You Didn’t Know You Needed Us: Why Electrical Services Can Make A Big Difference For Homeowners | Wilmington, NC

You Didn’t Know You Needed Us: Why Electrical Services Can Make A Big Difference For Homeowners | Wilmington, NC

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At Mister Sparky of Wilmington, NC our electrical services team is busy updating and upgrading homes all over town, year-round. Some seasons give us extra work to do, like when people want outdoor lights and power to enjoy the summer season and of course storm season with the challenges it brings. We also get calls for the seasons of people’s lives, like when a baby’s on the way and some remodeling is in order, or when older folks are what they call “aging in place” and want all their conveniences and luxuries handy with power to support them. When a home has seen a few seasons, our electrical services experts can update wiring that’s outdated, worn, or done wrong in the past, or to provide additional outlets, features, and power panels to modernize the home.

Safety Features

Modern homes have special outlets that require both blades of the plug so little ones can’t put pieces of metal in. These are a great update for your older home, too, if you have kids or grandkids to watch out for. Other feature updates we suggest include grounded outlets, GFCI devices in the kitchen and bathrooms, and a quick check for your wiring quality to make sure you’ve got modern enough wires that are properly fastened in each outlet and fixture. That will help avoid heat generation from poor connections that can lead to tragedy. Our electrical services people can install additional outlets that help you avoid another potential problem — improper use of extension cords, especially with space heaters and other high-current devices.

Protecting Your Equipment

The most comprehensive and effective way to provide surge protection, both for power line problems and nearby lightning strikes, is to have our electrical services team install service entry surge protection and a whole-house lightning arrestor at your power panel. With these devices in place, your whole home is protected, and that includes a lot of electronics you might not have thought of, from your microwave oven to your smart home gadgets, your computerized washing machine and intelligent oven. You’re already adding up the cost of your gaming systems, home theater gear, computers, and network equipment. It makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Cleaning Up Hidden Wiring Disasters

If you have questions about your wiring due to its age or some odd outlets or junction boxes, even some occasional sparking or puffs of smoke, it’s a good idea to have our electrical services team check and update your wiring. We can bring it up to code, an important factor in keeping your investment in your home safe from the consequences of electrical issues. A whole-house rewiring for older homes can be an important plus, adding value to the home.

Keeping the Lights On

Have you been thinking about a generator to make sure your home stays a welcoming place when the power fails? It can make a big difference to see the lights flicker, then come back on as your generator system automatically takes over, keeping your home comfortable and easy to live in even if the power is out for hours or days. Our electrical services generator team can install a range of generators with enough power to take care of your whole house, or just handle your lights, refrigerator, and microwave. Our professional installations are done to meet local code, with the generator located to keep the noise and exhaust down. Modern generators are designed to minimize carbon monoxide risk, too, so you can relax and enjoy reliable backup power.

Summer Parties

Extension cords and DIY wiring are definitely not the way to go outdoors. There’s always moisture and so there’s always a risk of electric shock with power outside. We can provide durable wiring, weatherproof enclosures, and GFCI devices that protect you from accidental contact with electrical power. We’ve also got great electrical services ideas for outdoor lighting, or can install the fixtures you’ve been dreaming about, including the controls that will make them easy to use. For fire pits, barbecues, and pergolas, the party here in Wilmington, NC goes on that much longer when you have the lights and somewhere to plug your music in. Are you ready to enjoy the season?

More Power to Your Home and Even Your Garage

Older homes often have a limited capacity line from the power company compared to modern construction. They probably also have small glass fuse-based power panels, old and annoying to deal with when the lights go out. If you have ideas for the future of your home that involve electrical services, you’ll want to start at the power box and make sure you have the capacity and room for breakers that will make adding circuits easy. This will also be an attractive surprise if you put your home on the market and buyers discover that your home has both character from another time and power service from the present.

If you spend a lot of time in your garage or shed working on projects with welders, shop tools, air compressors and other hardworking electrical appliances, you may want 220V circuits run out there to provide the power these devices need, especially when they start up or are working particularly hard. We can even install a separate power panel and wire your space for better lighting, plenty of outlets, and other conveniences. Perhaps you could use a deep freezer but don’t have room in the main house? We can make it possible.

How Can We Help Improve Your Home?

Mister Sparky of Wilmington provides electrical services with professional skills. We also offer helpful ideas and modern updates as we serve our customers, adding value to their homes and enjoyment to their lives as our electricians work to make a difference you’ll notice. Give us a call with questions about your home’s electricity and features, or call on us for trusted electrical service with repairs and emergencies.