Some Common Electrical Service Problems In Homes | Wilmington, NC

Some Common Electrical Service Problems In Homes | Wilmington, NC

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Your home’s electricity is not just a matter of convenience; it is a necessity. However, your electrical system is quite complex since it has many interconnected electrical components and wires that can be hazardous if handled improperly. Therefore, if you suspect that your electrical system has a problem, it is imperative for you to seek the assistance of a professional electrical services provider, such as Mister Sparky of Wilmington, to help you diagnose and repair it safely. But how can you tell that your electrical system needs the attention of a professional electrical provider? Below is a rundown of some common problems associated with home electrical systems in Wilmington, NC.

Surging, Sagging, or Dipping Electricity

Under normal circumstances, the supply of electricity should be consistent. Unfortunately, electricity surges, sags, and dips are not uncommon. A surge occurs when the charge within the power line spikes, increasing the current flowing to your home’s outlets. On the other hand, sags and dips are associated with a drop in the current flowing to the outlets. Electric surges, dips, and sags are serious electrical issues since they can damage your electronic and electrical appliances. Sometimes, the issue can occur due to issues with your utility company’s power lines or natural causes, such as lightning, and this is why you need to invest in surge protectors. However, these issues can also occur if there is a fault in your electrical system. Whatever the cause might be, you need to work with a professional electrical provider who can help you diagnose and fix it accordingly.

Dead or Scarce Outlets

If your home has less than enough electrical outlets, the problem you will face is much more serious than not being able to charge your phone from your favorite spot. Indeed, scarcity of electrical outlets in your house causing the existing ones to be overworked and get damaged quickly. Besides, with less than enough electrical outlets in your house, you will have to heavily rely on extension cords, which can significantly increase the risk of electrical surges. Therefore, if some outlets are dead, or your home just don’t have enough outlets to serve all your needs, using a heavy-duty extension cord should only be a temporary solution as you wait for your professional electrical services provider to replace the dead outlets or even install more outlets to meets your needs.

Circuit Breaker Problems

The circuit breaker is the first line of defense against short-circuiting and power overloads. It is designed to interrupt electric current when an electric fault is detected. If your circuit breaker trips occasionally, there is nothing to worry about it since it is just doing its job. However, if it is tripping too frequently, it means that there could be a bigger issue that you need to deal with. As such, you will need to call an experienced electrical services provider. Your electrician has the necessary skills and equipment to assess the situation in order to determine why your circuit breaker keeps tripping. Whatever the issues might be, your professional electrical provider will advise you on the best and most efficient solution to implement.

Broken Power Generator

If your home has a reliable power supply, having a backup power generator can help you avoid the inconvenience and even financial losses that can occur in the event of a power outage. However, like any other machine, your power generator is not immune to mechanical problems that can make it necessary for you to call an electrical services provider. Some common power generator problems include low coolant, dead battery, leaking fuel, and control malfunction, among others. Whatever the issue with your power generator might be, you can count on an experienced electrical services provider, such as Mister Sparky of Wilmington, to help you get your generator up and running again. Although these machines are quite complex, professional electrical services providers have what it takes to diagnose their issues and offer advice on the best way to fix them.

Bulbs Burning Out Frequently

Bulbs are not designed to last forever, and therefore, your bulbs will get burned out at some point. However, if this is occurring too frequently, then there is a problem. Some common issues that can cause your bulbs to burn out too often include excessively high wattage, insulation being too close to the light, and bad wiring, among others. Whatever the issue might be, you will need the expertise of a trained electrician to help you diagnose and solve it decisively. Professional electrical services providers, such as Mister Sparky of Wilmington, have the necessary tools and experience to easily and quickly isolate the cause and come up with the most effective solution to save you from the cost of having to replace your bulbs now and then.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that as a homeowner, you may have to deal with electrical issues from time to time. Some of the issues are small and simple, while others are bigger and more complex. But no matter how small you think an electrical issue is, it is imperative that you leave it to professional electrical services providers. Professionals have the necessary tools and experience to diagnose a wide range of electrical issues and solve them in the safest and the most efficient way possible. If you are looking for a reliable electrical services provider in Wilmington, NC, Mister Sparky of Wilmington is an excellent electrical company to consider. We have been dealing with residential electrical issues for many years, and our reputation in and around Wilmington, NC, is well established. Feel free to contact Mister Sparky of Wilmington today for more information about our company and services.