Why Should You Have an Electrician Install Surge Arrestors?

Why Should You Have an Electrician Install Surge Arrestors?

As technology progresses, more complex home and industrial electrical appliances are developed daily. These necessitate more complex electrical systems whose development needs consideration of severe conditions such as power surges and overvoltage. Every appliance owner has to ensure that their equipment is well protected even under these extreme conditions, so you should have an electrician install surge arrestors capable of withstanding high voltage. This article will describe everything you need to know about high voltage surge arrestors, from fundamental installation to how they work and what a user can do to protect their electrical system.

What Is an Electrical Surge?

When there is an abrupt change in electrical current, a high-energy wave of a brief time is introduced to the power system. This is referred to as an electrical surge. In other words, an electrical surge is a temporal wave of high current or voltage that last only a short time. These waves sometimes contain tens of thousands of volts and only last a few microseconds.

What Are the Causes of Electrical Surges?

There is a common misunderstanding that most professionals point out about power surges in that power surges only take place under adverse weather conditions. Still, these experts point out against this fallacy and state that surges can also happen due to internal sources as many external sources, including:

Electrical Overload

Even with high-end technology, most power surges still originate inside the house. Electrical overload is the most popular of the various likely causes of electrical surges. This happens when much power is taken from only a single circuit, characterized by too many appliances connected simultaneously. The overloaded circuit will receive an adverse voltage spike due to drawing too much power from the system.


Power outages or blackouts are another way to bring in electrical surge risk. Blackouts happen when massive power stations or power grids fail. However, it is the return of power that results in electrical surges. An electrician will recommend that all switches be turned off if there is a power outage since when power is restored, there is an instantaneous current surge which will cause an electrical surge.


Lightning is a form of electricity. As it is unregulated, a single lightning strike can hold thousands of volts. When it directly hits grid lines when they are live, an enormous spike in voltage is produced, and the power system has no place to take the extra current other than accept it into the grid. Therefore, an electrical surge is created due to this incoming and extreme stress introduced into the power system.

High Voltage Surge Arrestor

The way power grids and electrical systems are made, a surge or lightning arrestor is usually the first level of protection against switching and atmospheric voltage due to power surges, that is, if you do not count insulation. A high-voltage surge arrestor is a protective device whose function is to limit voltage on electrical equipment by providing a means to discharge the excess current to the ground.

This equipment directs the surge current to the ground or limits the current and can repeat the process. A surge arrestor is separate from a lightning arrestor, as these do not absorb or prevent lightning but provide protection to the electric equipment, ranging from a utility substation to a home. The main objective is to discharge excess surge current to the earth, which is a safe environment and where it is unlikely to cause harm. This ensures safety while the voltage held in the main power lines remains as it should, ensuring no damage to the power supply or insulation of the connected electrical appliances.

Types of Surge Arrestors

Depending on pressure support stability, how well rated in terms of voltage levels as well as their protecting capabilities, surge arrestors can be divided into the following types, namely:

Station Arrestors

These offer the most protection for your system, and an electrician will recommend these in most cases. They have a small amount of discharging levels, are characterized by a high-pressure relief, and their energy absorption is regarded as the highest grade.

Distribution Arrestors

Unlike station arrestors, distribution arrestors offer small surge protection and less energy discharge. They are preferably functional in most average voltage networks, and use is limited to transformers mounted in cubicle and elbow mounting.

Intermediate Arrestors

These deliver protection off the higher level than distribution arrestors, not on the high end, like station arrestors. In most cases, they are commonly found in small sub-stations, as they offer an average level of protection and discharging functionalities.

How Surge Arrestors Work

A surge arrestor protects electrical appliances from surges by draining the excess current to the ground. In other words, surge arrestors offer a low resistance path to the surge current towards the ground across all connected terminals. A semiconductor with high voltage sensitivity is used as the arrestor for this to be successful. In an unexpected voltage surge, this semiconductor is an obstacle and inhibits current. This semiconductor also brings in the function of knowing the insulation levels in the power systems and offers the di-electric strength of appliances. This ensures the voltage is maintained at a withstand voltage level, in other words, the highest level of voltage a device can hold without damage.

