Should You Wait Or Hire An Emergency Electrician? | Wilmington, NC

Should You Wait Or Hire An Emergency Electrician? | Wilmington, NC

Electricity is something that you definitely don’t want to mess around with. And it’s definitely something that you don’t want to be without either. So, what do you do when you have an electrical problem? You should probably be getting it taken care of quickly, right? But how do you know if you need an emergency electrician or if you should just wait until normal business hours? Well, we’re going to take a look at what you need to know to keep your Wilmington, NC home running smoothly.

You Lose Power

Let’s say you wake up in the middle of the night and realize that you’ve lost power. This is definitely a good time to call an emergency electrician and get the problem taken care of. If you have no power but the people around you do then there’s a good chance whatever is going on is actually about your own home. If no one has power you might want to call your power company as there might be something wrong with the line. Either way, this is something that you want to take action on right away.

You Have Flooding

If there is flooding in your home you absolutely want to get it taken care of immediately. This means calling a number of different professionals but an emergency electrician should be one of them. Even after you’ve gotten the water cleaned up do not turn on anything electrical until you have an electrician come over and take a look. You don’t want to risk anyone in your family being injured because water got into your outlets. You’ll need to get any water cleaned up from the electrical as well to get back to living your life like normal.

You Smell Burning

When you smell something burning you should take action immediately. Calling the fire department is extremely important for a fire in your home, but there’s a difference between the smell of burning where something is on fire and the burning smell when something is overheated and melting. If you smell the first, call the fire department. If you smell the second you’ll want to call an electrician. They will be able to take a look at your electrical and find out what’s going on. Also, they’re going to make sure that your electrical system is safe for you and your family.

You Need an Upgrade

If you need to upgrade your electrical then you don’t need to call an emergency professional. Old wiring is still relatively common in many houses. That doesn’t mean you should leave it for longer than you need to. But it’s not an emergency to get started on your upgrade. You’ll want to call your electrician to set up a time to get everything started. And then you’re going to want to ensure your home is fully up to code. An electrician can make sure that happens.

Your Breakers Are Tripping

If you notice that you have a breaker that trips frequently you’ll want to call in an electrician, but you likely don’t need to hire an electrician for an emergency. Instead, try unplugging things from that outlet and see if it fixes the problem. You may be overloading the outlet. If you have several things plugged in, remove them one at a time and see if you can get to a point where the outlet works without tripping. If you can’t then there might be a bigger issue. Either way you should contact an electrician, but you likely don’t need to call them out for an emergency service.

Your Outlets Are Warm

If you notice that your outlets are warm to the touch this is a sign that something is going on behind the scenes. You definitely don’t want to let this go. Calling in an emergency electrician is going to be a good idea and will make sure that you are keeping your entire family safe. Also, don’t use any outlets that are warm to the touch. There could be something going on with the wiring and even a fire hazard. Getting someone to take a look will get the problem taken care of fast for your Wilmington, NC home.

Your Lights Are Flickering

If you notice flickering lights in your home this is another sign you should call an emergency electrician. Once in a while you may notice a flicker if there’s a surge in power from your electric company. But if it happens frequently you’ll want to call an emergency electrician to take a closer look. They’ll be able to help you get the problem taken care of and will make sure that whatever is going on with your electrical you can trust that it won’t be happening again.

Your Outlets Spark

If you try to plug something in and you get sparks from your outlet it’s a sign that something is very wrong. You’ll want to call an emergency electrician to find out more and make sure that you’re going to have no problems when you’re using your outlets again. You don’t want to have any kind of sparks because these can be dangerous to anyone who tries to plug in items within your home. You don’t want to endanger your family, so make sure you call an emergency electrician right away.

When it comes down to it there are plenty of reasons that you should be calling an emergency electrician. And, if you’re in doubt at all, calling a professional is always the best way to go. You would definitely be better off calling in an electrician and not needing them than not calling one when you do. So make sure Mister Sparky of Wilmington is on your call list. You’ll need a professional to come out to your Wilmington, NC home to make sure everything is ready for you. We can be there when you need us, whether you need standard services or emergency services. So make sure you’re ready at all times.

Photo By Robert Kneschke at Shutterstock