Call The Emergency Electrician: That Tingling Feeling Isn’t Always Excitement | Wilmington, NC

Call The Emergency Electrician: That Tingling Feeling Isn’t Always Excitement | Wilmington, NC

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It’s not overreacting when you call our emergency electricians to have an electrical problem checked out, even if you’re not sure what it is. A small problem with your wiring, outlets, or fixtures can turn into a danger you wish you had checked out when it was “just nothing.” We’re Mister Sparky of Wilmington, NC, your local licensed electricians with extensive experience in diagnosing “small” electrical issues that homeowners were lucky they caught early.

Catching Potential Signs of Electrical Issues Early

How often have you pulled out a plug and felt the outlet wiggle, or heard a crackle when you flipped a light switch? These are a couple of the more obvious signs that something’s not right, and there are many more that you might not catch right away, or may never notice because they’re hidden in your walls, or in your outlet boxes, waiting for the right combination of events to lead to trouble. One common example is outlet problems that fail to protect you from faulty appliances. You pick up a toaster that’s plugged in and think you feel a slight tingle. It’s nothing, right? Maybe just your nerves. But that slight tingle can be electricity flowing from the appliance and through you, and the only reason it was just a tingle is that you weren’t touching something that the power could flow to efficiently, hitting you with a substantial electric shock.

Electricians Work with Power Every Day, So There Are Ways to Stay Safe and Not Worry

Electricity is a major source of enjoyment in our lives and a rewarding job for electricians. Like most things, though, like driving, for example, you need to have your equipment in good shape and stay aware of what’s going on. When our emergency electricians come to check out a potential problem, you may not notice all the ways they are protecting themselves, because they learned good work habits during training which come naturally. They also learned many ways to install your wiring and equipment properly so it will serve you well without future problems.

Our Electricians Have an Eye for Safety Improvements

There are two important sources of problems, among many, that we look for which can be present in any home: unskilled installation, and poor quality equipment. In some cases, the techniques and equipment were just fine years ago, until the industry realized that there was a better way and changed. As emergency electricians, we try to notice and recommend fixes when we find them, from aluminum wiring and certain types of outlets and switches to a certain brand of circuit breaker panel and equipment that turned out to be unreliable. One way to avoid emergency electrician visits, then, is to have us make routine visits for electrical inspections and upgrades, where we can catch any potential issues and work to keep you safe in your home.

GFCI Protection Can Make a Big Difference in Your Family’s Safety

Sources of that tingling feeling most often occur in the kitchen, bathroom, and near outdoor outlets, but they can occur anywhere that an electrical fault of some kind, from wiring and outlets to fixtures and appliances, is combined with a person in contact with an electrical ground through moisture or metal. Introduction of the GFCI, or circuit interrupter, provided a way for these accidental electric shock risks to be handled at the source, cutting off power when the device senses that electricity is flowing in ways that it shouldn’t. If your home doesn’t have these devices, as your emergency electrician will tell you, installing them will go a long way towards protecting your family from electric shock risks. As part of the GFCI installation, your electrician should ensure that your outlets include a proper ground wire for full protection.

Managing Your Home’s Circuits for Safe Power Use

From the power panel, usually in your basement, to circuits running through your home and even outside, an essential factor is making sure that the wiring is designed for the power in use. As your emergency electrician can tell you, not every overheating situation is from a short circuit, and in many cases heavy power use tests the wiring and connections, sometimes developing faults over time. This is especially true when wiring gauge doesn’t match the circuit breaker or fuse rating, a situation that can seem to work just fine when installed, but eventually can lead to trouble. Our team can upgrade your wiring to match the demands of your modern equipment safely, change your fuse panel to modern circuit breakers, and upgrade circuit breaker panels that are becoming full so there’s room to add new circuits, helping you to divide the load on your wiring and provide for safer operation.

Our Wiring and Fixture Installation Experts Do a Professional Job for Your Safety

New circuits, remodeling, and installation of new fixtures and equipment require expert skills to make sure that every connection and routed wire will stand the test of time. Professional, licensed electricians follow the latest standards and use materials and techniques that are right for the job. For homes with older wiring that has degraded or become unsafe, we also provide careful, efficient rewiring of your home to ensure that risks hidden in your walls are removed and replace with modern, long-lasting wiring that provides the safety features you count on, and our emergency electricians appreciate.

Your Professional Emergency Electricians in Wilmington, NC, Keeping Your Family and Home Safe

We’re Mister Sparky of Wilmington local electricians who use our experience and training to install, maintain, and upgrade the electrical features of your home, and to respond as your emergency electricians when something doesn’t seem right with your power. With a healthy appreciation for electricity’s risks, we’re here to keep your home’s electrical wiring as risk-free as possible. Give us a call with your questions, and call on us to take care of electrical problems in your home, promptly and professionally.