Therefore, the withstand voltage becomes the operating factor of a surge arrestor, ensuring that voltage is held at a preferable level of safety. This working principle of a surge arrestor means that the devices will only work properly if installed correctly. The main factor in installation is to ensure that a surge arrestor is installed as close as possible to the ground. Ensure that you are guided by an electrician, especially if in doubt.

Protect Your Appliances With Surge Arrestors

Are some or all of your appliances not protected from voltage spikes? Contact us at Mister Sparky of Wilmington to inspect and install protective surge arrestors today.

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When Should I Call an Emergency Electrician?

When Should I Call an Emergency Electrician?

A reliable electricity supply is critical to the optimal functioning of every home and business. Unfortunately, your electrical system is prone to faults that can cause fire, damage devices, or cause electrocution. There is no time to delay when something goes wrong with your electricity that requires urgent investigation. Electrical faults are lethal problems that a licensed emergency electrician should only handle. The following are some of the problems that require the attention of a 24/7 electrician.

Fallen power cables

Extreme weather events can cause power cables to fall. No matter how minor the damage looks, this is a severe problem with significant risks of fire outbreaks or electrocution. You should not approach or attempt to touch fallen wires. Evacuate people and animals around the hazards and check for signs of fire. More importantly, call an emergency electrician right away to tackle the issue. The expert has the proper training and equipment to fix the problem safely.

Exposed wires

Exposed wires inside your spaces are an emergency. As a rule of thumb, treat wires as hazards full of potent electricity running through them. No matter how negligible the issue may look, don’t attempt DIY repairs, as this could lead to severe electrocution. If you have noticed exposed wires in your home, call a licensed electrician to identify the root cause of the problem and safely put the wires back into the socket or walls.

Burning smells

If you can perceive strange smells that resemble burning plastic or smoke coming from your electrical components, you likely have a severe issue with your electrical system. This typically indicates damaged wiring components that could spark fires. This issue can be caused by overheating wires, causing insulation around to break down and release chemicals into the air. Don’t ignore any strong acrid smell in your electrical components. Call an electrician immediately to investigate the issue and fix it.

Sparking outlets

Sockets in your home or office provide a seamless way to get electricity to your appliances. Faulty or damaged sockets can spark fires and smoke. If you notice any sparks connecting your appliances, it indicates a significant fire risk that can quickly engulf your home. Switch off the power supply from the main switch and immediately call an electrician to mitigate the risk.


Outages are common during extreme weather events. However, if your house is the only one in your neighborhood experiencing an outage, there is something wrong with your electric system. Blackouts usually result from significant damage to the electricity supply system. This could be structural damage from wind storms, falling trees, or lightning strikes. Pay attention to any outages affecting your entire home or sections of your house. Call an emergency electrician to investigate the issue and recommend a suitable solution.

Dimming and flickering lights

If your lights dim or flicker as you turn multiple outlets, it is a sign of an electrical fault. With time the wiring in your home or business requires an upgrade to correct wear and tear to accommodate increased energy demand. As your system ages, pests and rodents can damage your wiring, meaning you need to update your old electrical system. Besides, if you have acquired appliances that use a lot of electricity, they may affect the power distribution and cause lights to flicker. No matter the case, if you are experiencing dimming or flickering lights, contact a professional electrician immediately to diagnose the issue and update your wiring.

Tripping circuit

Does your circuit breaker trip every so often? If so, you need to call a certified electrician immediately. Your circuit breaker is a crucial component that monitors the circuit for sudden overloads. If it detects an overload in your power supply, it will immediately shut it off to prevent surges that may cause damage to your home’s electrical system and components. The circuit breaker is designed to trip only when using high-voltage appliances simultaneously. If yours keep tripping, it is a sign you have an underlying issue with your electrical system. Call a 24/7 electrician to investigate the matter.

