Electrician Tips: Benefits Of Portable Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters | Wilmington, NC

Electrician Tips: Benefits Of Portable Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters | Wilmington, NC

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Homes in wet areas of Wilmington, NC, are bound to experience electric issues, including ground faults. A ground fault occurs when a person comes in contact with unprotected electric parts, leading to electric accidents such as electrocutions, burns, and shocks.

Having a professional electrician install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) will help prevent various electric hazards in your residence. There are three types of GFCI, including a circuit breaker with a built-in GFCI, receptacle, portable that perform the same function.

The portable GFCIs provide an effective alternative to installed GFCIs. The first type of portable interrupter contains GFCI circuitry. It is a plastic enclosure with receptacle slots in the front part and plug blades in the back. The other type of portable GFCI is an extension cord with a GFCI.

An experienced electrician can help you get the best brand of portable GFCIs. Below are some of the benefits of portable GFCIs.

Protect from Electric Shocks

One of the common problems in most homes in Wilmington, NC, is electric shocks that can be severe or mild. The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters can sense if the electric current is in an abnormal path, such as water or human beings.

It trips when it realizes electricity is flowing in the wrong circuit, directing the current to the ground. The GFCI outlets installed by your electrician and the portable GFCIs will cut off the electrical power to prevent painful electric shocks, which might be due to faulty appliances or power surges.

The electric shock can lead to various health complications, including burns, damage of the nervous system, and heart arrhythmia, which will cost you money to pay for medical care.

Therefore, before using any electric tool in wet areas, it is wise to contact an electrical company to check if your portable GFCI is in good working condition before you start drilling or using your washing machine that might be faulty.

Limits the Possibility of Electrocution

The ground fault can also lead to severe electrocutions if there is no GFCI installed in your home by an experienced electrician. As much as electricity is an essential resource in a household, it can cause severe and catastrophic destruction to property and human lives.

The electric current can pass through a human body, leading to death, which is possible if the person comes in contact with naked electric wires. So, having a portable GFCI can help monitor the amount of current in a circuit and respond fast when it senses electricity is escaping to the ground through a human body.

The instant it trips after sensing danger will save an individual from severe electrocution, which implies death.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Homeowners should get a portable GFCI because it can be used both indoors and outside the house. A licensed and qualified electrician will direct you on using the portable GFCI both inside and outside your home for maximum efficiency.

If you want to use electric equipment such as lawnmowers, drills, and trimmers, it is appropriate to use a portable GFCI, especially if it is after a rainy day. The portable GFCI can also be used indoors in rooms, such as the kitchen, basements, and crawl spaces next to water.

It will offer you and your family protection against electric hazards such as electric shocks. Before using the portable GFCI, ensure an electrical professional tests it to confirm it is operating at peak performance.

The technician can use a malfunctioned electric device to test if the GFCI will trip or not to ensure its safety sensors are running smoothly. The electrician can also connect it to power generators and portable electric heaters to prevent electrical problems.

Protects Against Electric Fires

If your home has old, loose, or exposed electrical wires, its probability of experiencing an electric fire is higher. Your home can experience prolonged surges damaging your appliances.

The naked or loose electric wires can cause an electric spark, leading to an electric fire that can destroy your house, all your valuables and even burn people to death. If a fire breaks out because of a surge, it is wise to run for your life and avoid using water to extinguish the fire.

If you have a portable GFCI, you can use it in any outlet in high-risk rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and laundry areas in your Wilmington, IL, home. The GFCI device will stop any electric current before it surges and starts an electrical fire.

Therefore, you should invest in the portable GFCI because of its flexibility and ability to protect your home from electric hazards. To prevent the surges due to loose or damaged wires, have an electrician carry out regular maintenance on your electric system.


Additionally, having a portable GFCI can last for a long time because of its high-quality housing that is durable. If you are not planning to have a GFCI installed in your home’s circuit breaker any time soon, the portable brand might serve you for a while.

The durability of the materials also depends on the brands as manufacturers in Wilmington, NC, can use high-strength polycarbonate housing that is strong and long-lasting.

An electrician will come in handy to help you select the best type of portable GFCI that will provide maximum protection from electric shocks if the source of power is unprotected and likely to cause a severe electric hazard.

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The portable GFCI can protect your home’s electrical systems from electric hazards such as shocks, fires, and electrocutions. The portable Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters have various benefits that include durability and flexibility of use from one place to the other.

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