Electrical Services | Wilmington, NC

Electrical Services | Wilmington, NC

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Nothing is worse in a home than having an electrical services problem, with the lone exception of having a fire take place. When it comes to the electrical system in your home, your safety is of critical importance. Flickering lights, outlets that no longer work, and damaged appliances are all signs of problems in your home’s electrical system. Only electrical professionals can fix these issues.

Mister Sparky of Wilmington, NC offers electrical services that solve all of these problems:

Light Bulbs Burning Out Frequently

This may seem like a simple problem but is actually a hazardous electrical problem that should be addressed by an electrical services professional. This problem is often due to a loose connection in socket or circuit or simply poor insulation causing overheating. Failure to address this issue with electrical professionals can lead to fire easily.

Simple Short Circuit Problems

If you use an appliance such as a hairdryer and the home circuits trip frequently you may have a short in the wiring or an outlet that needs urgent attention. This problem can easily lead to a house fire, so you want to address this issue right away with an electrical professional.

Circuit Overload

This is one of the biggest problems a homeowner will face. Most homes lack enough power points to cater to today’s higher demand for power. If your home circuit breakers trip frequently, it could be down to circuit overload. You can improve your home’s electrical supply by adding more circuits and wiring, for example, we have found many homes have multiple rooms on one circuit. You can have each room on its own circuit simply by contacting an electrical services professional.

Frequent Electrical Surges

Electrical surges can be caused by bad electrical wiring services in the house, which is a fire hazard. Notice a pattern here? Faulty electrical systems are the leading cause of fires in the area. While electrical surges only last a microsecond, they can cause permanent damage to your appliances, especially to computers. Frequent surges can damage any electrical components connected to your home. If you are experiencing this issue contact the professionals at Mister Sparky of Wilmington, NC for electrical services today.

Flickering and Dimming Lights

This is always a sign that you need electrical services. Flickering and Dimming lights can be hazardous for your home as they indicate poor connection causing arcing. Almost always this is due to loose or corroded connections. These loose connections or corroded connections can cause overheating, and fire. Only electrical services professionals can address this issue.

Frequently Tripping Breakers

If your breakers are tripping frequently your circuit is overloaded with too much electricity, and not enough circuits. You need electrical professionals to upgrade your home’s electrical system. Frequently tripping breakers can be one of the early warning signs of a more serious issue such as faulty wiring. Only licensed electrical services professionals can address this problem before it becomes a fire hazard.

Warm Outlets and Switches

If your outlets and switches are warm or hot to the touch this is a very serious issue that needs the attention of electrical professionals right away. This is the sign of a fire hazard waiting to happen!

Sags and Dips in Power

This can be a sign of serious issues with your home’s electrical system. Like electrical surges, changes in your electrical supply can nearly always be attributed to devices connected to your home’s power supply. This often happens when your power supply fails to meet your power demand. You can solve this issue with electrical professionals coming to your home to rewire it, adding more circuits.

Light Switches Not Working Properly

If you find that your light switches no longer work, this could be a fault in the outlet, circuit or wiring. It is dangerous to attempt to fix this one on your own due to the hazardous nature of electricity, so you should call in the electrical professionals at Mister Sparky today. You should always consult with an electrician if you’re experiencing issues with the switches in your home as this can be a sign of a more serious issue.

Lights Too Bright or Dim

If some of the lights in your home are too dim or too bright, it may be the sign of a bad main neutral connection. You could also have bulbs of different wattage in your home so do check that the wattage is the correct wattage for the light you are using. If you have a bad main neutral connection you will need electrical professionals to address the issue, failure to do so could lead to a fire.

Electrical Shocks

Nothing is worse than the nasty surprise of an electrical shock. Electricity is dangerous, and if you are experiencing electrical shocks it is time to call in electrical services professionals to deal with the problem. These shocks tend to happen when you touch an electrical outlet or turn a device on or off. While the issue could be the appliance itself, chances are that it is the electrical wiring. You can always test this out by plugging in another appliance, but you risk another shock by doing so.

High Electric Bill

If your electrical bill is unusually high, but your electric use has not increased, you may have damaged wiring or circuits. If this is the cause of the high electrical bill you will need to call in electrical professionals to deal with the damaged wiring or circuits, failure to do so is simply leaving behind a potential fire hazard.

If you have any of these electrical problems it is far better to call in a pro than to even contemplate dealing with it yourself. Not only is electricity dangerous, but you could also make the problem worse by trying to deal with it yourself. If you have experienced any of these problems, call the pros at Mister Sparky today, we can solve any of these issues.