Humming and buzzing sounds

Your breaker box is supposed to operate with little or no sound. If you notice humming and buzzing sounds from the box, it is a signal you have a problem with your wiring. These sounds most likely indicate one of the panel’s circuit breakers is overloaded and has not tripped as it should have. When the circuit breakers fail to trip, the wires may get too hot and start an electric fire. This is an emergency issue that requires an immediate solution. Shut off your power supply from the main switch and call an emergency electrician to rectify the issue.

Wires in water

Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. If loose wires become submerged in water, there is a great danger of electrocution or fire outbreak. Submerged wires in water are emergency issues that should never be ignored. Make it a habit to inspect your outdoor electric systems after extreme weather for signs of damage that expose wires to a pool of water. Besides, water coming through the siding or windows may also make its way to outlets and switches. Have an electrician fix the issue as soon as possible.

After flooding or major leaks

As mentioned earlier, water and electricity don’t mix. If you have recently experienced flooding or major leaks in your home, ensure you have a licensed electrician to check your home before turning on anything. Damaged cables sitting on the water are a sure way to get electrocuted. An electrician will perform a thorough inspection and perform testing to determine the presence of hazards.

Contact the Professionals for all your electrical needs

Electrical faults in your home can cause interruption to electric flows, equipment damage, fires, and even electrocution. Pay attention to all of the signs of trouble discussed above. To prevent typical issues from occurring, have a certified electrician perform periodic maintenance of your electrical system. At Mister Sparky of Wilmington, we are committed to protecting you and your home or business from any electrical situation that could put you in danger. If you have noticed any issues with your electrical system, contact us today.

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Benefits of Upgrading to Recessed Lighting With Your Electrical Services Provider

Benefits of Upgrading to Recessed Lighting With Your Electrical Services Provider

Are you planning to upgrade your home’s lighting? There are plenty of options that you can choose from. However, before you shop for new chandeliers or lamps, ask yourself if your home could benefit from an upgrade. If so, then consider using recessed lighting. This is a great way of lighting your space without worrying about mounted lights and endless lamps. Should you hire electrical services provider to help you install recessed lighting? Is it worth your precious money and time? Do recessed lighting costs much? Are there any changes to your interior designs needed? Below are the benefits of installing recessed lighting in your home.

Benefits of Upgrading To Recessed Lighting

They Light Up Your Whole Space

With ordinary lighting, you will need lamps to light up your home. In open floor plans or larger rooms, this poses a challenge. Unless you place the lamps in the middle of the room, larger spaces could be left having dark centers. Additionally, you will need multiple floor or table lamps to shed light on your too-large room. This means you’ll use more money purchasing the lamps.

Besides, more lamps mean more energy consumption. Eventually, the electricity bill will be high. Besides dealing with your lamps, you also will need to navigate the running wiring to the electrical outlets across your rooms. The higher the number of lamps installed at your home, the fewer electrical outlets remain for other purposes. This means you might have to purchase power strips for extra outlets. However, recessed lights allow you to illuminate the entire space without all the above inconveniences. Since a single recessed light covers a large space, more electrical outlets will be available for other uses. You won’t have to trip over the power cords or purchase a power strip.

Make Your Indoor Space Feel Larger

Since fewer lamps crowd your indoor space, the other benefit you will enjoy by hiring an electrical services provider to install recessed light fixtures is the feeling that you have more space. Fewer lamps are just one of the reasons you will feel like your indoor space has enlarged. The recessed lighting leaves an effect called “wall washing.” This doesn’t mean you must break out some sponge and scrub your interior walls clean. Instead, a “wall washing” effect is a light effect that casts more light across your room instead of just in small pockets as regular lights do. When recessed lights are correctly installed, you will experience this effect and feel like your rooms are much larger.

Highlight Your Collections

While lighting your indoor space using recessed lighting has that wall-washing effect that makes it appear larger, whole-room lighting is not the only way of using your recessed lights. With recessed lighting, the lights highlight your room’s display case, artwork, and other features. More like the small spotlights found in museums or galleries, you also can use recessed lighting to draw attention and shed light on specific spaces in your room. Are you an apparel seller? You could benefit from installing these lights in your shop. This is because they will highlight your products to window shoppers by increasing your shop and product’s allure.

