Emergency Electrician Explained! Top Causes of Partial Power Outages | Wilmington, NC

Emergency Electrician Explained! Top Causes of Partial Power Outages | Wilmington, NC

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Did you know that the United States is the only developed country that experiences frequent power outages? This includes both full blackout and partial power outages, which continue to rise every year. Thus, it’s not shocking that the country loses an average of $18 to $33 billion annually.

Some states experience more blackouts compared to others. Although North Carolina is not among the states leading with frequent blackouts, it still experiences numerous outages. For instance, New Hanover County, NC, where Wilmington is a city, is the second leading in power outages.

Most homeowners are likely to experience a partial power outage at some point. A half-house power outage will happen in certain areas of your home and not the entire property. Also, when experiencing a partial power outage, you may notice that electrical appliances will function in some areas and not others, plus some lights may appear dim while others shine brighter than normal.

If you face a partial power outage, you are at the right place. This blog will help you understand the problem and causes of partial power outages.

Blown Fuses

Your home electrical system has a system of circuits that are controlled and protected by fuses or circuit breakers. Modern homes use circuit breakers to protect individual circuits, while older houses could still use fuses. The fuses or circuit breakers are located at the main service panel. These devices will automatically shut off power to the circuit when they detect a problem.

When the blackout in your house results from “tripped breakers” or blown fuses, all you need to do is reset the breaker lever to the ‘ON’ position. If it’s a blown fuse, you need to contact an emergency electrician in Wilmington, NC, immediately replace it.

Poor Connections at the Transformers

This rarely happens, but you could be experiencing a partial outage because the transformer that supplies power to your house is poorly connected. If this is the case, you’ll be experiencing blackouts in some parts of your house. This is a problem that may require an emergency electrician or your local utility company to fix and have power restored in your home.

Faulty Circuit Breakers

The circuit breaker is designed to cut-off power when there is an excess current flow. But if you notice frequent power outages, you could be having a bad circuit breaker. One of the signs that you have a faulty circuit breaker is that it doesn’t stay in the “reset” mode. This could mean that the breaker is short-circuiting, and you’ll need an emergency electrician to check it out.

Sometimes a burning smell in the electrical panel box could signify that the breaker is malfunctioning. You need to respond immediately because a fire outbreak could be imminent. You should shut off the main power and contact an emergency electrician for urgent services in such cases.

If the circuit breaker or electrical panel box feels hot, you’ll need to have it checked immediately by a professional. You should turn off the power as you wait for the emergency electrician to arrive. Even dimmer switches in your home in Wilmington, NC, could indicate a looming circuit issue, especially when they are hot to touch.

Also, old circuit breakers are prone to trip frequently, especially when they wear out. You can contact a local electrician to replace it.

Finally, if you notice visible damage to the outlet or box, then it means the wire has melted, and a fire outbreak may occur. You can shut off the power to the house and seek electrical emergency services. An emergency electrician will use thermal imaging to locate the heat source. The expert will quickly detect the problem using an infrared camera by identifying the heat source.

Inadequate Wiring

If you live in an old home and experience frequent blackouts, the issue could be insufficient wiring. This could be common for individuals living in houses constructed before the 1980s that were not built to accommodate appliances that consume high amounts of electricity such as computers, large-capacity refrigerators, and entertainment systems.

To recognize signs of inadequate wiring, you should watch out for flickering lights, tripped circuit breakers, and recurrent blown fuses. Ignoring these signs puts you at risk of a fire outbreak. It would be best to contact an emergency electrician to upgrade your wiring.

Overloaded Power Boards

Almost all devices and appliances used daily utilize electricity and have to be plugged in or build up a charge. The problem is that some homes may not have sufficient standard outlets that can handle all the cords and wires; hence, most folks have to use power boards.

The power board makes it possible for a single electrical outlet that can only hold one or two plugs to accommodate numerous plugs. This sounds like a solution to many homeowners, saving them the hassle of looking for an outlet as they can plug in all devices. But this can be unsafe when the power board is overloaded.

Overloading the power board with many electronic devices causes it to trip, causing a power outage in your home. It could damage the devices plugged in, injure your family by shocking them or even start a fire. When experiencing a blackout due to a circuit overload, you can quickly fix the problem without calling an emergency electrician.

It would help if you allowed the circuit to cool down, then unplug a few of the items, which are drawing too much power, and flip the breaker. Once you turn on the breaker, don’t use many appliances, instead use one device at a time.

You can also speak to a local emergency electrician to help you run out of outlets, which are the primary power points.

A Trusted Emergency Electrician in Wilmington, NC

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