Signs You Need Electrical Repair | Wilmington, NC

Signs You Need Electrical Repair | Wilmington, NC

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There are numerous electrical repair problems that homeowners in Wilmington, NC face every year. Some of these problems can present a serious risk to your home and your family. Some of these warning signs are not obvious to the average homeowner. Here is a list of warning signs that you need electrical repair and signals you need to hire an electrician.

Circuit Overloads

We have all lost power at some point simply by plugging in the hairdryer, yet constant circuit breaker tripping is a warning sign of a serious electrical problem. While sometimes an appliance is to blame like the aforementioned hairdryer, circuits tripping is a sign that your circuits are drawing more power than they should be. Remember your circuit breaker turning off the power is a safety trigger, and if the power is constantly tripping something is unsafe! If there were never circuit breaker trips, house fires would be rather commonplace. A circuit overload is one of the number one reasons why circuit breakers trip. When your circuits trip they trip because your circuit is trying to provide more electricity than it is actually capable of. When a circuit provides more power than it is capable of, it will lead to the overheating of the circuit, which puts anything connected to the circuit at risk. This is a key sign that you need electrical repair.

Short Circuits

This can cause your circuit breakers to trip and is more dangerous than an overloaded circuit. Short circuits are caused when a hot wire comes into contact with a neutral wire in any one of your electrical outlets. This causes a large amount of electricity to flow through the circuit. This in turn creates more heat than what the circuit is capable of handling. If this happens your circuit breaker will trip to prevent a fire from occurring. If you have a short circuit you definitely need repairs. Mister Sparky of Wilmington, NC is experienced in dealing with short circuits and can repair this dangerous issue promptly.

Ground Fault Surges

Ground fault surges are similar to short circuits, but instead of the hot wire touching a neutral wire, it touches a ground wire made of bare copper. It can also be caused by the hot wire touching the metal box connected to the ground wire. Like short circuits, it will cause more power to pass through than the circuit can handle. Your circuit breaker then trips to prevent your appliances and devices from overheating and to prevent fires. You can identify a ground surge by noticing discolorations around your outlets. This is a serious issue and should not be ignored. If this issue is ignored you are putting your home and your loved ones at risk, indeed this is one of the top signs that you need electrical repair.

Your Lights Brighten and Dim of Their Own Accord

If your lights brighten or dim on their own, without the use of a dimmer switch there is likely an issue with your wiring that needs dire attention. Also if your lights flicker when you turn them on and are present in multiple lamps you likely have a wiring issue. Wiring deteriorates over time, especially true in older homes, so it may be time for a wiring upgrade to your home. If you are experiencing this issue it is time for electrical repair.

Burning Smells

The smell of an electrical fire is unmistakable; an acrid pungent odor that quickly takes over your house. If you are smelling this it is vital to call an electrician right away for electrical repair or you could be dealing with a house fire fairly quickly. If you’re lucky the problem will be isolated to one outlet or appliance. If it is coming from any outlet or fitting you need an electrician as soon as possible to find out the cause of the smell. You want to avoid a house fire at all costs.

Electrical Shocks

If you get a nasty shock when turning on a switch or plugging something in, it is often caused by frayed wiring. Frayed wiring will cause the circuit to short out. You want to call an electrician for this issue, not only is self-repair dangerous, but you also want to ensure that there is not a further underlying issue that needs to be addressed with electrical repair.

You Rely Heavily on Power Strips and Extension Cords

If you rely on power strips and extension cords to provide outlets, you are at risk of overloading your circuit boards. Electrical fires are often attributed to this. Consider hiring an electrician to install more outlets so you can avoid overloading your circuits. While extension cords and power strips can be a good temporary fix, they aren’t designed for long term use with more appliances than your outlets can handle. If you do not provide enough outlets for your appliances, you risk needing some serious electrical repair further down the line.

Your Power Switches Are Warm or Discolored

If the switches and outlets in your home are warm or hot to the touch, you likely have an electrical issue going on that needs dire attention. The only exception to this would be dimmer switches, which are supposed to be warm to the touch. It should be noted however that even dimmer switches should never be hot to the touch, just warm. Warm or discolored outlets and switches are one of the top signs that you need repairs. You do not want to ignore this issue as it could lead to short circuits.


If you are experiencing any of the above issues, it is time for a licensed electrician to perform an electrical repair in your home. Mister Sparky offers 24.7 emergency service, 365 days a year for your convenience. All of our electricians are fully licensed for your peace of mind. We are also an A+ accredited business with the BBB. Call us today for an estimate or with any electrical related questions you may have at 910-275-5855.