What Makes Mister Sparky The Best Electrical Contractors? | Wilmington, NC

What Makes Mister Sparky The Best Electrical Contractors? | Wilmington, NC

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Electrical appliances have become an additional primary unit in homes, industrial and commercial places. Since they play a significant role in our daily lives, it guarantees that the electrical unit will start having operational problems after a while. That not being all, whether you are moving to a new home or not, checking your electrical wiring or conducting an inspection is crucial. In that case, there is an urgency for finding the best electrical contractors.

Such maintenance is done to either replace an old part of an appliance that has either burst with a new, energy-saving, and efficient model. Sometimes electrical appliances need servicing or inspection, not repair or replacement. That is why there are electrical contractors that offer electrical services/repair to improve their efficiency. Meaning relying on them will help you save money.

Mister Sparky is an electrical contractors provider that has been helping residents of Wilmington, NC and its surroundings for some years now. If you need skilled and experienced electrical contractors, they will be the best you can find. This service provider specializes in installing, services, and repairs an electrical appliance at home or commercial area. More so, it is essential to run electrical appliances in your home if you are guaranteed safety. Meaning the wiring and installation of your home and unit has to meet safety measures.

Why Choose Mister Sparky Electrical Contractors

Since its foundation in 2010, Mister Sparky provides excellent and reliable services that leave you satisfied. The available services are of high quality to meet all electrical needs. Various reasons have made this service provider remain outstanding over the years. That includes;

Long Term Experience

The electricians in this provider are skilled, licensed, and professionals. They have years of experience servicing the people around the city and the surrounding areas. Meaning the team offers exceptional and quality services. That is why they have gained popularity with returning clients for electrical services/repair.

Quality services

An electrical service provider should be able to deliver services on time. That means once you make that call, they should be readily available 24/7. So, the team of electrical contractors is skilled with vast experience in various fields. They can handle emergency electrical repairs, installation and any other service needed.

Satisfaction guarantee

Clients are promised a 100% satisfaction rate, which means that the customer will be fully content with the work done at the end of the service rendered. What makes us even better is our client’s terms of use. You get the price upfront; do no worries when it comes to costs. No matter the type of electrical service/repair you need, our electrical contractors will handle it conveniently.

Quality services

Besides that, we are committed to quality. With our vast years of experience, maintaining parts of your electrical system is not a big deal. We can handle any job, whether wiring upgrades it to back up your power system; our electrical contractors take their time while working to ensure no errors or faults are caused. The electricians work wholeheartedly; you do not have to ask for help after a month concerning the same problem.

Other essential services that you can call us on include:

Residential Electrical Services

We can also offer backup generator installation, emergency repair, and much more from electrical installation and maintenance to repair. That is only possible if you entrust our Electrician with all those responsibilities.

Commercial Electrical Services

Whether it is repaired for your new building, wiring, or inspection, our licensed team of contractors will get it done for you.

Professional lighting

Sometimes changing the way your home or business looks can help you feel much better. With Mister Sparky electrical contractor, you get an LED solution and other lighting ideas compatible with your home space.

Electrical inspection

Our team of electricians are experienced and also licensed. This means they ensure that everything in your home is up to date. They will check any part of your electrical units and wiring to ensure no fire risks.


An electrical emergency can be a matter of electrocution or a fire hazard but, fixing such mistakes can be life-saving. Whichever the type of emergency, you will still be stressed. But, Mister Sparky contractors does its best to reduce your stress. It all begins with well trained and certified professionals to handle any emergency.

Also, we are the best because we are available 24/7. Since we are readily available, we arrive within an hour after the call. We also accept debit cards and all other major credit cards forms of payment.

Some of the emergency electrical solutions handled include electrical metering, risk assessment, electrical rewiring, and much more. Our main idea is to do the installation right to avoid running into the same problem again.

Electrical safety services

When it comes to electrical systems, your safety is our top priority. As contractors, we ensure that our services meet the current safety regulation code. The services offered are safe, efficient, and quality. Not forgetting that inspection is done after work completion.

More so, we follow up to date electrical codes for your safety. That includes GFCI outlets, surge protection, code violation corrections, electrical inspections, and much more. That not being all, you get a lifetime workmanship warranty for all electrical Services. In case something is wrong during the installation or wiring process, the electricians will fix it to meet all the safety codes.


Electrical Services/repairs are now accessible and also reliable. At Mister Sparky of Wilmington electrical contractors, we are available 24/7. Since your home or business has to meet all the electrical safety codes, this service provider is here for you. Since we love maintaining our services professionally, you can contact us via phone or email. You can also visit outlet offices at 3232 Kitty Hawk Rd, Wilmington, NC, 28405.