Emergency Electrician: Signs Your House Needs Rewiring | Wilmington, NC

Emergency Electrician: Signs Your House Needs Rewiring | Wilmington, NC

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A long duration of time can take a toll on your Wilmington, NC, home’s electrical wiring, warranting regular maintenance and repair services. In older houses, electrical wiring becomes more compromised over time, which can put homeowners and their families at risk of a fire. Most electrical issues arise due to defective wiring that ends up causing long term issues.

It’s advisable to stay one step ahead with regular maintenance to avoid electrical problems. However, most of the wiring is behind walls or in spaces between floors, which makes it difficult to spot potential problems. That’s why you should leave the work to a professional electrician. Below are some of the noticeable signs that depict the need for rewiring.

Constant circuit breaker tripping

Circuit breakers are designed to trip regularly for safety measures to prevent overheating of the electrical appliances. They do so by shutting down the power supply when the system overloads and exceeds the amperage it can withstand. When the circuit breaker trips often, it could be due to a problem with certain appliances. Also, overloading the circuit may cause it to trip in an attempt to draw a huge electrical load than it can carry.

When too many appliances are in use at the same time, the internal sensing mechanism in the circuit breaker heats and causes a trip. Short-circuiting can also cause the problem since it allows for a sudden unimpeded flow of electricity due to lowered resistance. If the issue is persistent, you need to seek the help of a professional electrical plumber. That could be an indication of a serious problem with your wiring system hence the need for rewiring.

Electric shocks

When plugging in your appliances, you might experience a slight tingle. That is a red flag that your home’s wiring system has an issue. You may also notice some electrical sparks close to the outlets, which may require the attention of an emergency electrician. Exposure to electrical energy can result in no injury at all or fatal burns if you do not seek immediate medical assistance.

Some of the causes of an electric shock include faulty appliances, damaged cords, downed power lines, and electrical appliances coming in contact with water. Deteriorated household wiring is also a leading cause of electric shocks. The wiring can wear off over a long period, leading to tears and loose connections. Contacting your local electrician in Wilmington, NC, will help you have a better understanding of how to avoid such issues. Also, it’s advisable to rewire your house often to avert electrical malfunctions or accidents.

Burning outlets

The discoloration of outlets resulting from burning is an indication of a loose wire connection. Incorrectly installed and damaged wiring can result in an unbroken channel for the electricity to flow through. When the wires become old and weary, they get loose and give way for free-flowing energy. That generates a lot of heat that can melt or burn any surrounding flammable material.

Discoloration of the outlets may accompany a burning smell. In such a case, switch off the power from the main outlet and contact your emergency electrician. Also, the outlets may detach from the wall and expose the wiring. The situation can be dangerous, and so it’s wise to call a certified emergency electrician to have a look at the wiring.

Flickering lights

Lighting circuits tend to use lower current compared to outlet circuits, so they are the first to show if the wiring has a problem. In some cases, a power bulb connection may cause the lights to dim or flicker. In others, outdated electrical systems such as aluminum and knob-and-tube wiring can cause the lights to flicker constantly. Additionally, appliances pulling large amounts of current on startup can cause a voltage drop and result in the wear and tear of your wiring, voltage fluctuations, and the constant flickering of lights.

If the problem is persistent over time, you may be dealing with a big wiring problem that only a professional can properly diagnose and fix. Whenever you notice frequent light flickering, contact a professional emergency electrician to diagnose issues and rewire your electrical system.

Buzzing noises

A humming or buzzing sound emanating from the outlets can be due to loose wires within the connections. If the wiring was poorly installed, it might result in a constant humming and buzzing sound. Issues of loose wiring are mostly prevalent in older homes with outdated outlets. As a homeowner, ensure that you upgrade your electrical wiring to avoid frequent calls to your emergency electrician.

Temperature changes can also result in electrical equipment contraction and expansion. That leads to loose electrical connections that warrant expert help. If the circuit breaker is producing weird noises, it might not be functioning well in case there is excess current passing through the wires. Your local emergency electrician can install electrical wires that can withstand a large current load when needed.

Outdated wiring

In the 1960s, most homes used aluminum and Knob-and-tube wiring, which was more likely to sustain damage or cause fires. Copper wiring is mostly preferred in modern times since it’s less prone to damages and more resistant to fire. Before purchasing your home, consult an emergency electrician about the type of wiring used.

In case the wiring is ancient, you may consider replacing it with copper wires for durability purposes. Your Wilmington, NC, home will be more efficient when the wiring is up-to-date. It’s also wise to install wires that use more amps to accommodate all appliances, a phenomenon that your expert emergency electrician will be on the know.

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