Electrical Repair: Are You Thinking Of Becoming An Electrician? | Wilmington, NC

Electrical Repair: Are You Thinking Of Becoming An Electrician? | Wilmington, NC

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The first thought for many homeowners when something goes wrong is I can try and fix that myself. However, it’s never a good idea to carry out DIY when it comes to electrical items. Electrics are very dangerous, and electrical repair or installation should only ever be carried out by a trained professional.

Many homeowners have carried out DIY projects which have ended badly; some have even ended up on America’s Funniest Home Videos or have at least had funny stories to tell their friends and family.

Most homeowners will give electrical repairs a wide berth. It’s sensible to call an electrician as repairs can be dangerous if they’re carried out in the wrong way. This could even result in an electric shock, which could be fatal.

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As we discussed, it’s never a good idea to carry out electrical work yourself, but did you know that there is a shortage of electricians in the industry. This article will look at what to do if you want to qualify as an electrician.

The Electrical Industry

Many electrical repair companies are finding that they are overwhelmed with work. It seems like everyone is looking for a skilled electrician. Homeowners are becoming more aware of the risks of fixing electrical items themselves and always seem to be on the lookout for a qualified electrician.

There are even reports of electrical projects being delayed due to a lack of skilled labor. If you’ve just left school or are looking for a career change, training to be an electrician may be the right option for you. Once you’re trained, there’s likely to be no shortage of work, whether you want to start your own business or join one of the leading electrical companies.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting that the electric field is likely to have an increase of between nine and twenty-six percent by 2026. It seems like there’s an electrician shortage in many states.

How Can I Become an Electrician?

Looking to offer electrical repair services in your local area? Now is a great time to train as an electrician, and the gap in the labor market has caused a spike in the number of people who want to learn electrical repair skills. You’ll need a high school diploma to get started and then undertake an apprenticeship where you’ll gain the skills and experience required to offer repair services.

Some electrical repair companies expect you to have a basic familiarity with how electrics work, before they offer you an apprenticeship. If you’re looking for an apprenticeship in your area, you can contact the United States Department of Labor or can have a look at online job boards.

You may also like to get pre-apprenticeship training at a vocational college. This would make you more useful to employers, and you’d be more likely to find an apprenticeship.

Continuing Education for Electricians

If you’ve already trained as an electrician, it’s a good idea to keep updating your skills as technologies and ways of working are constantly changing. It takes eight years to become a master electrician, and this can be an exciting career path with the opportunity for growth.

People who are looking to become an electrician aren’t experienced straight out of college to help fill the skill shortage gaps. This means that continuing education is necessary for all electricians. It is great to keep up to date, with changes in the industry, something that all professional electricians are encouraged to do.

Continuing education is a requirement for all licensed electricians; they have to complete a certain number of continuing education per year. This number varies slightly from state to state but is generally around ten hours a year. If you want to be able to stand out from the competition in the job market, it may be a good idea to do more than the minimum.

Each state will have slightly different standards and will approve different courses. There are many groups, such as the National Electrical Contractors Association, that will help you improve your skills. Expanding your knowledge will allow you to take on a more diverse range of jobs. These courses are usually short and can be carried out in your spare time so you’ll still be able to go to work.

Short courses can help you to prepare for your master electrician exam. This is an exam that will test your skills, knowledge, and abilities. The test is very in-depth and will test your understanding of a variety of installation and design situations and repair.

If you complete this test, you’ll also have improved job prospects and are likely to earn a higher wage. You’ll be able to supervise other electricians who are doing the same work. The master electrician exam varies from state to state. In some states, the exam is split into two parts; in others, you’ll need to work full time for a year before you’re allowed to sit it.

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