Put Our Highly Educated And Trained Electrician Team To Work For You | Wilmington, NC

Put Our Highly Educated And Trained Electrician Team To Work For You | Wilmington, NC

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Real-world jobs with lives on the line tend to require a lot of practical experience along with classroom training, and electricians are no different. Along with responsible professionals such as physicians, airline pilots, plumbers, and air traffic controllers, electricians take years of training and education to be licensed, and even more to be completely prepared to practice their trade as a master electrician supervising complex work. At Mister Sparky of Wilmington, NC, our team consists of qualified, licensed electricians who have the practical skills to serve you from installing outlets and rewiring your home to making a high-current connection from your home to the power grid. They also have the theoretical knowledge to be on the lookout for potential problems in your home and make sure that they protect you from existing problems or equipment failures. Like a doctor or a pilot, they anticipate and analyze as well as accomplish their tasks.

Informed Inspections of Your Home or Business Electrical Wiring and Fixtures

If you recently bought your home or you have an older home here in the Wilmington, NC area that hasn’t been renovated, it might be a good time to do an inspection of your power. Let’s look for issues that need attention soon, such as old circuit breakers that need replacement or a fuse box that should be upgraded. Next, we’ll check your wiring to make sure it’s meeting your needs and safety, and also review your fixtures and outlets. You may want upgrades for your outlets including grounded (three-prong) outlets and GFCI protection in bathrooms and kitchen spaces. It’s also a great time to talk about your power usage, thinking about whether your breakers are tripping frequently or there are other signs that you’re drawing more power over a circuit than was originally intended. If you already have a to-do list of electrical upgrades, our professionals can give you advice on what is the most up-to-date way to accomplish your goals and also help you meet your budget.

Remodeling the Right Way

Our team of electricians is ready to help you plan and accomplish your remodeling dreams, ensuring that your electrical power meets the upgraded circuit demands of a new kitchen or power access for a new bedroom space. We’ll help you by performing power use calculations and reviewing whether your current circuit breaker or fuse box should be expanded or added to in order to supply the power you’ll need and also leave some spaces available for future electrical circuit additions. We also have ideas and information about current trends such as smart home devices and outlet locations to support electronic gear in the kitchen or family room. Installing home theater equipment or integrating it with a newly finished basement is much easier when we add our talents for power, speaker wire, and network connections. We’re experts at running wiring of all types, using the proper cable for the situation, through walls and ceilings so the new space has a clean look.

Making Sure Your Outdoor Power Is Safe and Weatherproof

For your pool, patio, deck, or gazebo, or any other space where you’d like to have power when you gather or electricity for decorations like hidden lights and water features, call on us. Running power outside requires special care for a few reasons: it needs to be protected from the elements, with weatherproof outlet covers, it needs to be safe from accidental digging, and you need GFCI protection to avoid moisture-related electrical shock. Our electricians can also run power to your detached garage or outbuildings, including modern smart lighting fixtures for easy remote control, and even security cameras to keep watch when you’re not home. For families and those who are working from home, why not run an outdoor-rated network cable and either weatherproof network outlets or cable-powered Wi-Fi endpoints that don’t need a separate power cord. Speaking of network streaming outdoors, it’s easy and inexpensive to set up an outdoor movie theater these days, so why not add power and network for your own summer movie series?

Managing Your Power Sources

Keeping your circuit breaker box modern and with enough capacity is just the beginning of modern power for homes and businesses. Older homes may need additional power from the grid, and our expert electricians can calculate what’s appropriate for a home your size these days, helpful if you put your home on the market someday, too. The grid connection is not the only way power enters your home in the 21st century, also. Many homes have added capacity from solar power, requiring additional expertise from your electrician to deal with the combined power sources. Backup power generators have also become popular, especially after Y2K and some of the powerful storms we’ve experienced in Wilmington, NC. Combining all three power sources and organizing your power needs from them is definitely a job for a highly trained, experienced electrician.

Smart Homes for Convenience, Fun, and Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners are installing smart home devices to manage their lighting, control their comfort systems, and provide convenient voice control throughout the house. Features such as automatic shades can be incorporated into heating and cooling controls to help regulate the sun’s energy as part of your home’s total usage. Smart devices usually require both a power source and a network connection, so planning for basic gear and upgrades later or a complete smart home conversion can involve a lot of electrical work. By planning ahead and completing projects together rather than one at a time, you can save a lot on multiple visits and still get expert professional wiring.

Mister Sparky of Wilmington is a team of professionals ready to meet your home or business needs now, and help you plan for the future. We understand the technical details of good house wiring, and our expertise allows us to catch legacy electrical work that presents risks you should consider eliminating. Call us and benefit from our expertise.