Electrician Tips: Common Refrigerator Defects You Should Look Out For | Wilmington, NC

Electrician Tips: Common Refrigerator Defects You Should Look Out For | Wilmington, NC

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The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your Wilmington, NC, home. It keeps your food fresh, saving you many trips to and from grocery stores to make refills for food supplies.

However, refrigerators are not resistant to destruction. They wear and tear each day since they operate 24/7. Although you may use DIY tactics to fix refrigerator issues, some faults require the input of a qualified electrician. The problems require technical know-how and specialized equipment to correct.

The average lifespan of a refrigerator is 10 years, and after that time, they start developing problems, compromising their ability to preserve food products. However, some faults may develop before the expected life expectancy lapses. This depends on several factors, including frequency of use, refrigerator, model, handling, and the state of your home’s electrical system. Discover some of the common faults that electricians have identified as affecting refrigerators by scanning through the below-mentioned insights.

Water Leaking on the Floor

A refrigerator that leaks water not only poses a risk to the people walking around your kitchen but may also prove difficult to solve as it can result from two faults. First, the defrost drain, found at the back end of the freezer, could be clogged. Food particles and debris are the common causes of these clogs. Consequently, the blockage issue leads to ice build-up in the defrost drain. When this ice melts, it spreads to the floor, and it can cause a slip and fall injury to you or a member of your beautiful family in your Wilmington, NC, home.

Secondly, the leaking water may result from a clogged or frozen water supply vent. When this happens, water puddles form on the floor of your kitchen. Clogged refrigerator water supply lines can trigger ice maker and water dispenser issues, rendering your fridge ineffective.

Immediately you notice puddles of water on your kitchen floor or near the refrigerator, notify your electrical company promptly. The specialist will identify the root cause of the water leak, and either clean it or drain the excess moisture causing the blockage. Don’t postpone because the slippery floors can make you sink into your pockets to seek injury treatment services after you slip and fall on the wet kitchen floor.

Freezer Isn’t Cold Enough

If the freezer isn’t cold as usual, food in the fridge will go bad very fast, posing a health risk to your family. Cooling defects in freezers result from faulty evaporator fans. If the fans don’t run efficiently, the condensate won’t cycle back to the condenser, failing to keep the freezer cold or frosty as desired.

Also, dust or grime on the evaporator’s surface could hamper the cooling effect of your freezer. Moreover, dirty condenser coils could be the reason why your freezer isn’t working properly.

The moment you feel that the food in your refrigerator goes bad often when it’s running, reach out to your trusted electrician from a reliable electrical company for help.

The assigned contractor will identify the cause of the frequent shifts in cooling of your freezer and recommend repair or replacement options, depending on the extent of damage on each affected accessory.

Unit Is Cycling Too Often

A refrigerator that cycles more frequently makes unpleasant loud noises that inconvenience the peace of dwellers in your home and increase your energy utility bill at the end of the month. This problem could emerge due to accumulated debris and grime on the surface of the condenser coils. The moment you notice loud noises from your refrigerator, inform your electrical company to do a quick assessment and diagnose your refrigerator.

After noticing the problem is dirty condenser drains, the technician should unplug the fridge from the main electric outlet and use specialized equipment to clean the condenser coils.

Another reason why your refrigerator may be cycling too often could be when the temperature is too low. This can make your food go bad and make your fridge overwork, reflecting an increase in your monthly energy bill.

Check the thermostat and if you notice a discrepancy with the set temperature, promptly reach out to a trusted electrical company near you to suggest the best settings. Act promptly to prevent the situation from worsening and causing losses such as high energy bills, spoiled food, and a fridge damaged beyond repair.

Faulty Water Dispenser

The most common cause for this phenomenon is a frozen water tube, and it pops up when the inlet valve is defective. The inlet valve lets water into the dispenser. When it gets defective and the water pressure is below 20 PSI, it fails to open. It, in turn, leads to a lack of water in the dispenser, compromising your refrigerator’s efficiency.

Notify your electrician immediately if there’s a discrepancy in the cooling performance of your fridge. The expert will restore the water pressure to the recommended level and fix or replace the spoilt inlet valve. Additionally, the technician may defrost the water tube of the refrigerator to restore its performance level. The electrician will also recommend preventative maintenance practices to avert future breakdowns.

Fresh Food Compartment Is Warming Up

The freezer generates the cold air that flows in your refrigerator, helping keep food cold. The evaporator fan moves this cold air from the freezer to the compartments with fresh food through a diffuser positioned in the back of the refrigerator. Therefore, if the fresh food compartments are heating up, it suggests there could be airflow problems, including a blocked vent.

Also, could clog the diffuser. Contact your favorite electrician in Willington, NC, to inspect the refrigerator and identify the source of the problem. Afterward, the technician will recommend the most economical solution, either repairing or replacing old and defective parts.

Sheet of Ice on the Freezer Floor

Contact your electrician immediately when you notice a sheet of ice near the refrigerator or water dripping from the freezer. This could suggest a clog in the defrost drain. The electrician will check the drain for ice deposits as well as food particles in the vent pipes. They’ll also provide insights to help you, a Wilmington, NC, homeowner, avoid future breakdowns with your refrigerators.

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