Increases Home Value

Do you have plans to sell your home now or later in the future? Recessed lighting is an excellent way of attracting more potential buyers and increasing the value of your home. Flush-mounted, recessed lighting is attractive, and your house will get more bids. Selling your home at a higher value means you’ll profit. Whether you add the recessed lights in the kitchen to give it a contemporary look or even across your home for a more luxurious touch, you will be boosting the value of your home.

Since many homeowners are upgrading to recessed lighting, potential buyers are looking for this. In the real estate business, such changes make your property stand out. So, if you plan to put your home up for resale, you should consider enlisting an electrical services provider to help upgrade your conventional lighting to recessed lighting.

Lights High Ceilings

Larger spaces or rooms are just some that are hard to light using a traditional table or floor lamps. High ceilings in a room give a house drama and detail. High ceilings can provide an airy, open feeling in a room, even one smaller. However, lighting a space with a high ceiling could prove a challenge. Fortunately, having an electrician install recessed lighting can resolve this issue. Whether used together with a chandelier or even in a place of one, recessed lights will illuminate all the dark corners of the high-ceiling room easily.

Creates A Minimalist Look

Over the years, the minimalist home décor trend has been so popular. There are various ways of doing the minimalist design. For instance, metal accents having contrasting light and dark colors lend themselves a contemporary look. Warm accent patterns and colors are excellent for a natural feel. Enlisting an electrician to install recessed lights makes a perfect addition to minimalist décor. By taking the lamps off your room, you’ll see a more opened-up space that results in less clutter while still enjoying the lighting.

Prevent Mishaps

Power cords and lamps are a recipe for tripping and other accidents. From pets to kids to vacuum cleaners at your home, your lamps could be knocked over in many ways. On top of broken glass pieces, the falling lamps also may knock over your TV and other small furniture, which could lead to injuries. Having an electrical services provider install recessed lighting provides a simple way to avoid these risks entirely. Since they don’t have power cords to deal with, it means you’ll light your home easily and safely.

Do you need to upgrade to recessed lighting? As you can see, installing them has many benefits. Contact us at Mister Sparky of Wilmington for a professional installation.

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Reasons Why You Should Call An Electrician To Install a Dedicated Circuit For Your Washing Machine

Reasons Why You Should Call An Electrician To Install a Dedicated Circuit For Your Washing Machine

A dedicated circuit provides an electrical supply to a single appliance without causing overload or interference with other system components. If all appliances in your home use the same circuit, they are likely to be damaged, and their efficiency can be impacted. However, if you use appliances that consume more power on a dedicated circuit, you won’t need to worry about the circuit breaker constantly tripping or overloading the system. Appliances requiring a dedicated home circuit include washing machines, microwaves, dishwashers and refrigerators, and garbage disposals. With assistance from a licensed electrician, you can determine which equipment in your home needs a dedicated circuit. Let’s discuss some benefits of installing a dedicated circuit for your washing machine.

Prevents Power Surges and Overloads

Placing your washing machine on a shared circuit has many risks, particularly if your area experiences frequent power outages. In the event of a power surge, your washing machine and other accessories could be damaged. Moreover, multiple appliances on a single circuit can lead to overheating electrical power outlets, tripping circuit breakers, and wearing off circuit breakers. A dedicated circuit prevents your washing machine from suffering damage due to overloaded circuits and power surges. Besides, after installing a dedicated circuit on your high-power household appliances, there will be no more sudden power interruptions due to a circuit breaker tripping.

Provide Enough Electrical Current

Washing machines require more electrical current than small appliances and lights. Connecting them to a conventional electrical outlet can quickly overload your house’s electrical system. This is because washing machines are heavy-duty electrical appliances, and your electrical panel will struggle to provide the current they need so that they can function well. Installing a dedicated circuit in your home, you can be sure your washing machine will receive enough current without the risk of overloading other electrical appliances. Your electrician can help you choose the suitable dedicated circuit that always supplies the right power. They will also install it for you and ensure it runs without problem.

