Warning Signs Your House Needs Rewiring Electrical Services | Wilmington, NC

Warning Signs Your House Needs Rewiring Electrical Services | Wilmington, NC

Your home’s electrical wiring is designed to last for over 50 years. That’s why you rarely think about it until it starts misbehaving. When electrical wires deteriorate, they stop performing effectively, leading to significant problems for your house.

If your electrical system is faulty and not working efficiently, it would be wise to seek professional electrical services and rewire your home in Wilmington, NC. Electrical rewiring sounds expensive, but it keeps you and your loved ones safe from house fires, saves you money on your electrical bills, enhances the value of your house, and increases your home’s electrical capacity.

As a homeowner, you should be able to spot the signs your house needs rewiring to save lives. In this blog, you’ll learn how to know it’s time to upgrade your electrical wires.

Flickering and Dimming Lights

Constant flickering and dimming lights is one of the tell-tale signs that something isn’t right with your electrical system. While lights such as fluorescent lights flicker, the LED ones shouldn’t glimmer. If they do so, chances are there’s an issue with the voltage flow, and you may need to change the bulb or inspect loose connections.

If the problem isn’t resolved even after doing so, there is a possibility of a severe underlying matter, such as faulty wiring. In the event it comes to your attention, you should seek professional electrical services from a qualified local company to conduct an inspection and determine if rewiring your house would be the best solution.

Discoloration of the Outlets and Switches

Charred or discolored switches and outlets indicate that you need prompt electrical services to rewire the house. This often results from loose connections or inefficient wiring, which could cause a small fire at the sockets when you switch them on, leaving scorch marks.

Ignoring the scorched sockets could lead to a more life-threatening problem in the long run. Again, fixing the problems early prevents extensive electrical damage in the future.

Burning Out of the Light Bulbs

If your lights are frequently burning out, that’s a sign that your house needs rewiring. You may not have noticed the dimming of lights but experienced lights burning out constantly in their sockets.

This is a sign of serious wiring problems due to voltage fluctuations. Immediately you notice this problem, you should contact your electrician in Wilmington, NC, for professional electrical services.

Burning Smells

Ever experienced the smell of something burning in your house, but you can’t identify the source? Typically, this invisible burning that you can’t see but can smell could be due to a sparking wire burning its plastic casing beneath the wall.

Sometimes you can identify the burning if you have faulty wiring or loose connections near the outlet causing the sparks to burn the outlet’s plastic. If the burning smell is persistent, disconnect the main switch and request electrical services from a local company in the greater Wilmington area.

Sparkling Outlets

Sometimes a blue spark can appear at the socket when you plug or unplug an appliance, and it’s perfectly normal. However, producing excessive heat or having constant sparks every time you use an outlet should be an issue of concern. Either the outlet or the wiring behind it is loose or damaged.

If you don’t seek electrical services and continue using the outlet while in such a state, you risk serious problems. Having a certified electrical contractor inspect the issue as early as now puts you a step ahead.

Socket Problems and Buzzing Noises

Most times, when sockets wiggle or fall out, you’ll have to replace them immediately. If left hanging in the air, your wall sockets expose wires, which are potentially dangerous for your family members, especially children.

The circuits or wires may be overloaded if you hear a faint buzzing noise from the cables or sockets. As such, you should request electrical services from an experienced technician who knows what to do. After diagnosing the issue, the pro might tighten the outlets or replace them altogether.

Electrical Shocks

If you experience even the slightest shock when you plug in an appliance or touch a cord, it’s way beyond being unpleasant. It means you need urgent electrical services from a certified electrical contractor. Electrical shocks can eventually amount to serious health issues, including memory loss, numbness, heart failure, and extreme muscle contractions.

Frequent Tripping of the Circuit Breaker

As a safety measure, circuit breakers are designed to trip and cut off any electrical flow when the circuit cannot handle the amperage it is designed to handle. Thus, if your circuit breaker is tripping, it is a good sign that it performs its role. A word of caution, though; if it flips frequently, you should consider getting competent electrical services.

Old Houses

If your house dates back to 1960, when aluminum wiring was common, you need a complete overhaul of the wiring system to comply with modern electrical standards. Aluminum wires are more susceptible to damage and fire hazards than copper wires. Professional electrical contractors can help you with the rewiring project.

Reach Out to Mister Sparky of Wilmington to Keep Your Family Out of Harm’s Way

The above signs will help you detect problems with your home’s wiring, allowing you to seek electrical services to safeguard your family from fire and electric shock hazards. If you notice any of the above signs, you should call Mister Sparky of Wilmington for rewiring.

Our competent electricians start by conducting a safety inspection and risk assessment to make an informed decision on whether your home in Wilmington, NC, needs extra attention to its wiring system.

Additional electrical services include surge protection, outdoor lighting, generator repair, outlet replacement, and panel installation. For more information and to book an appointment, do not hesitate to give us a ring today!

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