Electrical Safety Devices For Your Home: Tips From An Electrician Near Me In | Wilmington, NC

Electrical Safety Devices For Your Home: Tips From An Electrician Near Me In | Wilmington, NC

Advancements in technology have made electricity an indispensable part of everyday life. Electricity is essential, from the alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning to your first cup of coffee to the TV show you end your day with. Simply put, electricity makes life brighter, literally.

You could assume that with more electricity, people would know more about its hazards and how to protect against them. Yet each year, 35,000 home fires are caused by electrical malfunctions. The following electrical devices help protect your home in Wilmington, NC, from the dangers of electricity.


A fuse is an electrical safety device that protects a house’s wiring system from excessive electric currents. If the electric current exceeds the fuse’s limit, the fuse “blows.” It melts or breaks, severing the connection.

A broken fuse can’t be reused and has to be replaced. You should always call an electrician near me in the city to replace a fuse. It is safer and will ensure that the correct size fuse is inserted. Modern wiring, however, does not utilize fuses anymore.

Circuit Breaker

A standard circuit breaker is similar to a fuse. It protects against excessive currents and electric overloads. An overload happens when too many appliances are plugged into one outlet or room and draw power from one circuit. Electric overloads can overheat the wiring and cause fires.

The circuit breaker will open a switch that turns off the electrical current. You don’t have to replace it every time it trips. If unsure, call your electrician near me in the town.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

GFCIs can come as either circuit breakers or receptacles. They monitor the incoming current and compare it to the outgoing current. If there is even a slight difference or the current flows through something it is not supposed to, a GFCI will trip, interrupting the circuit.

Thus, it prevents electrocution if a person starts to receive a shock. This must all happen in a short time to prevent the current from reaching the heart. GFCI outlets are usually installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and other places where water can come into contact with electricity.

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI)

AFCIs are similar to standard circuit breakers and GFCIs. The difference is that standard circuit breakers protect against excessive currents, GFCIs prevent electrocution, and AFCIs protect against electrical fires. AFCIs detect faults and malfunctions in the electric current that a typical circuit breaker does not sense.

An AFCI will trip if it senses any fluctuations caused by dust, corrosion, or faulty wiring. In fact, properly installed AFCIs can prevent 50 percent of home electrical fires.

Some people can be confused by the three breakers and do not know which one is best. Your electrician near me in Wilmington, NC, will show you which one is best suited for which places or if more than one is needed.

Surge Protectors

These electrical safety devices protect your electrical appliances against power surges. Power surges are an increase in electric current that is not high enough for a circuit breaker to trip but causes damage to sensitive devices like computers, printers, and TVs. Power surges happen all of the time and usually go unnoticed.

Surge protectors protect equipment by blocking the excess voltage or reverting it to the ground wire. Whole-house surge protectors need to be installed by a licensed electrician near me in Wilmington.

Smoke Detectors and Alarms

Smoke detectors are self-explanatory: they detect smoke and give a warning. Different types of smoke alarms warn against different kinds of fires. Some can also detect carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless, but deadly gas.

An electrician near me in the city must install smoke detectors to ensure they function correctly. If you have a battery-powered model, you must test it regularly and exchange the batteries when necessary.

Tamper-Resistant (TR) Outlets

If there are small children, tamper-proof outlets are a must. Every year around 2,400 children suffer from severe injuries caused by them sticking things into electrical outlets. Tamper-resistant outlets close off the contact slots. Electric current will only flow through the outlet if both slots are activated.

TR outlets cost the same as normal receptacles and can be easily replaced by an electrician near me in the greater Wilmington area. It is important to note that outlet caps and sliding covers are insufficient protection. Caps can get lost and be a choking hazard for tiny children. Many children learn how to open sliding covers by simply watching their parents.

Cable Management Systems

A neat and tidy office is not only pleasing to the eye. It enhances productivity and safety. Laying cables across a room is a serious trip hazard. Tangled cables are more likely to be damaged and cause shocks or fires. A cable management system will keep cables safe and prevent people from tripping them. It will also keep them away from small children and pets.

Note that some of these devices are mandatory installations in homes and buildings. The National Electric Code outlines the minimum requirements for electrical safety devices and is revised every three years. To be sure your home complies, you should hire an electrician near me in North Carolina to perform an electrical inspection.

To Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe, You Need to Put Safety Measures in Place.

Electricity is a blessing more than it is a problem. Still, it would be best if you handled it with caution. And it would help if you had an electrician near me in the city whom you could trust. That’s where we come in. At Mister Sparky of Wilmington, we understand the real dangers electricity can create.

Our trained and licensed electricians have the skills and experience to handle any electrical problem you might face safely. We have the electrical answers you want, from repairs to installations to generator services. Our 24/7 emergency electrician near me in the local area will promptly and efficiently tend to your electrical troubles. Call us today for the best electrical service in Wilmington, NC.

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