Electrician Tips: What To Consider When Selecting The Wiring System In Your Home | Wilmington, NC

Electrician Tips: What To Consider When Selecting The Wiring System In Your Home | Wilmington, NC

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The electrical system is an essential and complex unit with a network of electrical components that supply energy in your Wilmington, NC, home. The wiring in an electrical power system transfers and distributes electrical energy for powering devices, appliances, and lights to make life easier and comfortable.

Homeowners should hire a licensed electrician to help select the correct electrical wires for their new construction or a whole-house rewiring project. The following are some factors your electrical company should consider when choosing the appropriate wiring system for your home.

Type of Building Construction

Whether you want to replace the existing wiring system or install a new home, the type and size of the building are essential for the planning. A qualified electrician should know the kind of electrical wires to install in different building constructions. The expert understands the type of wiring system and how it fits walls.

A conduit wiring system is best for concrete walls because they remain in good shape for a long time without becoming loose and falling on the floor. Installing the conduit wires on an abortive construction will not last. The electrical professional should also consider how to route the wiring cables in the building.

The routing process is easy in new construction because it happens before the wall, floor, and ceiling are done. In a finished house, it will be a hassle to route the cables through the wall

The Flexibility of the System

The hired electrician should consider if the electrical system is flexible or not. The wiring system should be flexible to accommodate future changes by having adequate additional space.

If you need to increase the circuit load of your electrical unit, it will be easier if your home has flexible systems. So, in selecting the best electrical wiring cables, the technician should ensure it has additional room for future adjustments.


When it comes to electricity, safety is the most vital aspect to consider. The correct size of cables that can handle the circuit load in your home in Wilmington, NC, is appropriate to prevent circuit overloads that might overheat.

The heat due to the overloading or overheating circuits might lead to numerous electrical hazards such as electrical fires that can jeopardize public health and safety and lead to severe equipment failure. Therefore, the electrician you get from a reliable electric company should skillfully or professionally select wiring cables that will not pose a threat to your family.


The installation of the wiring system is also essential for peak performance in withstanding the applied voltage or an additional current. The electrical professional installing the wires should have the expertise to ensure the connections are correct and accurate to serve their purpose.

The electrical professional should ensure that all the wires are insulated for protection against electrical accidents and harm. On that note, you should make sure to carry out extensive research on the electric company you want to hire and its technicians to hire an experienced, certified, highly trained, and skilled electrical professional to help you in the selection and installation process.

The electrical contractors you get will also ensure to skillfully conceal the installed wiring system after the installation process to retain the beauty and arrangement of your house. They will not install capping or cleat wiring in your modern house because it will destroy the outer appearance of your home, compromising its curb appeal.

Type of Wiring

When selecting wires or cables for installation, you should choose the type that will blend well with your home and withhold the changing voltages. Several types of wiring systems exist in the market, which an electrician should help you choose the one that will match your building construction for efficiency.

The first type is cleat wiring that uses cleats to secure insulated wires together. It consists of PVC insulated wires or braided and compounded VIR wires. The second type of wire is the casing and capping wiring, with plastic caps covering the cables.

A Batten wiring system is another option that you might choose for your home. Other types of electrical wiring are lead sheathed and conduit wiring. The electrician can walk you through the pros and cons for each to help you make well-informed decisions.


Wiring a home is not a process that homeowners can invest in annually. When selecting the wiring system suitable for your home’s electrical needs, you should ask if it will last for a long time. The best cables with correct installations and regular servicing by a pro will make the system serve you for many years with lower possibilities of a fire or hazardous accidents.

Durable electric wires will withstand the electric currents passing through them at maximum level without overheating. Your electrician can also enhance the durability of the wiring system by selecting suitable sheathing, cable material, and wires material. Installing the wiring system away from chemicals, moisture, and harsh weather will prolong its life.


Getting safe and durable cables in your home is vital, but it requires you to be financially capable to see the electrical wiring project to the end. The wiring system you go for should be economical and efficient.

The upfront price of the wires, the materials the electrician will use for the installation process, and the service cost should be affordable and not leave a dent in your pocket.

Ensure the services you get are top-notch and avoid the cheapest cables as they can create havoc in your residence if necessary. It is wise to share your budget with your electrical professional to get help in choosing the ideal electrical wires within your financial plan.

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