Surge Protectors: How They Work, The Various Types, And What Your Electrician Recommends I Wilmington, NC

Surge Protectors: How They Work, The Various Types, And What Your Electrician Recommends I Wilmington, NC

Electronics and appliances in your Wilmington, NC, home can sustain permanent damage from power surges. Homeowners can hire an electrician to install surge protection devices, protecting their electrical equipment, gadgets, and devices from mild to extensive electric surges.

The power surges occur within a blink of an eye and can scorch the circuits, melt plastics, or start an electrical fire. Lightning strikes generating more than 300 million voltages are a rare cause of the surges in residential buildings. 

The common causes of household surges that an electrician can prevent or fix include operating high-power devices that consume a lot of energy efficiently, faulty wiring, and starting and stopping loads.

The technician can also help with fault and arc initiation, arcing faults, loose connections, and discharge of inductive devices such as motors and transformers that cause uneven current flowing to your home, creating a surge.

Read on to learn more about surge protectors, that is, how they work, their types, and their pros and cons. 

How Do Surge Protectors Work?

Surge protectors are small devices that shield electrical components in your house from excess voltage levels. They have three parts, the voltage sensor that reads line voltage in the circuit, a controller that reads the volt levels and maintains the standard voltage, and the latch that solves the voltage differences in the power lines.

A professional can install it in the electric system, allowing you to plug multiple other electrical components to protect one power outlet. The device protects all connected appliances from the high voltage power surges.

With proper installation of the surge protection system, only adequate electrical current can pass through to all the connected electricals as the excessive volts divert to the grounding wires in the outlet. 

After shielding numerous surges, the joules in the protector reduce, hence the need to get a qualified and experienced electrician to purchase and install a new and more advanced type to ensure your electronics and electrical devices are safe from excess volts.  

Types of Surge Protectors 

Surge protection devices prevent destructive, dissipative, and disruptive surges from damaging appliances and causing electrical hazards in homes. An electrician can recommend one of the following surge protectors for installation in your residential building. 

Whole-Home Surge Protection System

On top of my list is the whole-house surge protector, similar to type one protection devices. A qualified and skilled electrical expert can install it in the main breaker to protect a single circuit and safeguard all the power lines connected to it in your home. The device is a gray box that a professional installs in the electrical panel for all-inclusive protection of appliances and electrical components. 

The whole-home surge protector is the best option that protects against mild to large surges as it can sense voltage irregularities in the circuit and cubes it in the nip by diverting the excess volts to the ground before it gets to your electronics. It comes with different models, giving you a chance to select the best that fits your increasing voltage needs.

Pros of the Whole-home Protectors 

Great level of Surge Protection: With accurate installation by an experienced electrician in Wilmington, NC, the device can reduce high and low surges from damaging your electronics. 

Promote Peace of Mind: Since whole-house surge protectors can protect every appliance in your house from mild to severe surges can make you rest easily during a storm. 

Limitations of the Surge Protectors 

Costly: the whole house surge protectors are more expensive than the other two types discussed below. It costs more because of its ability to protect your valuables and home from electric fires that destroy buildings by hindering dangerous currents from blowing up your appliances and starting a fire. 

Receptacle Surge Protection Device

People can also opt for the receptacle or outlet surge protectors because they arrest the excessive voltage and transfer it to the ground wire. They prefer the device because it can protect numerous appliances by sharing a single outlet. With the help of a skilled and highly qualified electrician, you can choose from diverse forms of receptacle surge protectors, including low-profile sockets. 


-Inexpensive to purchase

-Easy to install

-Can protect many electronics in a home


-Its functionality is limited.

-They don’t provide complete protection against all forms of surges. 

Service Entrance Surge Protectors

If you want the most durable and sizable surge protection devices for your Wilmington, NC, home, you should go for the service entrance type. It is best for arresting destructive surges that might come from lightning strikes or downed power lines through the main breaker panel, where an electrician installs it.

The electrical professional with extensive experience in surge protectors can recommend using this type of surge protection device with another one that can arrest the mild surges that can pass through the system. 

Pros of the Service Entrance Protectors

Durability. The service entrance surge protectors prove to be the most durable type of surge protection device. 

Efficient in Arresting Surges. As the largest surge protection device, it has the highest surge capacity to arrest high voltages from thunderstorms, lightning strikes, or downed power lines. 

Cons of the Unit

Service entrance protectors are not the best in protecting minor surges from faulty wires.

Requires extensive skills for installation hence only a qualified and highly trained electrician can handle the process. 

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Surge protectors are the best way of keeping families and appliances safe from destructive and mild surges. They come in three different kinds and hinder surges from down power lines, lightning strikes, and other electrical mishaps from harming people or destroying your valuable property.

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