Protects Wiring

If you connect multiple appliances in a single circuit, it can lead to wiring damage. Home electrical wires are designed to withstand specific current values and voltage ratings. However, if heavy electrical appliances operate on a single circuit, the wiring system in your home can reach a point where it cannot hold the load, thus causing it to burn. Remember that replacing burned wiring is not a simple task, and it requires a skilled electrical technician to replace the part of the burnt wire. When you install a dedicated circuit on your washing machine and other heavy appliances, you are assured that your wiring system remains free of extra load.

Streamlines The Entire Electrical Setup

Dedicated circuits ensure that residential homeowners streamline their electrical systems. This is because all the appliances will get the current and voltage rating required to function optimally.

Prevent Electrical Safety Hazards

When it comes to your electrical system, prioritizing safety is essential. Installing a dedicated circuit in your washing machine helps to prevent dangerous safety problems in your electrical system. A high-current washing machine is more likely to cause electrocution or fire hazard if hooked to a standard circuit. However, investing in a dedicated circuit will give you peace of mind and reduce the chances of nasty electrical accidents and other electrical dangers.

Compliance With the National Electrical Code

You may violate national electrical code laws if you fail to put a dedicated circuit on some devices. This means you may end up paying fines in your next home inspection. Luckily, installing dedicated circuits for your high-voltage appliances is not hard. You only need to hire an experienced electrician to advise you on which electrical device in your home needs a dedicated circuit. Remember, when it comes to preventing safety hazards, it is good to follow regulations now rather than paying the price in the future. Also, your electrician can help you ensure that your outlet and appliances meet safety regulations.

Extends Operating Life of Washing Machine

The operating life of a washing machine is cut short because of how it is powered. For example, a consistent fluctuation in voltage from the primary power source has the potential to diminish the operational lifespan of your washing machine gradually. Most homeowners come to know this when their appliance suddenly breaks down. With a simple installation of a dedicated circuit, the washing machine will continue to operate on the required current rating and voltage, which increases its lifespan by several years.

What Size Of Dedicated Circuit Does A Washing Machine Need?

It’s always advisable for an electrical technician if you are unsure about anything. However, you can check your washing machine manual and see how much power it needs and what size of dedicated breaker you need. A 20-amp dedicated circuit is ideal for mid-range appliances such as kitchen outlets or home entertainment systems. You can have several 20-amp dedicated circuits installed in your kitchen to keep coffee makers, toaster ovens, and other small kitchen appliances running without interruption. Heavy-duty appliances such as water heaters, clothes dryers, ovens, and washing machines need a 30 to 50-amp dedicated circuit. You need to make sure that each device has its dedicated circuit so that it can run smoothly. You can also combine it with a GFCI outlet to prevent shocks in case of electrical system faults.

Call Us to Install a Dedicated Circuit In Your Home

At Mister Sparky of Wilmington, our electrical service specialists have been helping homeowners install dedicated circuits and other electrical components for many years. Our electrical experts are skilled, licensed, insured, experienced, dependable, and knowledgeable. We’ll install your new dedicated circuit and double-check that everything works as it should. You can expect friendly and professional customer service when you work with us. To schedule an appointment with one of our experts, call us now.

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The Importance of a Reliable Emergency Electrician in Times of Crisis

The Importance of a Reliable Emergency Electrician in Times of Crisis

Many of us aren’t so much concerned with electrical services until we experience a power outage. You should find an emergency electrician who can be trusted. There are many situations where their help might be required, and they should be readily available. Choosing the right one may be challenging with the various emergency service companies available today.

What to Expect From Emergency Electrical Services

The main reason for hiring an emergency electrician is to rectify the situation and restore power to your home or business. This will normally be achieved a short time after they arrive. Once there are no safety hazards like exposed power cables, you can go about your day as normal. However, if you have a larger problem, like downed wires in the street or other damage caused by storms, it may take longer before power can be restored. Knowing what to expect will help determine whether you’re being served well. Expect the following when you hire an emergency electrical service company:

Rapid Response

Emergencies may lead to problematic issues if not solved promptly. An emergency electrical service company should respond rapidly to emergencies and sort out the problem quickly. They are always equipped for these situations and provide effective solutions. Mister Sparky of Wilmington responds promptly to electrical emergencies.

