Emergency Electrical Service | Wilmington, NC

Emergency Electrical Service | Wilmington, NC

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Electrical problems are inevitable. Whether it’s a routine repair or something more unusual, we all from time to time run up against issues with our electrical systems that require emergency electrical service. Mister Sparky of Wilmington has been serving the Wilmington, NC community for years with our wide portfolio of services and in-depth experience. This article takes a look at several routine household electrical issues and how Mister Sparky can help address your electrical issue.

Loosened Outlet

If your plugs are routinely falling out of the outlet, it is pretty likely that the problem you face is a loose electrical outlet. Specifically, the faulty part here is the outlet’s receptacle — which is just the set of slots that the plug on your electronic appliances goes into. Often, there can be wear and tear on the outlet which cause the receptacles to get a bit bent out of shape. This can make it challenging to plug into outlets and even create sparks or cause fires.

This is a fairly quick fix, however. The best solution is to replace the faulty part. This will require an electrician to do some rewiring work on the home’s interior. A professional electrician with an emergency electrical service can assist with this part of the job replacing the outlet. We at Mister Sparky are experts in this type of work and can quickly get your outlet back to work.

Broken Switch

There are several issues that cause a broken light switch. If the light switch does not appear to be working at all, the problem may be a lack of power to the circuit. In this situation, you’ll want to ensure the switch in your breaker box and one and look out for any other tripped outlets while doing so. Often this will resolve the issue.

However, with a flickering light, the problem is probably more complex. This could be the result of a loose connection or an issue with the circuit. In these cases, you can contact an emergency electrical service to address. Often, the solution involves shutting off the breaker, unscrewing the switch, and very carefully, without touching the terminals with either hands or tools, removing the switch from the electrical box. The electrician will check to determine if the terminals are receiving power. Finally, the electrician will be able to make the necessary repairs in an effective and safe fashion.

Short Circuit Problems

Sometimes appliances that use a lot of energy will cause simple short circuits. An air conditioner unit in the hot Wilmington, NC summer, for example, may cause a trip that can be quickly and easily resolved by resetting the breaker. However, if the appliance repeatedly causes the same issue, that possibly indicates a problem with the particular appliance. Make an appointment with a professional electrical service to assess the issue and determine the appropriate next steps.


If you find that your lights are mysteriously dimming, this may indicate a serious hazard. Dimming or even flickering lights could be a signal of poor connection that could result in arcing. If there are damaged connecting and arcing, the problem could cause an electric fire in the home. In this case, call up an emergency electrical service to take a look and assess the risk. This can be quickly and effectively resolved by a trained electrician. At Mister Sparky we are experts in addressing this and other kinds of serious electrical repair needs.

Light Bulb Burn Out

If your light bulbs are burning out frequently and quickly, that is a sign of something far more serious than a defective set of bulbs. Usually this indicates an electrical problem that may have hazardous impact if not addressed. It may be caused by a loose connection in either the socket or circuit, faulty recessed lights, or even poor insulation. These problems may cause overheating that is causing the frequent light bulb burn-outs. Light bulbs are actually designed to automatically shut off in order to stop a fire, and that may be the issue. You’ll want to contact our emergency electrical service either way to get a professional opinion.

Hot or Warm Outlets (or Switches)

Be aware of your outlet or switches are warm to the touch. In many cases, a warm outlet or switch is an indicator of a serious electrical danger that should be immediately addressed. Call up an emergency electrical service to take a look at the electricity in your home.

Frequently Tripping Breakers

An occasional tripping breaker may not indicate a serious electrical issue, as described above. But if you have a constantly tripping breaker, this is a sign that the circuit may be over-pressured and you need to lessen the electricity loaded onto it. This is a system issue you should bring up with a certified emergency electrical service to have promptly resolved.

Electrical problems are a part of life. From time to time, any home will confront routine, moderate, or even severe issues with household electricity. In any case, due to the complicated nature of electricity and the risk of fire if mishandled, it is always a good idea to call up an emergency electrical service. The issues described here are just a sample of some typical electrical problems, but if you encounter any red flags with your home electrical system, it is better to be safe than sorry. At Mister Sparky, we have been serving the great people for years. You can trust us to quickly assess your situation and render the necessary services and repairs. When it comes to your home, your family, and their safety, there is no room for error. Call Mister Sparky of Wilmington today — we’ll make your emergency electrical service needs our #1 priority.