When It’s Necessary To Hire An Electrician | Wilmington, NC

When It’s Necessary To Hire An Electrician | Wilmington, NC

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Electricity is an essential part of our everyday lives. We are constantly utilizing it for all of our needs. Electricity is a powerful force that has made our lives better. Electricity can be just as destructive as it is wonderful if it is not maintained properly. Electricians are trained professionals that have the experience, skill, and training on how to maintain and safely work with electricity. This is why it is vital you contact a skilled and professional to assist you with all of your emergency and no emergency service calls. If you reside in the Wilmington, NC area and are in need of a professional do not hesitate to contact Mister Sparky for immediate or scheduled service.

You may not think to call an electrician until something isn’t working or you see sparks. This kind of thinking could get you into trouble if you have an older home or faulty wiring. Hiring a reoccurring electrician can help stop major malfunctions from occurring as well as ensure your safety is secured by correcting any faulty or hazardous wiring in the home. There are instances where you will need a professional right away. If any of the following is occurring or has occurred you need to contact an emergency electrician right away.

Flickering Lights

Many homes have the issue of the occasional flickering lights. This may not seem like an emergency situation to you, and most of the time it isn’t. The occasional 1 millisecond flicker that happens in old homes could be the result of an old system that is having a hard time delegating all of the electricity needed. This problem can be solved with the help of a professional but doesn’t need to be labeled an emergency. You may be able to fix it with a turn of the bulb if your flickering light was the cause of a loose bulb. If this is not the case your flickering light may be due to a connection issue to the light and if this is the problem a little visit from your local Wilmington, NC electrician will fix the problem. If a temporary voltage drop is the culprit you should contact a professional electrician as well but is in no way considered an emergency.

Hiring a professional to inspect your flickering lights is important because It could be an indicator that something major is wrong. Flickering lights could be a sign of an overloaded circuit. Do you notice the flickering when you start using a significant appliance such as your microwave or dryer machine? If so, you may have an overloaded circuit on your hands. An overloaded circuit simply indicates that your machines are taking up more energy than the circuit can safely handle. This poses a major threat to your safety and should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Voltage Inconsistencies

Other issues that can be identified with flickering lights is fluctuations in the voltage. It is normal for your home’s electrical systems to fluctuate slightly. The normal voltage fluctuation is between 115 and 125 volts. The fluctuations may become drastic and lead to flickering lights. Other signs that your voltage is fluctuating inconsistently is a constant burnt out lights and unexpected light dimming. If you notice your light bulbs kind of have a mind of their own you should call an electrician right away. Other experiences you may have when your voltage is drastically fluctuating are continuous and extended bouts of light flickering, and or your appliances turning off unexpectedly.

Loose Wiring

A very serious issue that can be causing your flickering lights is loose wiring. Loose or disconnected wiring is very dangerous. This is a potentially life-threatening issue. Loose or disconnected electrical wiring requires immediate attention. Contact Mister Sparky for an emergency professional to have a look at your system and prevent a possible catastrophe from occurring. Loose wires can become hot enough to start a fire. This hazardous malfunction must be addressed by a professional immediately in order to successfully prevent these possible disasters from occurring.

Loose wires can be defined as unsecure connections from the electrical receptacle to the terminal. The wire must be tightly compressed against the terminal’s metal receptacle. A loose connection will create resistance and friction. This will result in extreme heat. Electricity is a hot and powerful force that can easily start a fire if left untamed. Professionals from Mister Sparky will be able to identify the culprit for your loose connection and tighten it backup as well as ensure the rest of your system is in working condition.

Arching can cause loose wires to occur. Arching is when an electrical current jumps from one wire to another, instead of flowing through like it’s supposed to. Whatever the cause of your loose wires you need to contact an emergency electrician to ensure the safety those in the home and the property.

Fire and electricity are close cousins and you may notice signs of loose or faulty wiring from the outlets in your home. You may either smell burning coming from them or you may notice a burn mark around the outlets plug input area. When you go to plug in your things you may notice sparking as well. All of these electrical issues should prompt you to contact a professional, skilled, and certified professional to solve your electrical issues.

Electricity is a powerful essential event in our lives. Proper maintenance and repair of your electrical systems cannot be neglected. Doing so may result in major, irreversible malfunctions. If you are experiencing an electrical disaster contact the professional electricians at Mister Sparky to schedule an electrical maintenance or repair service as soon as possible.