24/7 Availability

Electricians can help residents and businesses restore power in many situations, including power outages, lightning strikes, and storm damage. Emergency electrical service providers can come to your home or business anytime to fix your electrical issue.


Keeping you and your property safe is the priority of an emergency electrical service provider. They will assess the situation and perform a structural analysis to identify potential dangers and ensure everyone is out of danger before any work is done. Mister Sparky of Wilmington ensures the safety of its clients and workers during service delivery.

Advanced Tools And Equipment

An emergency electrical company will have various tools to help them do the job without extra help. Depending on the problem’s scope and expertise, they may even perform repairs that require customized equipment in the field.

Ongoing Support

After your emergency electrical service arrives, they will assist you with any follow-up work. This can include fixing damaged wiring, cleaning collateral damage from the area, and repairing equipment.

Clear Communication

An emergency electrical company will always tell you the steps they are taking to fix the problem, possible potential dangers, and how long it will take to complete their work. This allows you to relax and remain calm throughout the process.


An emergency electrical service is a professional company with the skills, tools, and equipment to do the job. They will not rush in and out of work but will do it professionally to ensure your safety. If you are still concerned about your electricity 24 hours after professional service, you may want to contact another company for a second opinion. Mister Sparky of Wilmington offers professional electrical services to local clients.

Cost-Effective Solutions

If you hire a second opinion, an emergency electrician can also tell you the possible cost savings by hiring them again. This is because they have all the necessary skills and equipment. They must assess the job to account for any damage and repair it on-site.

Choosing an Electrical Emergency Company You Can Rely On

Finding a reliable company to ensure power security for your company or business is crucial. Reliability means a company has a flexible schedule and can respond to your needs anytime.


Choose a reputable company in your community. A well-established electrical emergency company will have a history of providing excellent client service. Online reviews can inform you whether a company offers satisfactory services. Past clients may post negative and positive reviews, so you should evaluate the consistency of the reviews. Choose a company that has more positive reviews compared to negative ones.


Verify that the company is licensed and insured. A reliable electrical emergency company should have the necessary licenses and insurance coverage to protect you and their employees. This ensures that they operate legally and have the financial backing to cover any potential damages or accidents during their work.

Evaluate Their Range of Services

A dependable electrical emergency company should be able to handle various electrical issues. Ensure your company offers comprehensive services, including troubleshooting, repairs, installations, and maintenance.

Request a Detailed Quote

Before hiring an electrical emergency company, ask for a written estimate outlining the work scope, materials, and labor costs. This will help you avoid surprises or hidden fees and ensure you get a fair price for their services.

Inquire About Their Warranty Policy

A trustworthy electrical emergency company confides in its work and offers a warranty. You won’t pay for repairs if further damage occurs during service delivery.

Look for a Company That Values Customer Service

A reliable electrical emergency company should prioritize customer satisfaction and be responsive to your needs. Pay attention to how they communicate with you and whether they will address your concerns and answer your questions appropriately.

Consider Their Experience With Similar Projects

A company with a history of successfully handling electrical emergencies similar to yours will be better equipped to address your specific needs. Consult previous customers and use their experience to find a suitable company.

Look for a Company That Uses High-Quality Materials and Equipment

A dependable electrical emergency company should use top-of-the-line materials and tools to ensure the durability and safety of their work. This can help prevent future issues and save you money in the long run.

If you need a reliable emergency electrician, look no further than our company, Mister Sparky of Wilmington. Our experts are available 24/7 to address any electrical emergency you may be facing. Prompt service is essential in times of crisis. We are committed to providing the expertise and resources needed to restore power and ensure you continue your operations. Call us to access our emergency electrical services and learn how we can help you in times of need.

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