Emergency Electrician: Signs Of Dangerous Electrical Wiring In Homes | Wilmington, NC

Emergency Electrician: Signs Of Dangerous Electrical Wiring In Homes | Wilmington, NC

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As much as electricity makes life comfortable, fun and simplifies chores, it can also lead to catastrophic electrical hazards. The National Fire Protection Association points out that electrical failure such as faulty wires was the second leading cause of residential fires in the United States in 2016, causing more than 400 deaths, 1,250 burn injuries, and property damage worth more than $1 billion.

Loose, outdated, frayed, or damaged electric wires are dangerous in homes and lead to severe electrical hazards if not fixed on time.

Fortunately, home fires and accidents are preventable if you can detect or notice signs of faulty wiring and immediately contact a reliable emergency electrician in Wilmington, NC, to diagnose and fix the problem. Therefore, you should be alert for the following indications of dangerous electrical wiring.

Frequent Tripping of Circuit Breaker

An emergency electrician installs a circuit breaker in your home to prevent electrical fires and shocks. The safety device detects a dangerous electrical circuit that supersedes its normal limit and automatically shuts off the power.

When the circuit breaker keeps tripping, it is evidence of an electrical problem associated with the circuit. The frequent flipping of the breaker proves there is a dangerous electrical wiring issue, which can lead to electric accidents such as shock or electrocution.

A qualified emergency electrician will know the problem is the wiring system after coming to your house more than two times to check out the tripping circuit breaker and do the needful to solve the problem.

Frayed or Chewed Electric Wires

Another sign of dangerous electrical wiring is frayed or chewed wires. Chewed wires in your house might be due to rodents or pets, while frayed electrical wires due to poor installation by an amateur electrician.

Damaged wiring due to fraying or chewing is dangerous and leads to catastrophic incidents such as fires, damage of property, and loss of life if not detected and replaced on time.

When you realize you have damaged electrical wires, don’t fail to call an electrician immediately to prevent electrical hazards. Get an experienced electrical expert with technologically advanced tools and skills to fix the issue.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

Sometimes your circuit breaker might fail to trip to warn you of hazardous electrical problems. Even if the circuit breaker fails to work, but the lights are flickering or dimming, it is a sign of damaged or outdated wiring. Do not ignore the dimming lights just because your breaker didn’t trip because you might end up with severe electrical issues.

Once you see your lights dim or flicker, don’t hesitate to switch it off and call a licensed emergency electrician for emergency services to check, diagnose, and replace the damaged or outdated electrical wires.

Failure to get professional help on time might lead to electrical fires because the current will heat the wires to extremely high temperatures. The electrician will upgrade the old or damaged wiring system for guaranteed safety.

Warm or Vibrating Outlets

When plugging a device into a socket or outlet and you notice it is warm or hot, it is a sign of a dangerous wiring problem. A smoothly running outlet is cold to touch, and any temperature variation is a sign of damaged electric wires. It is a symptom that most folks ignore, causing an electrical hazard such as a fire that engulfs the entire home.

So, when you notice your outlets are warm, hot, or producing a vibrating sound, waiting to address the issue is not an option. You should call a qualified and licensed emergency electrician to fix the problem before anyone in your household uses the outlet for safety purposes.

Discoloration or Scorch Marks on an Outlet

Households in Wilmington, NC, with numerous electric units and devices, might have discolored outlets. The discoloration of the outlets or scorch marks signifies that the electrical wiring in your home is damaged and releasing a lot of heat, which could lead to a fire.

Once you notice the scorching marks and the discoloration of the outlet, the heat is damaging the wiring system, and accidents are prone to happen at any time. At that point, call your trusted emergency electrician to check the outlets and the electrical wires as soon as possible.

Burning or Odd Odors

People can also perceive a burning odor or odd smell coming from their outlets of appliances, which is a sign of damaged, frayed, outdated, and loose electrical wires. The odd odors or burning smell from your electrical panel are an indication that the high-temperature heat is burning the outlet.

After identifying the smell is from switches, cords and outlets, you should reach out to a highly-trained and experienced electrician from a reputable electric company to inspect, diagnose and make the necessary repairs or replacements. As you wait for the electrician, ensure you shut off all your appliances.

Tripping Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

Arc faults in homes arise due to loose, damaged, or corroded wires. The faulty wires heat and break down the wiring insulation that sparks and ignites any flammable materials around the outlet or circuit.

Most homeowners have the AFCI in their homes to prevent unsafe wiring conditions that might start a fire. If you have an AFCI and it trips, it is a sign of hazardous electrical wiring almost starting a fire.

Therefore, you should haste and call an emergency electrician to replace the damaged wires. If you don’t have an arc fault circuit interrupter in your home, you should invest in one for additional protection against electrical hazards.

Hire a Licensed Emergency Electrician to Inspect Your Wiring

Faulty electrical wires lead to electrical issues such as arc faults, short circuits, ground faults, and circuit overloads that can lead to shocks, electrocution, and electric fires. If you notice any sign of dangerous electrical wiring in your home, please drop what you’re doing and reach out to an experienced emergency electrician.

Our professionals in Wilmington, NC, conduct comprehensive inspections of the wiring throughout your home to detect small, seemingly insignificant, and significant electrical wiring problems and do the needful. They will also address any other electrical issues in your home to prevent safety hazards. Call us at Mister Sparky of Wilmington today for prompt electrical solutions.