Grave Mistakes Homeowners Make With Their Electrical Systems: How Your Electrician Can Help | Wilmington, NC

Grave Mistakes Homeowners Make With Their Electrical Systems: How Your Electrician Can Help | Wilmington, NC

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For the DIY champs, fixing a problem in their house is a great way to try a new skill and save money. However, electrical projects are different, and you may need to hire a qualified electrician to handle the project.

For starters, electrical projects are extremely hazardous, and taking the DIY approach may put you at risk of getting electrocuted or even burning your house down. In fact, statistics reveal that at least 400 electrocutions and over 3000 non-fatal injuries occur annually in the United States. And 40% are from or related to equipment or products in households.

Some homeowners in Wilmington, NC, may underrate the importance of certification in dealing with electrical systems. If you lack the required expertise to handle any electrical project, you put yourself or your family at risk of electrical hazards.

Even if you can repair that switch, it’s wise to accept your shortcomings and contact a professional who’s well trained and licensed to handle electrical and related issues. Discussed below are some of the common blunders self-confident homeowners make that prove to be way expensive, dangerous, and worst of all, fatal.

Mixing Wire Gauges

Well-intentioned homeowners may search for a wire when changing or updating their electrical system. Similar wires can have different outputs, but a layperson may not know this causing an incompatible gauge for the electrical system.

This may present the risk of overloading the junction box. Plus, if a wire is trying to draw excess power from the system, there’s a chance it could damage the appliances or even the wires themselves, leading to short circuits or electrical fires. You don’t want this to happen. Here is the thing; in case you need to replace the wire gauge for your electrical box, you can contact a qualified electrician to fix it.

Leaving Wires Unsecured

While doing the wiring for their homes, some DIY enthusiasts frequently ignore the safety standards of running the wires through framing or interior walls. All wiring done through or along a home’s framing needs to have the right conduit fittings. Installing wires without a wire nut or a wrong conduit means the wires won’t be watertight, which is very dangerous. A typical conduit is either flexible plastic or rigid metal.

Leaving wires unprotected could result in potential house fires if the wires are worn-out at the end of their sheathing and are weakened. A fire inside a wall can spread very fast, meaning it could get quickly even to multiple levels of a home. Also, you may want to decorate your house, and probably the wiring is exposed. Driving screws or nails into the wall could cause an electric shock. Looking for a trained electrical professional in Wilmington, NC may help mitigate such risky situations and offer you peace of mind.

Improper Grounding Or Bonding

Grounding is an electrical code that some homeowners may be unfamiliar with. It offers the most harmless and effective route through which excess electrical energy from electric appliances flows back to the ground. This is generally vital in preventing electric shocks.

The electrician reduces any excess voltage by connecting bonding conductors between separate metal parts. This is necessary to lower the risk of being electrocuted if you touch these particular parts and perhaps there was a fault somewhere in the electrical connections. Your electrical professional knows this, but you don’t know.

Not Using A Junction Box

Some novice homeowners may dispense with this, but a junction box is an important tool to help secure the delicate wiring connections; thus, preventing accidental damage.

Another good reason for a junction box is that it allows mounting and prevents contact between electrical terminals and naked wires. It’s vital to get an electrician to install a junction box for your electrical system.

Failing To Secure Receptacles Or Switches

Electrical outlets should be firmly attached. Receptacles or switches that don’t have enough support are likely to move. Over time, the repeated movements may cause wires to loosen, which might bring about the risk of an electrical fire. Instead of updating the system by yourself, it will be prudent if you have an electrical professional to get the job done safely.

Overloading A Junction Box

Another common mistake people make is overloading circuits. Some keep adding plugs onto a given circuit, which is not safe. All boxes have a certain carrying capacity, and overloading them may exceed the standard rating of 14 wire and 15 Amp breaker.

This could cause a fire to break out. Certified electrical service knows how to calculate the volume for metal boxes to avoid overload. If you’re a homeowner contact an electrician for this service.

Failure To Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets

Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets or GFCIs protect against electrical shocks in all areas near water or the ground. For example, kitchens, washrooms, balconies, and backyards.

Installation of a GFCI outlet isn’t easy, and if an inexperienced individual does it, they might connect the terminals backward. Therefore, it’s best to look for a professional electrician to install a GFCI for your home.

Using Very Short Wires

When upgrading their home’s electrical system, some folks tend to cut wires too short. This causes poor connections. To avoid such, you should look for an electrician to cut the right size of wires.

Reversing The Hot And Neutral Electrical Wires

This is another serious error some DIY folks make. Reversing polarity can damage your electrical appliances and cause severe, if not fatal electric shocks. Ensure you seek the services of an electrician who understands how to properly wire switches and other fixtures if you don’t want this to happen.

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