Residential Electrical Services: Pros And Cons Of Electrical Wire Insulation | Wilmington, NC

Residential Electrical Services: Pros And Cons Of Electrical Wire Insulation | Wilmington, NC

Insulating electrical wires is crucial in protecting the wiring system and preventing electrical accidents such as shocks and electrocution in homes. A hired electrician can use different electric wire insulation materials, which include thermoplastic or thermosetting insulators.

These materials differ in many ways, and it is up to you to get an electrician who understands the differences between the two to obtain the best-insulated cables and wires for installation.

Wire and cable insulation have one difference in the number of wires or conductors. Wire insulation protects a single wire, while a cable is the covering of multiple conductors. They require several electrical services, such as inspections and maintenance, to identify problems for prompt repairs or replacement. Continue reading to learn the pros and cons of insulating electric wires in residential buildings.

Advantages of Wire Insulation

Improves Safety in Homes

The electric system is the most dangerous in households as it can lead to numerous electrical hazards and injuries if not well installed or maintained. Insulating the electric wires reduces the risk of injuries, shocks, and electrocution that arise when a person comes in contact with live and naked electric conductors.

Electricians can use their skills and experience to select wires with non-conductive materials to keep the current from contact with conductive objectives. As they carry out their quality electrical services, it is crucial to handle only insulated wires for their safety and that of their customers.

Resist Electrical Leakage

Insulating electric wires is also effective in containing the electric flow by preventing electrical current from moving to the wrong path. A short circuit is one of the common causes of electrical leakage. It is a problem that might be hard to identify if small amounts of the current flow move out of the wiring system.

The small leaks make it impossible for the circuit breaker to trip due to the inability to sense any leaks. The circuit breaker can flip if the leakage increases to a short-circuiting level. Luckily, electricians offering comprehensive electrical services that include inspections of the wiring system can use their tools, knowledge, and expertise to identify the leak during maintenance before it leads to severe electric hazards.

One sign of current leaks in Wilmington, NC, homes is a surge in electricity bills. Other signs of electricity leaks are often power cuts, electric shocks touching appliances or other connected electric devices, and increased indoor temperatures. So, having well-insulated electrical wiring is essential in resisting electric leaks.

When employing an electrician for urgent electrical services after noticing high temperatures in your room, ensure to share all the indicators to help them understand what could be wrong before starting a physical evaluation to confirm their suspicions.

Protects Wires from External Threats

Another advantage of wire or cable insulation is to prevent environmental threats that include water and heat from getting in contact with naked wires. If uncovered wires get exposed to heat, they lead to overheating, increasing cable resistance by making them expand and malfunction.

The overheated conductors gradually make them powerless, affecting their resistance and transmission of power. Overheated electrical wires are dangerous because they can easily lead to an electrical fire that causes irreversible effects such as loss of property, life, and severe injuries.

Experts in electrical services are keen to replace any exposed wires with insulated ones or wrap them with unmatched insulative materials to prevent overheating and potential fire outbreaks. Wire and cable insulation prevent enclosed conductors from moisture. Water and electricity can lead to electrocution in rooms without a ground arc circuit interrupter.

Lowers Possibility of Corroded Wires

The wiring system in Wilmington, NC, homes is also susceptible to rust when exposed to water. When the insulated electrical wires in your house rub or grind on rough surfaces, they become receptive to cracks and pinholes that allow moisture to enter the wiring network. Also, the coating of older cables or wires can wear out due to age, giving room for water to reach electrical conductors.

Afterward, corrosion forms in the service cable wiring, damaging the branch circuit wires. The corroded electric wires increase resistance within the wiring system generating enormous heat that eventually starts a fire.

A qualified professional in electrical services can help you choose electric wires and cables with thermoset insulators that are not prone to break as they undergo compounding and cure and are resistant to alkali corrosion.

The resistance of the high and low temperatures makes them preferable to thermoplastic wire insulation materials and the best option for insulating electric wires and cables.

Cons of Wire Insulation

Poor Plastic resistance

Unlike the rubber insulation materials used for cable or wire insulation, plastic insulators, also known as thermoplastics, are prone to soften and melt with exposure to high temperatures. Polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, nylon, and PVDF insulators can wear out in case of overheating circuits, leading to naked wiring systems.

The exposed wires can cause electric shocks, short circuits, arc faults, and electric fires if there is no circuit interrupter to switch off the electricity in your house.

For that reason, it is prudent to look for quality electrical services that include consultations and buying cables with thermoset insulators for installation in your home to prevent electric hazards.

Cost of Installation

Since electric conductors are risky to handle, installing them requires excellent electrical services from professionals and experts in the electrical field.

Finding the best technicians to do the work can prevent numerous electrical accidents in homes compared to leaving the installation task to quacks that might increase the risk of electric fires due to shoddy performance.

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