The Importance Of Reliable Electrical Services: Know Who To Call When An Emergency Happens | Wilmington, NC

The Importance Of Reliable Electrical Services: Know Who To Call When An Emergency Happens | Wilmington, NC

If you’ve ever had your power go out or found yourself in a home experiencing electrical issues, you know how much pain it can be. It can make your house uncomfortable for the people who live there, but it can also be dangerous. However, not all electrical issues are immediately apparent – which can mean that they’re more challenging to detect and correct. Referring your problems to a professional electrical services technician can make a world of difference.

Power Surges

A power surge increases voltage that can damage electrical systems, appliances, and wiring. A power surge can occur when lightning strikes or a utility pole breaks and falls on the wires. Power surges are also caused by switching on heavy electric motors or other appliances simultaneously as turning off others, such as during the evening hours.

These events may cause a sudden increase in the demand for electricity while temporarily reducing the supply. Power distribution companies in Wilmington, NC, try to avoid these situations by installing protective devices such as circuit breakers and fuses at their substations to shut down when there’s an overload of electricity passing through their system.

Suppose this does happen to your apartment building or office building. In that case, all facilities in your area will likely experience some degree of damage from this event because usually, only one circuit breaker trip-out occurs at any given time. However, if multiple breakers trip out across different areas, contact an electrician since there could be significant damage within those buildings. Still, now and then, one gets through anyway.

Lightning Strikes

Lightning strikes are one of the most common hazards in electrical services. Contrary to popular belief, lightning can travel through wires and electrical equipment. It can cause fires and explosions or even cause power surges and short circuits that could damage your equipment and you.

If you hear a loud noise or see sparks while using an appliance or device with a cord, stop using it immediately, unplug the cable from the wall outlet, and contact electrical services. If this happens during an electrical storm, make sure you have an emergency exit plan if your home is struck by lightning.

Unsecured Electrical Fittings

Electrical fittings, such as switches and receptacles, are essential for safety. They should be installed correctly and regularly inspected to ensure they are not damaged or compromised. If you see a loose-fitting that could pose a fire hazard or shock risk, report it immediately to your electrician.

Lack of Proper Grounding

It is essential to have a good ground for safety purposes. Improper grounding can cause several issues with electrical services. If your circuit breaker trips and doesn’t reset, that could result from improper grounding. This means that there will be more power flowing through the wires than they can handle, leading to fires or even shocks if someone touches them while they are still plugged in.

The importance of proper grounding goes beyond just preventing fires. It’s also essential for getting good electrical service: without a good connection between the incoming power and your outlets, you won’t be able to plug anything into them. That would be pretty inconvenient when trying to use an appliance or light switch during an emergency, like when there’s no light after sunset because our electricity was turned off by mistake

Improper Wiring Methods and Materials

There are several common wiring mistakes that you should watch out for. One of the most common is using the wrong type of wire. This can happen when someone uses a heavier gauge of wires than was initially required or uses a smaller gauge than is needed for the current load.

Another mistake people make is replacing old wiring with newer wires without knowing how thicker those wires are than their original ones. If someone doesn’t know what’s happening under your house, they may use an incorrect size wire and overload it, causing problems like fires and short circuits. That’s why it’s vital to hire a professional electrical services provider.

Flickering Lights

It would be best if you also were wary of flickering lights. They may be signs of a light bulb that needs replacing, but they could also indicate an electrical short or other issues. If you notice that your lights are flickering when they shouldn’t be (or shouldn’t), it’s time to call out professional electrical services and have them check out your electrical system.

Non-Functional Electrical Outlets and Switches

It is also important to note that other home areas may seem in working order but still pose a risk. One typical example is non-functional electrical outlets and switches.

As a homeowner, you should always check for these hazards when performing your electrical inspections or repairs. If you notice an outlet or switch that does not work, it’s best to avoid using it as this could be a sign of an underlying problem such as faulty wiring or even damage from an electrical fire.

Improper Electrical Service Receptacles for Equipment

Electrical receptacles are essential to the proper functioning of your home’s electrical system. They connect electrical equipment such as lamps and appliances to a home’s power supply. In Wilmington, NC, every homeowner should ensure that an electrician installs properly-sized receptacles in each outlet box and is installed according to all applicable codes and standards, including those found in the National Electrical Code (NEC).

Use of Equipment Not Listed for the Specific Location

Using equipment not listed for the specific location is a common hazard in electrical work. This can include using equipment that has been modified, damaged, tampered with, or altered. The improper installation of equipment may also result in hazards if it is not appropriately rated for the location it will be used. If you are unsure about what type of electrical services you need to be installed at your home or business, consult an experienced electrician before you begin any work yourself.

Count On Us For Efficient Electrical Needs

Mister Sparky of Wilmington is a full electrical services company serving residents and business owners in the Wilmington, NC, area, providing quality installations and repairs at competitive rates. If you’re not sure whether your current electrical system is safe, it’s good to have electrical services come by and give you their opinion. They will be able to tell if any areas need improvement to keep you and your family safe from harm. If you discover any of these electrical hazards in your home or workplace, give us a call today.

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