Your Emergency Electrician: A Detective Looking For Electrical Dangers In Your Home | Wilmington, NC

Your Emergency Electrician: A Detective Looking For Electrical Dangers In Your Home | Wilmington, NC

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At Mister Sparky of Wilmington, NC, our emergency electricians are unique: they not only know how to professionally install and maintain your wiring and electrical features, they know how to figure out what’s wrong with your existing wiring when there are signs of trouble. That’s an important job, and we send electricians who are expert diagnosticians to find elusive problems that are generating clues like sparks, frequent breaker tripping, smoke, and electrical odors. Our emergency electricians also know how to make repairs to wiring problems that ensure that your family no longer has to worry about that particular issue anymore, and they’ll identify any possible related issues that you may want to check before they become a big concern.

Unreliable Power and Flickering Lights Are Not Just Inconvenient, They’re Potential Signs of Trouble

When your outlets are unreliable and your lights are flickering on their own, it’s time to call an emergency electrician and get them taken care of. There are so many risks that wiring and fixture problems can present, it’s not worth predicting the outcome on your own when it could be a loose wire, but that wire could also spark and start a fire in the wall, or touch another wire and make a heat-generating short with a similar outcome. The same goes for flickering lights, which in many cases can be traced to wiring problems but also could be a bad dimmer switch or a fluorescent fixture problem. Your emergency electrician can sort it out and make sure in any case that you and your property are safe. Loose outlets that move when you plug and unplug, and light switches where you can hear a sparking sound in the wall when you flick them, are also matters for a professional to check out. Your emergency electrician might also suggest a quick inspection of other switches or outlets to find similar problems early.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire or Perhaps More Smoke Nearby

When smoke is coming from anywhere near your electrical wiring, it’s time to take action. Even if you immediately turn off the appropriate breaker, you don’t know what’s smoldering in the walls on its own, waiting for a burst of fresh air to ignite it. Our emergency electrician will do what’s needed to help eliminate the dangers from that situation, and may also explain that causes like aging or melted insulation, old-style wiring or connections, or other factors related to the age of your wiring could indicate that there are similar problems potentially developing nearby. For your peace of mind and protection, an electrical wiring inspection is a good idea when recommended by your responding electrician. You might also talk about out-of-date outlets, switches, or wiring that you’d like to have replaced to bring your home up to modern electrical code.

Up to Code Means Meeting Modern Safety Standards

Current electrical code has added a variety of safety features to home wiring, protecting children and those working near water, providing easier access to outlets to avoid extension cord use, and ensuring that proper grounds are available at each outlet so your appliances don’t become hazards themselves. Specific features employed include child-proof outlets that are designed not to allow single pieces of metal to be inserted, only dual-prong and three-pronged plugs. To avoid accidental current flow through you when you’re in contact with moisture, GFCI units are now required in at-risk areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, and in outdoor electrical outlets. Outlet spacing is now typically at a maximum of six-foot distances, providing many more power outlets than are found in older homes.

Grounding, a safety feature that can help prevent stray current from appearing on places such as the metal surface of an appliance, requires not only three-prong outlets but actually proper wiring and connections to the right ground point in your building. In some homes, three-prong outlets have been used as replacements for defective two-prong ones, without adding the proper wiring. Your electrician keeps an eye out for situations like these, wiring with an improper gauge of wire that is designed for less current than the breaker is designed for, and other hazards such as hidden junction boxes and wiring connected without junction boxes when one is required. Electrical code provides a wide range of protections, and you deserve to be covered by as many as possible.

Electrical Inspections for New and Older Homes

Whenever you have concerns about your home’s wiring, or are interested in making upgrades, and want to know what your current home’s electrical status is, a home electrical inspection is a good idea. Our electricians will make sure that your wiring is safe and correct, paying close attention to your home’s existing electrical capacity and upgrade needs.

Professionals with Wiring and Electrical Skills You Can Count On

Sometimes emergency electricians find a problem outlet that’s the source of trouble, other times it’s the wiring, in general, that’s suspect. When you have our team do your wiring, you’ll know what’s behind your walls, and be sure that your outlets and switches are connected safely and securely. Your essential main electric services will be properly managed and wired, according to the latest electrical code and professional standards. When we work on old wiring that was carefully done, we’re proud to be part of a long tradition of professional electricians and think about future electricians admiring our work as well.

Mister Sparky of Wilmington, NC: Emergency Electricians You Can Count on For Fast Service

When you’re concerned about your electrical safety, don’t wait. At Mister Sparky of Wilmington, we’re here to answer your questions and dispatch an emergency electrician if you need one. Our team of experienced, professional electrical experts is excellent at locating and fixing electrical problems, and our team is also the electricians you want to count on for electrical work when you want to make sure it’s done right. Give us a call, we’re here for you.