might sound cliche, but listening to the radio and the news to know the weather patterns, such as upcoming storms and hurricanes, help homeowners in Wilmington, NC, prepare adequately. The technology responsible for social media sites and messaging applications also helps keep people informed of weather warnings in their locations.

The news helps them make the necessary electrical safety measures. Luckily, the hired emergency electrician can update you on the weather developments and recommend the appropriate safety measures to implement in your home.

Thunderstorm Warning Systems

These come in handy to warn homeowners of distant lightning activities and nearby developing thunderstorms.

When an emergency electrician installs the system correctly, it can sense developing storms and atmospheric electric fields and warn you to get shelter and switch on protective devices before the onset of floods, hurricanes, and winds.

We Are Here to Meet Your Electrical Needs!

After watching several news channels that a storm is on the way, it is best to start preparing before it gets you off-guard, causing severe electrical accidents. You can start taking the electrical safety measures in your home by calling Mister Sparky of Wilmington to install a safety switch, surge protection devices, and arc or ground-fault circuit interrupters to protect your family.

Our electrical company addresses multiple electric problems in houses by providing quality and exceptional installation, replacement, and repair services. Mister Sparky of Wilmington has qualified, skilled, and experienced emergency electricians who will help you secure your home before storms and floods.

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