7 Signs You Need To Hire An Emergency Electrician | Wilmington, NC

7 Signs You Need To Hire An Emergency Electrician | Wilmington, NC

Your house is where you and your family should feel the safest and most comfortable. Unfortunately, an alarming number of accidents occur in the home, and many can be prevented.

A faulty electrical system can put your home and family at significant risk and should never be ignored. Some electrical issues can wait until you have time for a service call; however, some problems must be addressed immediately to prevent a disaster.

If you notice any of the following problems, it’s best to hire an emergency electrician in Wilmington, NC, immediately.

#1 The Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping

The circuit breakers are your electrical system’s safety feature, and a circuit will trip during a power surge or if the circuit is overloaded. If you have a circuit that trips constantly, you could have too many appliances and devices plugged into that one circuit. Unplugging something should solve the problem, but if you need everything plugged into the circuit, an electrician can upgrade the breaker box or install a new outlet, allowing you to run everything safely.

There could also be a wiring issue in the breaker box, and it’s best to hire an emergency electrician in Wilmington, NC. They will inspect the circuits and wiring to resolve the problem to prevent an electrical fire that could destroy your house in minutes.

#2 Warm or Hot Outlets

The outlets in your house should always be cool, and if there’s an outlet that is warm or hot to the touch, it’s best to hire an emergency plumber immediately. It’s easy to ignore the problem; however, waiting to call an electrician could result in an electrical fire. The heat indicates high demand in the circuit or a wiring issue that must be addressed immediately. An emergency electrician in Wilmington, NC, can inspect the circuit and the wiring to figure out why the outlets are hot to resolve the problem quickly.

#3 Flickering Lights

Flickering lights indicate a problem with your electrical system. If the lights flicker when you turn on a particular appliance, there could be an issue with the appliance or the wiring that can start an electrical fire. Also, the circuit could be overloaded, or something else could be causing the problem, so you’ll need to hire an emergency electrician immediately. They will check every possible cause to find the right one to make the necessary repair.

#4 Sparks

If you plug something in when it’s still on, it can cause a spark, and turning off the appliance before plugging it in can solve the problem. The outlet will also spark if the conductors in a circuit are close to touching, and you’ll see blue sparks that jump from one to the other, known as arcing.

A blue spark that lasts longer than a second indicates an electrical issue. The same is true if the spark is white or yellow, and you should hire an emergency electrician immediately.

Yellow or white sparks and long-lasting sparks indicate an overload or a wiring issue, and the sparks can start a fire quickly. You’ll need an emergency electrician to diagnose and repair the problem before a disaster occurs.

#5 Burning or Smoky Smell

If you smell something burning or a smokey smell in the house, and you can’t find the cause, it’s likely with the electrical system. In this case, you should shut off the main electrical switch and call 911. The fire department will check behind the walls for fire, and when they clear the house and allow you to go back inside, you should call an emergency electrician.

There’s likely a wiring issue somewhere in the electrical system, and you’re smelling burning wire insulation, which can quickly start an electrical fire.

You’ll need an electrician to identify the wires that have melted and find the underlying cause to make the necessary repair. When the problem is resolved, you can restore the power to your home, knowing your home and family will be safe.

#6 Buzzing Sounds

If you hear a buzzing sound behind the wall, it’s unlikely that there’s a bees nest behind it, and your electrical system is likely to blame. Loose screws at the termination point and wiring issues can cause a buzzing sound, so it’s best to hire an emergency electrician immediately.

The electrician will inspect the electrical system to determine what’s causing the buzzing sound and fix the problem before it escalates, starting an electrical fire.

#7 Sudden Loss of Power

If the power suddenly goes out in all or part of your home and your neighbors have power, you should start by calling the electric company to ensure the service hasn’t been disconnected and the problem isn’t on their end. If everything is right with the electric company, it’s time to hire an emergency electrician. They will inspect the electrical system and troubleshoot the issue and make the necessary repairs. The sooner you make the call, the sooner the power will be restored.

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