Emergency Electrical Service: Electrical Problems Every Homeowner Needs To Be Aware Of | Wilmington, NC

Emergency Electrical Service: Electrical Problems Every Homeowner Needs To Be Aware Of | Wilmington, NC

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As a leading cause of fires and most other accidents within homes, electrical problems are not to be taken lightly. A number of families have ended up losing properties or even incurring injuries due to failure to effectively watch out and act on electrical problems.

While some of these may seem like minor problems, they snowball into much more hazardous issues unless they are effectively dealt with. Knowing the signs that follow can help you recognize when it’s time to immediately call an emergency electrical service and have the issue sorted out.

1. Malfunctioning Light Switches

By and large, a switch should work exactly as it ought to when you turn it on and off. This is even truer if the switch has just recently been installed or replaced. It’s a sign that the circuitry and other components are operating as they should, including those that are intended to keep you safe from electrical hazards when operating the switch.

If the switch stops turning on and off as it ought to, however, there’s no telling how deep the problem runs. It may simply be something affecting the current getting to the light or, worse, it may be a problem with the wiring.

The best thing to do if your switches stop working is to call an emergency electrical service as soon as you’re able to. This is all the more crucial if you just recently moved into the property, since you won’t be likely to know what the exact cause of the problem is, nor any other related problems your electrical wiring may be experiencing.

In cases like this, there’s a possibility of poor installation or the switch having simply run its course and needing to be replaced. Either way, it’s best for you not to take chances with your home and immediately get in touch with an emergency electrical service.

2. Fluctuating Lights

There’s a chance that you might be experiencing a huge problem with your electrical wiring if you’re seeing your lights fluctuating between dim and bright completely randomly. If you’re noticing this problem, you should check to see if it’s only affecting a localized area of your Wilmington, NC, home or it’s spread out all over the house. A house-wide issue will certainly demand more attention, and the best course of action in that case is to call an emergency electrical service.

You might possibly be experiencing a bad connection within the panel. Alternatively, it’s possible that different wattage types may have been used, which isn’t always a good idea when considering safety.

3. Light Bulbs Frequently Burning

Burning light bulbs can be narrowed down to several causes. For one, the issue may simply be bad wiring on either the circuit or the mains. Alternatively, the bulb’s wattage may simply be too high, in which case, getting a bulb with a lower wattage may solve the problem completely.

There’s also a third possibility, which is that you may have too many bulbs attached within a single switch or perhaps a poor connection between one or all of them.

Getting rid of this problem requires a professional to check and single out the exact problem and its cause. Since the impact of having light bulbs that frequently burn can vary from something relatively harmless to significantly more worrying consequences, calling an emergency electrical service is the best way forward.

4. Recessed Light Going On and Off

Thankfully, most recessed lighting comes with safety devices that help them to cut off the power completely when the temperatures get too high. If the recessed lighting in your home starts to go on and off, there’s a chance that too high a wattage was used in the bulb. Then again, it may also be because the bulb is too close to the insulation.

Either way, calling an emergency service is the only way to get to the root of the issue and have it effectively dealt with.

5. Constantly Tripping Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker in your home helps keep it safe from electrical problems causing fires. If you start using too many electrical appliances at a single time, the circuit breaker may struggle to handle the load, causing it to heat up and trip.

One way of avoiding this problem is making sure electrical items that are not in use are switched off so they don’t overburden your circuit breaker. If the problem persists even while you’re only using a reasonable number of electrical items, that’s a huge sign that you can no longer trust your circuit breaker to keep your home fire-free. The wisest thing to do here is to call an emergency electrical service to handle the problem for you.

6. Voltage Dips

Voltage dips are, more often than not, the result of a faulty power grid. They can also point to substandard electrical materials having been used within the electrical wiring. The last point can be avoided by thoroughly checking that the electricians you hire to work on your home are properly trained and qualified to carry out work on your home.

If the damage has already been done, your best recourse is to call in an emergency electrical service. Leaving the voltage dips going on too long can be hazardous to your health and it may lead to some of your electrical appliances malfunctioning.

7. Electrical Shocks

Of course, electrical shocks certainly are not part of how an electrical system is meant to work. If you’re experiencing them, mild as they may be, it’s a sign that an emergency electrical service needs to come into your home and get things working as they should.

Even with comparatively mild issues, it’s always best not to take risks with your home’s electrical wiring. Instead, make sure to contact an emergency electrical service as soon as you spot any of these concerning signs. Call us at Mister Sparky of Wilmington if you’re in Wilmington, NC and we’ll provide an electrical service that restores the safety of your home.