Electrical Services: Electrical System Upgrades For Older Homes And Why They Are Important | Wilmington, NC

Electrical Services: Electrical System Upgrades For Older Homes And Why They Are Important | Wilmington, NC

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An older home may require more electrical services than a newer one. This is true for a variety of reasons. It is important to understand that although a home’s electrical system is built to last, it cannot last forever. With professional electrical services and preventive maintenance, you can extend the longevity of your electrical system. When it comes to electrical services, it is imperative you hire a licensed, experienced, and reputable electrician. The electrical service professionals at Mister Sparky of Wilmington, have the expertise and knowledge to provide the electrical service you deserve. If you live in or around the Wilmington, NC, area, and are in need of professional electrical service, contact the staff at Mister Sparky of Wilmington.


When things become older, they will start to decay. It is up to us to keep them up and prevent the decay or replace the decaying parts. The electrical system is the exact same way. Furthermore, electrical devices and components are always being reinvented and upgraded. This means your electrical system will need to keep up as well. Older electrical systems may have trouble doing so. Knowing what upgrades to acquire will help keep older homes up to date and functional. If you are unsure which upgrades would be best for your electrical system, contact a professional electrical services company ex[ert suggestions on how to bring your home up to date.

Total Home Rewiring

If you live in or own an older home, chances are, much of the electrical system materials have become weakened, frayed, and decayed over time. An old electrical system with old and frayed wiring poses a serious threat to the safety of the property. This is especially true when coupled with newer and more modern appliances. Newer devices typically require more energy than older models and therefore will demand more out of your electrical system. Before doing any major upgrades, it would be more beneficial to have your home totally rewired. Rewiring the home is important for several reasons.

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to electrical service and upgrades. Rewiring the home will make using the electrical system less hazardous. Rewiring the entire property could also prevent other disasters. When rewiring the entire home, your electrical service professional will be able to identify other electrical issues and fix them accordingly.

Over time, local bodies of government change electrical system requirements in order to keep the public safe. These changes typically stem from changes in technology and practices. If you live in a home older than 30 – 50 years of age, you may want to speak to a professional about rewiring your home. If you live in or around the Wilmington, NC, area, and are in need of professional electrical service, contact the staff at Mister Sparky of Wilmington, for a consultation today.

Addition of Outlets

Unfortunately, homes do not always come with the outlets we require. Whether it’s setting up an entertainment system, laptops, games, appliances, or other electronics, there never seems to be enough. Older homes typically suffer from having too few outlets due to the needs at the time. To make things more convenient and safer for everyday use, it is best to have more outlets installed.

Having new outlets installed requires some rewiring, which is why it is imperative only professionals handle your electrical services. Any kind of electrical rewiring must be done properly. Any faulty work can result in serious malunions, such as sparks, electrocution, and fire.

Adding additional wires is more than convenient, it is also for your safety. When homes don’t have enough wire, people typically rely on extension cords and other forms of electrical discernment to power all of their devices. This may work on a temporary basis, but can be dangerous for prolonged use. Most extension cords warn against it due to the hazards it presents. Multiple extension cords can also be a hazard to inhabitants in the home. These wires typically pose a huge tripping threat, which could be more detrimental to elders, children, and pets. To avoid this hazard, have a professional company provide electrical service for your home and add more outlets. If you live in or around the area and are in need of reliable electrical services, contact the staff at Mister Sparky of Wilmington, to schedule service today.

Up the Amperage

If you own an older home, chances are, you will eventually need to up the amperage. Amperage can be defined as a calculation of the amount of electricity an electrical system or device can handle at one time. An ampere is the base unit measurement of the electrical current streaming on a regular basis. The standard amperage in a home today is between 150 and 200 amps. Many older homes are way below the modern standard and will experience more electrical system complications due to that. If you do not know what your amperage is and how to upgrade it, contact a licensed electrical company for electrical services and a consultation.

Updating your home’s amperage is important for many reasons. The number one reason for updating your home’s amp is safety. A home that has a low amp cannot use modern appliances, due to the required amount of electricity. An attempt to use a high voltage appliance with a low amp will put tremendous strain on the electrical system. This can lead to power outages, blown fuses, and more.

The Bottom Line

There are other possible upgrades you can make to your home, to make it more convenient, comfortable, safe, and modern. Some upgrades are more extensive, while some don’t require much. When it comes to updating your electrical system, you must contact a professional electrician for reliable electrical services. Any DIY or amateur work can result in malfunction, faults, or electrical disaster. Amateur electrical work can even cause appliances and devices to stop working due to a lack of electrical understanding. Hiring a professional for all of your electrical services will ensure avoidable malfunctions and faults do not occur. If you live in or around the Wilmington, NC, area, and need electrical system upgrades, contact the staff at Mister Sparky of Wilmington for all of your electrical service needs.