Types Of Electrical Repairs You Can Expect From Your Electrician | Wilmington, NC

Types Of Electrical Repairs You Can Expect From Your Electrician | Wilmington, NC

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According to the U.S. Bureau of labor statistics, the employment rate of electricians is predicted to increase by 9 percent in nine years, indicating that electrical experts are in demand.

While the importance of electricians cannot be denied in Wilmington, NC, they are the conduit that runs every aspect of residential, commercial, and industrial premises. Electricians assemble, install, test, connect, diagnose, service, and repair electrical systems, networks, circuits, and appliances for businesses and homes.

Any resident of Wilmington, NC, should remember that electrical professionals can execute various repairs and services in their residential homes. Therefore, it is vital for homeowners to be enlightened on the electrical maintenance they can expect from their electrical professionals. This blog will cover some of the common repairs residential property owners may need for their buildings.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Repairs

Indoor lighting involves installing light fixtures to illuminate internal areas of a home. Generally, any pendant, lamp, or fixture that lights up your home’s interior is considered indoor lighting. Examples of fixtures that your electrical professional can install or repair to provide general ambient indoor lighting include:

  • Table lamp
  • Floor lamp
  • Wall sconces
  • Track light
  • LED downlights
  • Ceiling lights/ Recessed Lighting
  • Chandelier
  • Laser lighting
  • Portable lighting

On the other hand, outdoor lighting is the artificial exterior lighting that illuminates exterior areas, private gardens, and communal spaces. It is often for nighttime vision, safety, security, and accessibility.

Soft white lights are ideal for exterior, and landscape lighting and a professional electrician can assist with installation, fixing, and maintenance. Examples of outdoor lighting that your electrical professional can install and repair includes:

  • Floodlights
  • Accent lighting
  • Spotlights
  • Motion sensor lights
  • Bollard lights
  • Step lights
  • String lights

Upgrade of Consumer Units

Upgrading consumer units can remarkably improve the electrical safety of your home. Your electrical technician can come in handy in assisting you in upgrading. All consumer units installations and upgrades come with the appropriate accreditation, documentation, and certification. Your electrician can help you endorse if all your electrical installation requirements meet your electrical wiring codes of practice.

If your home has an obsolete fuse board, it is good to install one. Replacing your consumer unit can intensify the energy efficiency of your home appliances and save you from costly utility bills.

Up-to-date consumer units can handle more than one electrical appliance without overloading. You should update your consumer unit to the latest to ensure safety and compliance with the standards of electrical regulations.

Pool Wiring or Remote Pool Monitoring

An electrical professional can assist with installing and repairing wireless technologies for remote monitoring in pools, water parks, and acoustic underwater. The electrical expert can engage the different wireless sensor nodes to assess pool quality. You can also request solar panels to be installed and interconnected with wireless remote monitoring systems to monitor the aquatic systems.

Fan Fittings

Electricians are trained to correctly wire ceiling fans, hence you should hire a certified one to handle the installation or repair. They will also assist you in deciding the best location for the fan fitting. For quality installation, these technicians can also help you select ceiling fan location, wiring and mount the fan based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Generator Installations

Electricians are generally proficient in all installation and repairs of generators. A professional can help you repair and maintain your generator circuit wiring errors, shabby brushes, tripped breakers, faulty capacitors, and malfunctioning voltage regulators.

Washer, Dryer, and Electronic Device Connections

If you are concerned about the knobs on your washer, dryer, and electronic device connections, then worry no more because a certified electrician can help you connect it to an outlet.

Washers and dryers do not often require exceptional electrical connections. Your electrical technician can assist you in checking for voltage compliance during installations, repair, and maintenance.

Outlet Installation and Repair

Besides fixing a problematic outlet, a certified electrical company can create a new one in a convenient place. The outlet is vital as it offers renters and homeowners easy access to plugs for lighting and electronic devices.

A competent electrical professional will inspect the capacity of your home’s electrical system to find out which outlet is safest. If you are in an older home, an electrical professional may advise you to install an AFCI protection. After an inspection, the technician will mount a dynamic range of switches and outlets.

Electrical Systems Upgrade

Just because various parts of your home’s electrical system are working does not mean that all is well. An electrical inspection for your home is vital to know your electrical system’s condition since most components such as explosion-proof enclosures and wires usually wear off after a few years.

An old house with an ancient wiring system is a time bomb because it is at risk of electrical fires. In fact, an inspection is required for properties that are 40 years and above to ensure their electrical system can handle modern demands. And any updates are required to be done by a licensed electrical company and comply with the current National Electrical Code (NEC)®.

Also, an electrician can recommend that you upgrade your home’s electrical system if any of the following applies:

  • Your home is over 25 years old.
  • Your electricity preferences have changed.
  • Your circuit breakers trip repeatedly.
  • Your outlets are hot and discolored.
  • You have dimming and flickering lights.

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