Electrician Tips On Why You Should Have Panel Boards In Your Residential Property | Wilmington, NC

Electrician Tips On Why You Should Have Panel Boards In Your Residential Property | Wilmington, NC

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Electricity in homes is vital because it provides comfort, entertainment and simplifies chores. People rely on electric power for the day-to-day operation of heavy washing machines, air conditioning units, and online tasks.

Every electrical component properly installed by a trained electrician plays a crucial part in ensuring people enjoy access to electric power. This includes panel boards. Panelboards are an integral part of the power supply channel in your home and should operate at their peak for you to have a continuous supply of electricity.

An electrician in Wilmington, NC, can install a single or a group of panel units on a wall performing diverse functions. The electric panel resembles a switchboard and contains standard electrical components that include circuit breakers, fuses, and protective relays. ‘

If the panelboard in your home has multiple switches, the device will control the light, switchboards, power, and voltage. The National Electrical Code recommends that an electrician install the electrical panel 36 inches of clearance and give it a headroom of 6.5 feet for safety. The following reasons explain why you should have a panelboard in your home.

Even Distribution of Power

It might seem like a box that a competent and experienced electrical professional installs in the wall of your house, but it is not. The panelboard is responsible for distributing electricity to all the rooms evenly.

If your residential property has multiple households, you will need your trusted and reliable electrician to get and install a large panel board that will be able to regulate and evenly distribute electricity to all the housing units. So, you will need a panelboard in your home to ensure you have lighting and power to run your appliances and electrical devices.

Main Control of Your Home Electricity Supply

If the electrical panel board in your home has only one switch, it is responsible for all the outlets and lighting switches, allowing for selective tripping of the breakers. When you turn it off, your entire home will remain in darkness, and no appliance such as television, woofers, air conditioners, and microwaves will halt until you switch it back on. For homes with multiple panel boards, the owners can control specific electrical routes.

For instance, if you switch off the circuit breaker that controls all outlets in your home, you will not use any of them because electricity will not be flowing through to the outlets.

The panel boards with multiple switches are hassle-free for an electrician to control when making repairs in your home. For instance, if the problem is lighting, the professional will switch off the board that controls lighting, which will not interfere with your favorite song or TV show you were enjoying.

Protect Against Electrical Hazards

Electrical hazards such as short circuits and overloaded circuits can cause catastrophic electric injuries in homes. The electric industry is at the forefront of manufacturing electric devices that include ground fault circuit breakers to minimize the risk of electric shocks and electrocution for families in Wilmington, NC.

Modern panel boards have circuit breakers that trip whenever they sense danger arising from overheating outlets and overloaded circuits, protecting you and the habitats in your residents. People with old or single-phase panelboards should consider hiring an electrical professional to help them purchase the best electrical panels for new installation or replacement.

The new electrical boards should be a more advanced brand that can contain and withstand an explosion in a critical electrical hazard. The latest and improved panelboards will give you and your loved ones maximum protection against electrical accidents.

Protect Against Fires

One of the primary causes of electrical fires in homes is an arc fault that produces sparks that ignite flammable materials or cables around the faulty wires. Loose, corroded, and frayed electrical wires can lead to arcing at low voltage currents that generate enough heat over time, breaking down the insulation system. When it gets to the point of overheating, any minor arc fault in the wiring system is more likely to cause an electrical fire.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to notice the arcing issue on time and call an electrician for prompt repairs and replacement of the damaged parts of the electrical wires. Having a more advanced panel board in your home is one way of preventing the possibility of a fire.

Therefore, if you want to protect your home from accidental or looming electrical fires, you should invest in a more technologically advanced panel board with circuit breakers that will trip on the slight detection of an arc fault.

Easy Maintenance and Repairs

Larger panel boards systems are easy to restore after they trip and save your home from catastrophic electrical harm. An electrician can easily change the circuits and make minimal repairs to the system before a complete breakdown. However, the small-sized panel boards have components that are more susceptible to malfunction in the event of a fault because of the type of repairs they require after they trip.

The electrician should move some parts in the panelboard to access the damaged parts for replacement. The movement of components in the board can cause unforeseen damages that compel the electrician to look for a new one that functions efficiently.

If you are building a new house or carrying out a remodeling project, the larger panelboards should be a better choice. They are appropriate because they can handle more circuit flow, heavy appliances and are simple to repair and replace some components.

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For optimal electrical flow in your residential property, you should ensure you have the four types of panel boards installed correctly by a qualified and certified electrician. It might be challenging to get the best electrical contractor to make the accurate installation in your new construction or make the appropriate replacements in your old house.

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