Why Hiring An Amateur Electrician Is A Bad Idea | Wilmington, NC

Why Hiring An Amateur Electrician Is A Bad Idea | Wilmington, NC

The cost of living is through the roof, and many homeowners are looking for ways to cut their spending. Energy expenses are one of the areas where spending can be reduced. The importance of a reputable electrician for installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems cannot be understated. While it’s tempting to skimp on the electrician you hire for electrical work to save a few dollars, doing so may cost even more. While an amateur electrical contractor may be cheaper, they’ll likely cost more in the long run due to unexpected expenses.

Here are some reasons why hiring an amateur for your electrical work is a bad idea.

They Lack Proper Licensing and Insurance

Most amateur electrical technicians lack proper licensing because they’ve never received training for the job. They likely learned dabbling with wires from watching actual electrical technicians work or from make-shift online courses. They lack proper training to handle residential or commercial electrical work and are likely to do more harm than good.

What’s more, most novice technicians don’t have valid insurance. Insurance shields you from liability in case of any damage to your property or work-related injuries. Without proper insurance, you’ll have to foot the bill should an accident occur. These unplanned expenses will drain your wallet.

They’re Poor at Wiring

Most novice electrical contractors are terrible with wiring. While they can fix a broken microwave, they don’t have the experience or technical knowledge to handle residential wiring projects. These projects are very complex, and one small mistake could jeopardize your home. Moreover, a faulty wiring job could cost much more to undo than hiring a professional technician in the first place.

They Violate Building Codes

Building codes are standards and regulations prescribed by the local authorities for the design of structural systems, including lighting, air conditioning, and much more. Certified technicians have a firm understanding of these building codes, but amateurs don’t.

Flouting these building codes is not only dangerous for the building’s occupants but also illegal. By hiring an amateur technician, you are likely endearing your safety and that of your loved ones. Unfortunately, most homeowners are oblivious to these building codes and only realize it when it’s too late.

Always hire a licensed electrician for your electrical work to save costs in the long run and ensure the safety of your home and those in it.

The Risk of Exposed Wires

Most amateur electrical technicians don’t do their due diligence after completing their work. They often prioritize making money and not doing a proper job. As such, they’re likely to leave exposed wires within your home. Exposed wires put the safety of your home’s occupants at risk. The medical cost of treating unexpected electrical-related accidents could be costly.

Sketchy Estimates

Electrical service estimates are important for your personal finance organization. A written estimate helps you plan your finances. Novice electrical technicians aren’t straightforward with how they charge for their services. Rather, their prices are baseless. You may end up paying for services they don’t even offer.

Avoid sketchy estimates that end up costing you more than they should by hiring a professional. An electrician that fails to give you a direct quote is not worth engaging for services. They’re likely looking to upsell basic electrical services.

They Risk Your Property Insurance

Tampering with your electrical system could easily void your property insurance. Insurance companies have strict home insurance terms that customers must adhere to. They don’t allow amateurs or general handy persons to tamper or manipulate structural systems. Only certified professionals should install, repair, and maintain these systems.

You risk nullifying your home insurance every time you hire an amateur electrician for your electrical work. The situation is worse when the electrician in question damages the property. You won’t receive any compensation for the damage and will have your insurance policy revoked.

Signs You’re Dealing with an Amateur Electrical Technician

You’re probably unsure how to avoid an amateur electrical technician. Here are a few things to look out for when dealing with any electrician.

No Proof of Licensing

Steer clear of any electrician without a valid license. Without a license, an electrical technician has no proof of expertise in their craft. This is a huge red flag you shouldn’t overlook since it could cost you a lot more money in the long run.

Asking for Payment in Advance

Unscrupulous electrical technicians usually ask for advance payment and fail to fully solve the electrical issues you may be facing. No electrical emergency justifies an advance. Watch out for amateurs who ask for payment before completing the job. Especially those that pressure you to make the payment and give unrealistic deadlines.

Genuine electrical contractors have flexible payment options that match their client’s timelines.

Prices are Too High or Too Low

Novice electrical technicians are typically clueless about how the industry works. As such, they’ll likely throw up random prices and gauge your reaction. If the price seems way above or below industry rates, it’s best to keep looking for other service providers.

Negative Reviews

Negative reviews are another red flag that you shouldn’t ignore. Any electrical company ridden with negative reviews is likely run by amateurs. While having a few negative reviews is normal, too many are a bad sign.

Only reviews from authority review sites like Yelp and the BBB can give you an accurate picture of the electrical contractor. It’s also not uncommon for some companies to fake reviews to dupe unsuspecting customers.

Hire Certified Electrical Professionals Today

Hiring an amateur electrician may seem cost-effective, but it will likely cost you more in the long run. Electrical issues aren’t an issue to dabble with, and the expertise of a professional is necessary. Always contact an electrical professional to deal with any electrical problems in your home. At Mister Sparky of Wilmington, we are the leading electrical service producers. Contact us today for any electrical services you may need.

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