Electrical Services: Protect Your Home Against Power Surges | Wilmington, NC

Electrical Services: Protect Your Home Against Power Surges | Wilmington, NC

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Power surges are common especially after a storm. When your television suddenly flickers, it is likely that a power surge just occurred. In some cases, homeowners may notice an acrid smell coming from the electrical lines. If you are using an electronic device, it may suddenly go into a rest mode during a power surge. The good news is you can protect your home from a power surge and prevent damages to major appliances or devices. In this article, we will discuss what a power surge is, what can cause a power surge and how to better protect your home from it. You may hire electrical services in Wilmington, NC to find out information on what your options are in protecting your home against power surges.

What Is a Power Surge

The normal voltage in a home is about 120 volts but this can go up to 169 volts. During a power surge, there will be a sudden increase in voltage, depending on what is causing it. There is a power surge when too much electricity is pushed into appliances or devices plugged into an outlet. Some power surges are noticeable while you can barely notice the others but they can still cause costly damages to major appliances even when they are turned off. Hiring electrical services would be beneficial as an electrician would be able to assist you in protecting your home against these surges.

What Causes a Power Surge

Homeowners would most likely associate storms or lightning with power surges. However, the causes can vary. Below are some of the causes of a power surge. Be sure to get electrical service when you think your home is damaged by a power surge for more assistance.

1. Faulty Wiring

Homeowners are advised to hire professional electrical services to help them with wiring to ensure that they are properly installed. Frayed and improper wiring can cause a power surge. You should also watch out for rodents as they can chew on the wiring that may lead to cracks.

When your air conditioner starts, that may put stress on the electrical system. This usually happens when the wiring isn’t properly installed. The damage may build up if you keep switching your appliances on and off and you have bad wiring. Do make sure to get only professional electrical services to prevent power surges caused by bad wiring.

2. Downed Electrical Lines

A severe storm can take down a power line. When this happens, there may be power surges. This is also one of the common causes of power outages. Get professional electrical services when there is an outage or call your utility company.

3. High Demand

A power surge can also occur especially when a lot of people are using electricity. Your utility company may struggle to keep up with the high demand especially in extremely hot weather and everyone is using the air conditioner or during winter when homeowners will be heating their homes.

4. Lightning

Although power surges caused by lightning rarely happen, they can be life-threatening. We are talking about millions of volts that may hit your devices. That may cause an explosion or you can be seriously injured if you are near these appliances.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to guard your home against these power surges.

Ways to Protect Your Home

Major appliances such as televisions, ovens, computers, microwaves, washers and refrigerators are most likely to be damaged by a power surge. Below are your options to protect these devices. You may also get professional electrical services if you need more help.

1. Surge Protector or Whole-Home Protection System

There are two ways to protect your home: by plugging an individual device into a surge protector or hiring electrical services in Wilmington, NC for an entire home surge protection system.

Installing surge protectors on individual devices is the easiest and the least expensive option. You may opt for this if you do not have a lot of appliances at home. Otherwise, consider whole-home protection. With this type of protection system, power surges – even those caused by lightning – will be directed to the ground where it can’t harm anyone or anything. It may be costly but it’s a good investment.

For maximum protection, consider getting both for your home. Installing the surge protectors on different devices protect against internal surges.

2. Inspect Wiring

Faulty wiring does not only cause a power surge, it can also trigger house fires. Get professional electrical services so a licensed technician can inspect your home. Do this if you live in an older home. There might be brittle insulation or cracked wires caused by rodents.

3. Unplugging Devices

Surge protectors are beneficial but the best protection against a power surge is still to simply unplug a device. Avoid using electrical appliances when there is a storm to protect them from power surges.

4. Don’t Plug Multiple Devices Into the Same Outlet

To avoid overheating and power surges, do not plug major devices into the same outlet. It’s also not advisable to plug devices on nearby outlets served by just one circuit breaker. Doing this can wreak havoc on your system and appliances.

What Homeowners Should Do After a Power Surge

We advised homeowners to get an entire home surge protection system especially if they have an HVAC. When your heating system is damaged by a power surge, that can be expensive to repair or replace.

After a power surge, reset your appliance or device immediately. Most of them will not work properly and the reset should get them up and running. If you think there are appliances damaged by the power surge, contact an electrician at Mister Sparky of Wilmington for help.

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Does your home have protection against power surges? Hire local electrical services so we can help you with the installation of a whole-home surge protection system. Stopping power surges can save you expensive repair costs on your appliances and extend their lifespan. Get in touch with us at Mister Sparky of Wilmington today for an appointment!