Electrical Issues That Only A Licensed Emergency Electrician Can Solve | Wilmington, NC

Electrical Issues That Only A Licensed Emergency Electrician Can Solve | Wilmington, NC

Most people are accustomed to “figuring it out” when doing projects around the house. You can get most things done with a YouTube video or a manual and feel confident as a home repair expert.

You should be! However, improvement or repair projects should be left to professionals, no matter how skilled you might be at DIY. Electrical projects are a perfect example of some dangerous situations that can damage your home or, worse, cause loss of lives.

If you have ever had an issue with your electrical system, you have probably considered fixing the issue all by yourself. Most homeowners prefer DIY electrical projects to avoid the high repair costs or because electrical jobs are relatively easy to deal with. No matter how less hazardous they may seem, leaving them to a licensed emergency contractor is important.

Any electrical fault poses a potential risk when something goes wrong. If you encounter any electrical issues, getting in touch with an emergency electrician in Wilmington, NC, is always the best idea. This blog post will highlight some examples of electrical issues that should never be undertaken on your own.

Sudden Power Shutdown

Blackouts can occur because of issues with your electricity supplier. Other times, your house could have an outage while the neighborhood has power. When this happens, there is the possibility of the problem arising from your property specifically. This can be dangerous and should be inspected by a professional.

It is worth noting that a safety breaker can trigger to protect you from a sudden power surge. But other times, sudden power shutdown is an indication that there is something faulty with your electrical wiring or other related issues. However, the only way to know for sure is to contact an emergency electrician in Wilmington, NC, and get professional help.

Wet Power Outlets

Electricity and water are not a good combination. Water is a good conductor of electricity. Water allows electricity to spread fast and can result in electrocution in your home. An emergency electrician must examine wet power outlets and other water-related issues ASAP!

Unusually High Electricity Bill

The most obvious reason for a hike in your electric bill is the overuse of appliances. Nevertheless, there could be another underlying issue; electrical damage. Electricity usage can be increased by faulty wiring. This is because it causes appliances to heat up, meaning they are using extra electricity.

Another issue could be your electric meter could be broken. If you notice that the numbers in your meter continue to move even after you have turned off your appliances, it could be broken. Consider calling a licensed emergency electrician to avoid losing money on wasted energy.

Frequent Tripping

Typically, a circuit breaker is crafted to protect your entire electrical system from an overload. It trips when excess electricity passes through it. You can reset the switches on the panel when the circuit breaks trips.

However, if it goes off regularly, there could be something messy with your property’s circuitry and wiring. Your electrical panel can be outdated.

Constant circuit breaker tripping can damage your fuses or even your appliances! You should be worried-if fuses and breakers wear off, thanks to frequent trips, will they be able to help in case something worse happens?

In such an event, you should call an emergency electrician to update the wiring or replace the panel. You not only risk leaving the problem diagnosed, but it is also annoying to have your home routine interrupted by the constant trips.

Hot Outlets or Switch Plates

Most appliances, such as toasters, become hot when used, but their plugs should not. If the switch plate is hot, try plugging the appliance into another outlet.

Consider consulting a licensed emergency electrician if the second outlet also gets hot. One cause of heated-up switch plates is faulty wiring. When current flows through broken or loose wiring, heating can lead to a fire. Dangerous!

Flickering Lights

As much as it doesn’t sound like an emergency, flickering lights often signify an underlying electrical issue that needs to be addressed. It could be outdated electrical wiring, loose fittings, damaged or worn-out light switches, or even overloaded circuits.

Each of these can increase the risks of emergency or, worse, cause damage if left alone. That is why it is wise to have an emergency electrician look at the issue before it gets out of hand.

Smoke or Burning Smell

Suppose you smell a burn or see smoke from an overheated electrical outlet in your home. In that case, the first thing should be to call an emergency electrician to assess the damage and hopefully offer a repair.

If you smell a burnt plastic smell, it could damage electrical wiring. If ignored, it can cause a disastrous fire, leaving only smoke.

Bulbs Burning Out Frequently

Are your bulbs constantly burning out? There could be a more serious problem than just overuse. It could be loose connections within the sockets or even poor insulation. In the case of poor insulation, modern bulbs shut off automatically.

Dead Outlets

In most cases, dead outlets are caused by a tripped circuit breaker. This electrical issue has a potential risk of electrocuting an individual and should only be handled by a qualified emergency technician.

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