Emergency Electrician: Heavy Rains, Wind Storms, And Your Electrical System | Wilmington, NC

Emergency Electrician: Heavy Rains, Wind Storms, And Your Electrical System | Wilmington, NC

In Wilmington, NC, spring can bring powerful thunderstorms and strong winds to the region. It’s not uncommon for these storms to uproot trees and knockdown heavy tree limbs and branches onto homes and powerlines. Some property owners may even experience water getting into their home’s electrical panel during heavy rains. In such cases, you may need an emergency electrician, especially for outdoor power problems that may not be covered by the electric company. Mister Sparky of Wilmington specializes in residential electrical services. If you experience storm-related electricity problems, we can send an emergency electrician to your home.

Falling Trees and Tree Limbs

During fierce storms, trees that are in poor health such as those suffering from root rot or other conditions are vulnerable to strong winds. An uprooted tree poses a threat to property. If a tree falls on your home or against it, it could rip the power lines from your house or knock out the power lines between utility poles. This is definitely a potentially dangerous situation. While it’s inconvenient to lose power, downed lines are an electrocution threat.

If this happens, you should immediately contact authorities and your power company. Authorities may need to set up a perimeter around the area to ensure safety. The power company will repair any of the electrical that they are responsible for. However, you may need the services of an electrician to repair the connection at your box, particularly if it damages your box.

Similarly, if the tree limbs or branches cause the damage, you’ll need to take the same steps. If catastrophic damage occurs and a large tree falls on your home, you should also contact your home insurance company. They, too, can let you know if you will need the services of an emergency electrician at your home and advise you about the steps to take if you choose to file a claim.

Storms and Leaks

Storms are also dangerous if they cause leaks that affect your interior electrical box. Water and electricity are a dangerous mix. If you see that water has leaked into your electrical box, you should contact Mister Sparky of Wilmington right away. We can send an experienced emergency electrician to your home. Our electrician will assess the problem and determine how the water is entering your electrical box. This can sometimes happen if the seal of your outside box is poor or deteriorating.

When water gets into the panel box, it can cause corrosion over time. This corrosion can become a fire hazard and also cause your breakers to malfunction. An electrician from Mister Sparky of Wilmington can evaluate the problem and provide the ideal fix. If we need to make repairs at that time, we can provide you with an upfront quote for the job.

Other Moisture and Panel Box Problems

You might need the services of an emergency electrician from Mister Sparky of Wilmington if you notice other moisture problems affecting your electrical panel box. For instance, high humidity can cause condensation to occur in your box. Although not typically a spring problem, it can occur in the summertime when humidity in Wilmington, NC, gets high. Condensation may cause water to drip from a cold pipe that’s mounted above your power box. This could also allow water to get into the box and cause electrical damage.

Finally, heavy storms could cause seepage to occur. It may seep through your masonry or cement where your home’s electrical box is situated. This may necessitate the services of an electrician. Be sure not to tackle this type of problem yourself. Let your electrician evaluate the box for damage and recommend the ideal fix. You may need to consult with another contractor for help repairing leaks.

How Can an Emergency Electrician Help?

If your electrical panel has experienced moisture or water damage, it’s important to leave this type of repair to a professional. Mister Sparky of Wilmington can send a skilled emergency electrician to your home to troubleshoot the problem. Generally, it doesn’t take them long to identify where and how the water is entering the electrical panel. The leak or source of the water problem will need to be fixed or the problem will continue to occur.

After the source of the leak is identified and a plan is made to prevent any more water from entering the home, the electrician can make repairs to the panel box and wiring. Depending on the extent of the damage, the circuit breakers may need replacing as well as the box itself. On the other hand, your home may not require extensive electrical repairs. Other minor repairs might involve:

  • Repair the seal at the top of the outdoor meter box to prevent water from leaking down the entry cable and getting into your electrical box.
  • Replacing damaged breakers
  • Scraping corrosion off the wires and screw terminals if it’s present.
  • Replacing a damaged service entry cable
  • Refurbishing the electrical panel box’s attachment to the wall

Regardless of the repairs needed, our emergency electrician can handle every aspect of the job. Again, water damage to your electrical panel is serious. You should not attempt to make these repairs yourself. Leave this type of job to a certified and experienced electrician.

Mister Sparky of Wilmington features highly trained electricians who can quickly evaluate any electrical problems you may be having. If spring storms or seepage have any type of effect on your electrical, remember that we can send an emergency electrician to your Wilmington, NC, home right away. In some cases, the local power company may handle some repairs, but our electricians can handle any repairs that must be completed by the homeowner. Call us if you have any questions or to schedule a service appointment.

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