Great Lighting Ideas: Things To Consider Before Having An Electrician Install Outdoor Lights | Wilmington, NC

Great Lighting Ideas: Things To Consider Before Having An Electrician Install Outdoor Lights | Wilmington, NC

Outdoor garden lights increase visibility at night and keep your home secure. They also highlight specific areas of your courtyard, and this can go a long way in setting up a lovely atmosphere for those who like outdoor dining or romantic dates with their better halves.

As much as having garden lights is an excellent thing, it’s essential to get the proper landscape lighting to enjoy optimal benefits. Since landscape lights come in various styles, you need one that blends perfectly with your outdoor theme. Below are some terrific tips that might guide you when choosing lights for your yard and why you need a professional electrician to install them.

Own Home Or Rental?

This is the first thing any person in Wilmington, NC, interested in outdoor lighting should bear in mind before getting it done. If you’re renting a home that has limited space, then you need to bear in mind the comfort of your neighbors. If you place the lights everywhere it may distract your neighbors.

For those who are lucky to own their own homes, you may want the placement of your lights to be done as you desire and enjoy benefits for as long as time may allow. Therefore, a professional could help you mount these lights in your courtyard.


Before contacting an electrician, you should decide where you want the lights placed. Say, if your yard is too open, you’re not going to have to put lights all around the patio. If you do this, you’re going to spend a lot of money on getting them installed. Many lights can cause too much brightness, but all you want is maximum lighting for your patio.

Lights need not be directly placed on the walkway to make it more visible. You can utilize some of the lights already present on your property to safely illuminate the pathway while at the same time highlighting your garden outlook.

There’s no doubt some homeowners in Wilmington, NC, have fishponds on their farms. Poor positioning of garden lights could affect the visibility of the fish and even the plants they feed on. Some lights can penetrate into the water and tamper with its color. This is one big reason you need an experienced electrician to fix the lights. Don’t DIY!

If you’re fortunate enough to own a swimming pool, you probably don’t want too much light around the area, and you could decide to keep it somehow dark by installing lights that emit little illumination. This may not be as easy for the DIY champs as it looks. The best thing is to contact a trained electrician to mount the lighting equipment at the right angle.

The Color

Lights come in different colors. For instance, white tends to blend in well with almost everything. Perhaps if your pathway sports dark or gray stone, you could opt for white lights that are conspicuous.

Some distinct colors like blue or green can be a great choice if you want to create some fantasy in your yard. Also, you want to achieve visual balance; thus, you should go for pathway lights that are compatible with your wall lights.

Mix Modern And Old

Going for contemporary theme lights is not bad at all, but what if you tried to bring in some ancient vibes? Uniqueness, and that’s what you’re after. Going for small, black pathway lights or even candle-lit lanterns will surely bring out that traditional charm in a relaxed but fascinating way. Be sure to call an expert electrician in Wellington, NC, who will strike that balance.

Consider Downlights

Consider short path lights for your garden pathways. These light fixtures are low to the ground and concentrate their sunlight downwards. This can produce a charming feel while walking in your garden, primarily if your walkway features stone or gravel. You can have your local electrical professional fix the lights for you if at all you want that captivating experience.

Step Lights, Spotlights, or Bollards?

Step lights are an excellent option if you don’t have enough space for mounting stairway lights for your outdoors. For better illumination at night, you can have the electrician fix two small step lights for each step of their staircase. Step lights can also be used on retaining walls to bring out that enchanting look. You will need an electrical professional to mount the fixtures.

Consider bollards for your pathway or driveway needs. These lights come in various shapes and sizes; round, rectangular, or square with a dome or flat top. A qualified electrical professional in Wilmington, NC, can assist you in achieving minimal space use by installing path lights such as hollow rectangular bollards.

Spotlights are a good alternative if you want to highlight some areas of your garden, say a tree or flower. You can find an expert electrician to place them in such a way that they’re adjustable to provide visibility of any area as you may wish.


The lighting apparatus should be evenly spaced throughout your property to avoid too much illumination in one particular place and little or no lighting at all at other sites.

If you want to add some modern theme to your outdoors, you can consider path lights that entail geometric styles, such as those that offer a 360-degree angle of view. Let your electrician stagger lights on both sides of the pathway to ensure ambient lighting.

Your Budget

Ask yourself how many lights you’re going to buy for your landscaping project before calling the electrician. The last thing you want is to shop for extra lighting features that you won’t use and leave them to waste.

Also, when drawing your budget, don’t forget to take into account the amount of energy the lights consume. Bulb types like LED lights offer maximum illumination and are more energy-efficient; hence, reducing your energy bill and saving you money.

Where To Go

Do you want landscape lights that are giving you enough illumination at night while at the same time complementing your outdoor curb appeal? Contact Mister Sparky of Wilmington for professional installation.

We deal in outdoor lighting, generator installation and repair, general and emergency electrical services, and surge protection. Our electricians are knowledgeable, and you can count on us for all your pathway, garden, or patio needs. Give us a ring.

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