Electrician Tips On Updating Your Older Home For Today’s Electrical Requirements | Wilmington, NC

Electrician Tips On Updating Your Older Home For Today’s Electrical Requirements | Wilmington, NC

Are you using makeshift arrangements to power your smart home devices, charge your phones, connect your computers and even run your Wilmington, NC, home theater equipment? You might even encounter circuit breaker overloads as you discover that today’s sound systems and subwoofers draw lots of power. You might even have two-prong outlets that are leading you to work around them when three-prong protection would be a really good idea. What about your lightning and surge protectors? Are you buying power strips just to be sure? At Mister Sparky of Wilmington, our electricians have been busy updating homes so their owners can use all the tech gear they love, without taking risks they don’t want to. Even if you’re not that heavily into modern electronics and power-hungry equipment, upgraded electrical wiring, outlets, and protection often adds value to older homes. In addition, why not have us come and provide a full electrical inspection?

Power Upgrades

Here in North Carolina, there’s been a big push for electric vehicle or EV charging stations, with the legislature considering requiring them in new construction. The thing is, for older homes, a good EV charging station would use much of the available power capacity being supplied by the power company. 100 amp service is barely enough, and 200 amp service is really what you need for a modern lifestyle with EV level 2 charging. Some homes still have 60 amp service! This is one of many reasons to consider a power upgrade for your home, along with added circuits so power isn’t shared between rooms. HVAC, tankless electric water heaters, and other high-power drawing equipment also need to be considered when designing a power upgrade. You’ll appreciate the convenience of a circuit breaker panel if you still have fuses and the room for wiring expansion that it provides. These days, there are many whole-house protection devices available to centralize the protection of your family, home, and electronics in one place.

Wiring for Remodeling

When you’re remodeling spaces including bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and family rooms, it’s a great opportunity to run new wiring even if you think you’re all set. In some cases, the wiring is outdated and it’s time to run properly grounded and protected circuits anyway. Our electricians can also run wiring for multiple circuits so you don’t wind up losing power to your computer when the hair dryer runs, or have similar power use conflicts. We can also add quad outlets or additional outlets to make room for wall chargers and other uses without having to resort to power strips and extension cords that add risk as well. Home theater and home office projects require plenty of power, and also other types of wiring such as in-wall speakers, video, network, and cable TV. Are you thinking about one of the new whole-room sound systems that bring movies to life even behind the audience? Let expert electricians do the wiring for the best results. Moving appliances that require special power like stoves and clothes dryers is easy when our electricians do the job, so feel free to design your spaces the way you really want them and have the wiring updated to match.

Updating for Home Offices, Home Theater, and Tech-Savvy Teen Rooms

Everything from smart wall panels to control your Wilmington, NC, home to strategically-placed kitchen power so you can talk online with friends or have recipes at and are all easy work for our electricians. Put devices where you need them to monitor your video doorbell, and a few extra outlets where people gather so they can charge their phones. Kids’ rooms need lots of charging space and using extension cords or power strips adds risk. Every time the vacuum goes over their wires, they weaken, and even covering them with a small rug can add risk as you can’t see if there’s a defect. For local access points or wired instead of wireless networks, let our electricians run the wires you need, and even prewire spaces for future easy capacity updates. Home offices need power, including possible UPS backup power access, and all the telecom wiring and conveniently located outlets to make setting up your work environment a breeze. Home theaters, especially ones that really get loud and rumble, require a full complement of plenty of power, high-speed network cabling, speaker wiring, control systems, A/V wiring, and even specialized media outlets. Nobody does multipurpose wiring like our electricians! Don’t forget to add new, convenient lighting circuits and fixtures, compatible with today’s energy-saving smart lighting.

Electrical Protection for Your Home and Tech Equipment

With all the tech equipment in your home, from expensive home theater gear and office computers to gaming systems, kids’ computers, and various smart home devices scattered across the house, buying protective devices gets complicated. Fortunately, we can now provide whole-house surge protection and lighting arresters that install as part of your circuit breaker box and protect equipment on all circuits. We also offer circuit breakers that have integrated GFCI features, the ground fault circuit interrupter protection you’ve seen in your kitchen and bathroom outlets that you sometimes have to reset. These devices are more convenient, and cover circuits centrally so you don’t have to test and maintain multiple outlets. We also offer new AFCI, or arc fault circuit interrupter, technology that catches arcs due to faulty or damaged wiring. It also shuts down affected circuits and is available in conjunction with GFCI in one circuit breaker. Of course, the essential part of this protection is calling our electrician to check out any problems they’re providing protection against.

Your Creative, Efficient, and Conscientious Electrical Professionals

Behind every great new construction home or remodeling of beautiful older housing are the updated power features that make it livable. At Mister Sparky of Wilmington, our amazing electricians have years of experience, skills that can’t be beaten, and ideas if you need them! Call us to get your dream Wilmington, NC,  home started.

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