Electrical Services That Can Make Your Life More Convenient And Enjoyable | Wilmington, NC

Electrical Services That Can Make Your Life More Convenient And Enjoyable | Wilmington, NC

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At Mister Sparky of Wilmington, NC, we love to install power outlets and make upgrades to your home that help you enjoy where you live. We all use a lot more outlets, and often more power than before. Especially in our older homes, we just don’t have the power outlets we need, and also not the right ones to correctly use modern plugs. With the median age of houses in Wilmington, NC at about 33, that means that the nice older home you bought could probably stand a few improvements. In your brand-new home you may still have a few custom features that you thought of after it was finished. Our electrical services providers are here to help!

Outdoor Lighting and Power

If you have a patio, pool, or gazebo and you rely on your batteries when you go out to talk, work on your laptop or listen to music, we’ve got a solution. Our electrical services technicians can run power out there, in a weatherproof enclosure with proper protection using a GFCI to make sure the power stays away from the people. You might also find outlets handy for electric lawn care equipment, which you could probably use at an earlier hour than your noisy gas lawn mower. A few lights can extend the fun on summer evenings when the sun dips down, and lighting around your house provides subtle security along with emphasizing the beauty of your home when visitors come for dinner in the evening.


More power! Let our electrical services people put power where you need it, so that you don’t have to charge your phone across the room from where you’re sitting. Your audio and video equipment needs plenty of places to plug in, and when you connect directly to the wall your dear pet isn’t going to walk across the power strip and turn it off again. If you decide to move your laundry equipment, install high-grade woodworking equipment or welding gear in the garage, or otherwise want a 220V outlet or a high-current 110V one, our electrical services technicians can run the wires and set up the outlet right where you want it, professionally and attractively. Be sure to have enough outlets in your bedrooms and kitchen for all your smart home equipment and other devices. Did you know that modern homes are required to have enough outlets that you never have to reach more than about 6 feet to get to one?

Panel Upgrade

At the heart of everything is your electrical panel, which not only hosts the wires from the rest of your home but provides room for expansion and reliable circuit breakers that shut off power in areas where there’s a problem. Coming in from outside is your main power connection. If your home is older there are a number of electrical services from us that you might want. If you’ve still got fuses, a whole new panel is an excellent idea, for safety as well as convenience. Older panels from the 1950s through the 1990s may have a brand of circuit breakers that had a lot of trouble and we recommend upgrading them. If you want more power for your home, perhaps it was built in the days when low-capacity was the norm, you can have us work with your power company to upgrade your home’s overall capacity.

Smart Home

If you like to talk to your phone or car audio gear to operate them, you’ll love smart home devices. Maybe you already know about them and have put a few smart speakers around the house. We can provide the electrical services to integrate smart home technology throughout your house or in key areas like your bedrooms and living room where you can adjust the lights by a wall switch that’s also connected to your home network. Light fixtures, smart bulbs, in-wall control panels and even smart locks are all part of the smart home picture.

Home Theater

A nice, solid home theater amplifier can draw 60 percent of your 15A circuit’s power, which means you’d probably prefer to have it on a separate circuit. We can provide electrical services to run several circuits and plenty of outlets, and make sure that they are protected against surges and lightning from the circuit breaker panel. Our wiring skills are also great for installing other kinds of audio and video wiring that you may need for your system.


Of course, we can also fish networking wires through your walls just as we do with your power wiring. Some homeowners prefer to have Ethernet wiring for both security and speed reasons, especially for watching TV and gaming. If we’re helping you with remodeling, we can preinstall any additional wiring that you’d like before the walls are finished.

Lighting and Switches

Whether they’re “smart” or not, we can install and upgrade your lighting fixtures and switches to the latest smooth-operating single- or three-way switches, and provide fixtures, bulbs, and dimmers that all work together which isn’t always the case with new compact fluorescent and LED bulbs.

Redesigning Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Outdoor Lighting

If you’re making major changes in your kitchen, moving furniture in the dining room, or changing the way you use your property outdoors, you’ll want to move your power and lighting to match the new usage. Let our electrical services personnel run new wires for you if necessary and relocate power outlets, light fixtures, and switches where they’ll be convenient for the new room arrangement.

Outbuildings and Garages

Motors and welders usually run better with 220V, so let us add any power and lighting you need in your garage or shed with proper outdoor wiring and protection.

Let Us Illuminate and Empower You!

Mister Sparky of Wilmington is your general-purpose and emergency electrical services provider offering top-quality installation of everything related to power and electricity in your home. For safety and convenience, give us a call at 910.319.1583.