Electrical Panel Problems You May Come Across At Home: An Electrician Explains | Wilmington, NC

Electrical Panel Problems You May Come Across At Home: An Electrician Explains | Wilmington, NC

The electrical panel is an essential but often overlooked part of your home’s power system. The electric panel is responsible for keeping everything in your house, from lights to appliances, working and running efficiently. That being said, electrical panels can sometimes fail or even break down in many expected ways that aren’t always obvious.

In this blog, you’ll learn about issues common with electrical panels to provide you with the knowledge so that you know what to do the next time your electric panel fails. It is always wise to contact a professional electrician near you if you experience any problems with an electrical panel.

Tripped Breakers

Usually, tripped breakers aren’t a big issue. Tripped breakers often indicate that you have overloaded your electrical panel or plugged in too many appliances simultaneously on your circuit. Sometimes your breaker can trip over because of a power surge.

In case your breaker trips, it is essential you first identify the cause of the trip before you start messing around with it. In most cases, you can fix the trip by turning the breaker back on.

If it’s your first time repairing an electrical panel, or you need to know what caused your breaker to trip, you should contact an electrician for help. The experts can also tell if there are other issues in your house that might cause similar problems.

Improper Wiring

Improper wiring can be a big issue for your electrical panel. Fixing improper wiring in your home can be a bit challenging and must be done by a professional electrician.

Improper wiring happens when a technician uses the wrong size of wires or due to double tapping. Based on the NFPA’s reports, home fires caused by electrical wiring and related equipment account for an average of 22 190 fires, 230 deaths, 630 injuries, and property damage worth 804 million dollars.

If your home has a problem with improper wiring, it’s advisable to contact an electrician immediately to save your family out of harm’s way.

Outdated Equipment

If your home is over 10 years old, then there are good chances that some of its circuits need upgrading. This is because older houses are more likely to have outdated systems than new residential homes. However, this doesn’t mean the new homes cannot have old equipment.

Even new buildings can suffer from outdated equipment since some homeowners prefer obsolete technology, such as ceramic fuses and electric panels. Most old panels were formally considered safe and suitable for use in homes. But as people continue increasing their electric usage, outdated panels have become a safety risk.

Homeowners with old electric panels should replace them with the modern residential panels, which is best done by a professional electrician in Wilmington, NC.

Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion are among two of the most common electrical panel problems in most U.S. homes. Corrosion occurs when the electrical panel components are exposed to moisture.

The moisture reacts with the metal wirings in the electrical panel, resulting in corrosion. The steam or water can get into the panel through a leak in your wall.

Sometimes the moisture can be from the humidity in the air. To avoid exposing your electrical panel components to water, it is advisable for homeowners in Wilmington, NC, whose electrical panels are located in a humid room, to purchase a dehumidifier.

If you have seen any signs of rust or corrosion on your electrical panel, contact an electrician near you to assess the corrosion and determine if it’s a safety issue.

Flickering Lights

The lights in your home can flicker for several reasons. Usually, your electric panel ensures the supply of electrical currents to every part of your home. So in case lately you have noticed your lamps flickering or dimming, something could be wrong with your electrical panel.

Some causes of flickering lights in your home include loose connections in your circuit or fraying wires. It is wise you contact an electrician immediately if your lights are flickering to have the problem fixed.


As the name suggests, overcrowding happens when you put many circuits into a single panel. Overcrowding can lead to many other electrical issues in your home. For instance, if you overload your electrical panel with too many panels and wires, it can quickly overheat, resulting in a fire. Overcrowding can also cause your circuit breakers to trip frequently.

Another significant indication of overcrowding in your electrical panel is double tapping. Double tapping is when two wires are connected to one circuit breaker, built to only hold one wire. This can be an issue because the two wires may not be well-tightened to the breaker.

Loose cables can cause overheating and arcing. Arcing can cause a fire in your home. NFPA’s Electrical Fires report shows that three in five fires are due to arcing issues.

Underpowered Panels

Underpowered panels are a common problem with electrical panels. They can be a result of overcrowding in your electrical panels. Also, you risk having underpowered panels if you add new circuits without upgrading the rest of the electric panel system.

If new residents occupy a house, electricity consumption can rise significantly more than the power used by previous residents, leading to the underpowered panel. This is because the high increase in power use by new tenants places a lot of load on panels and circuits, causing them to trip frequently. Homeowners facing underpowered panels can fix the problem by reducing their power demand or contacting an electrician in Wilmington, NC to upgrade their electrical panels.

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