When Do You Know It’s Time To Call An Emergency Electrician? | Wilmington, NC

When Do You Know It’s Time To Call An Emergency Electrician? | Wilmington, NC

Electricity is a necessity for modern life. At the residential level, it lights up our homes and helps us to power essential electrical and electronic devices and appliances. Therefore, without a properly functioning electrical system in your home, it is hard to imagine how you and your family would survive. Of course, your electrical system can develop problems that can have a negative impact on its performance and even your safety. Given how sensitive and important your electrical system is, most electrical problems usually need to be fixed as soon as they have been identified. But no matter how inconvenient and frustrating an electrical issue might be, you need to fight any temptation to try fixing it on your own. Instead, you need to have an emergency electrician you can call any time you have an electrical problem in your Wilmington, NC house. Below is a rundown of some electrical issues that can prompt you to seek the services of an experienced emergency electrician services provider, such as Mister Sparky of Wilmington.

A Power Outage

Neighborhood-wide power outages in Wilmington, NC, no longer occur as frequently as they used to. When they occur, utility companies usually get them fixed very quickly. Therefore, when there is a neighborhood-wide power outage in your neighborhood, it shouldn’t worry you. You just have to switch off your main switch to prevent the damage that might be caused by a power surge when the electricity supply is restored. However, when there is a power outage in your house, you need to confirm that you are not the only one in the dark. To this end, you need to find out if your neighbors have power. If you realize that you are the only one in your neighborhood without power, you need to be worried. This is because you could be facing a serious electrical fault, meaning that you need to immediately make a call to an emergency electrician. Your electrician will arrive quickly and assess the condition of your electrical system to determine what’s wrong. Once they have diagnosed the underlying cause of the problem, they will go ahead to ensure that issue is fixed professionally and decisively to restore the power supply in your house.

Flickering Lights

We have all witnessed a scenario when lights dim for a fraction of a second before returning to normal. If it happens once in a while, its cause is usually nothing to worry about. For instance, as your air conditioner or heating unit kicks on, it can cause a dip in light, which is absolutely normal. However, if your lights are flickering more frequently, there could be something more serious. Some causes of frequently flickering lights include faulty wiring and overloaded circuits. If the issue is not resolved on time, it might put your lighting fixtures and other electrical appliances in your house at the risk of getting damaged. Therefore, when you notice that your lights keep flickering, you need to call a reliable emergency electrician to find the exact cause of the problems and ensure that it is fixed quickly to prevent the issue from deteriorating and causing more serious electrical problems in your house. Professional emergency electricians have the necessary training, experience, and tools to diagnose the issue accurately and resolve it decisively.

Fallen Power Lines

After a heavy storm with high winds, you might notice some downed power lines among tree limbs and some other debris brought by the storm. It is worth noting that these are the power lines that connect your house to the electrical grid. Therefore, these lines might be carrying extremely high levels of current, and mishandling them could lead to a fire or even electrocution. Therefore, you should never be tempted to move power lines or drive over them. As such, when you notice that there are fallen power lines within your property, you need to call a professional electrician immediately. As you wait for the emergency electrician, you need to ensure that you keep your family and pets away from the fallen power lines and keep your home’s main switch off. The professionals will come with the necessary tools and equipment and do what needs to be done to resolve the situation without causing other problems.

Burning Smell

Your electrical system should not, under any circumstance, smell like it is on fire. Therefore, if, for some reason, your electrical system is producing a burning smell, then there could be a serious underlying problem. The issue usually occurs when wires overheat, causing the insulating material to get burnt. This can happen due to issues such as faulty wiring or even a power overload. Whatever the cause of the problem might be, Overheated wires are dangerous since they might end up setting your house on fire. Therefore, when you notice a burning smell coming from your home’s electrical system, you need to call an emergency electrician immediately. The emergency electrician will critically analyze the situation to determine the root cause of the problem and ensure that issue is resolved decisively before it can cause a fire disaster in your home.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that your electrical system can develop many problems, most of which require the urgent attention of a professional electrician services provider. This is because failure to fix some electrical issues as soon as they have been identified can have disastrous consequences. For instance, if some electrical issues are not resolved on time, they can put your house at the risk of catching fire. Therefore, you need an electrician you can trust to promptly respond to your call when you face a serious electrical situation in your house. If you are looking for a dependable emergency electrician in or around Wilmington, NC, Mister Sparky of Wilmington is your best bet. We have been providing emergency electrical services for many years, and you can trust us to resolve any electrical issue, no matter how complex it might seem. Get in touch with us today for more information about our company and services.

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